Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Eckhart Tolle hehehe

Eckhart Tolle.
I bought the copy of his book in 98 and I was eager to read it and hopped to learn something new which I haven’t known by then, but please keep it in mind by 98 I was solo auditing daily and had thousands of cognitions which has considerably changed my views.
As I was reading this book I had agreed to some of his reality and I admit just reading this book has brought some cognition too, but not too many.
But as I was reading I have taken many of the concepts into session because I wanted to know what was on my track, my believes about same subject, and of course I gained new different understanding on the matter and these cognitions were very different from the realities of the universe: how he has seen it.
But most of the subject matter of his book was attained by me before I read his books by having done the courses and from sessions-cognitions and of course this has taken place as I advanced on the ‘’Bridge’’.
My sister who also become full OT 7 at St Hill in 76 after coming back from ST Hill she dropped scientology and whatever she has learned like never has happened and after a while she started to practice meditation and Yoga and has become THE STUDENT OF ECKHART TOLLE. He is her guru now.
Ava believes, so is the rest of his fallowers that: “he has CONNECTED INTO HIGHER LEVER OF KNOWLEDGE, THE TRUE SPIRITUAL REALM, and he is being there now and teaching from that PLATROM”.
WOW.. that sounds just like Richard whoever he is…. 🙂
Now if we examine that sentence- beliefs itself we can see it is full of holes like a Swiss cheese and these holes are the falsity the twisted reality-lies.
First of all: if any connection exist that means 2 PIECES OF MATTER IS CONNECTED BY THE THIRD PIECE : therefore it is solid, it only exist as matter that means: has nothing to do with ‘’true spirituality’.
“He is on a Platform” …. That means he is on a surface of something, he has a body of some kind which he identifies with as we all do, have bodies which we use as on anchor and we are on a Platform which is this Planet.
Tolle has a body, has a wife, have sex, goes to bathroom etc.. same as any other person on this planet do.
If he has ATTAINED: ENLIGHTENMENT that means: he has identified with a body of knowledge…… that means the knowledge is made up from many considerations-beliefs: that is energy-mass huge amount, if that is the case that means those beliefs-considerations are solid… solid as a brick outhouse and as valuable.
Solid beliefs as in teaching the same concepts over and over means: they are solid and can be as-ised in sessions-by confrontation.
Because he is on a platform than he has a body if he would not have a body he would not have a location simply because on Entity do not have a location.
He teaches from this platform. Hehehe .. teaches? What?
I read the Wiki’s write up about him and many so called ‘’important’’ persons who claim to know all –about ‘’spirituality’’ read his writings and these persons say that Tolle don’t say anything new only the packaging is new.
Of course he can’t say –teach anything new because he is JUST KEYED INTO THE SO CALLED ‘’ SPIRITUAL IMPLANT’’; which contains the material all the other sages, gurus has thought — have broadcasted so far on this planet because they too were keyed into the same crap.
These gurus can’t say anything new or different because the content of the implant was not affected by the passing of time and these gurus when something happened to them : with that incident pushed them into that state: keyed in into that implant material.
Being there in spiritual realm becomes empty and “NOW” since that implant don’t contain the concepts=considerations of human reality-beliefs. Therefore time don’t exist either, nor separate occurs etc.. etc… but that implant contains the concept that we are ONE .!!
Which not only contain that knowledge but meanwhile has no connection to any other material therefore who are in it are not stimulated by human reality but sitting in the so called ‘’empty state’’’ feeling grand,[ any feeling-sensation regardless that is good or bad is part of the Bank] have the reality that they are above all- that means =separated from something [ that separation is BANK] and believing that they reached the OPTIMUM STATE: this state since it contains only one large mass of energy : which is the implant itself is the keyed in state.
Re-stimulation don’t happen often to these persons but will sooner or later will key in: heavy loss, item containing heavy pain… death of beloved-loss etc..
And of course brick falling on the head can bring change so is simply tripping over own feet or loss of erecting! Bank is a bank and all concepts have the power to shift the persons reality level and our daily experienced sensations-feelings continual thoughts are nothing more myriads of shifting energy: that is the stimulation we experience.
The only change is visible between the teachings of different gurus is: how these persons have interpreted the same implanted material and the interpretation depends how they were effected by other implants as a resulted receiving other implanted material over the eons and because of this their views gotten a bit twisted by now.
There is only one person Lao -Tzu reached a reality level which is beyond the gurus implanted stuff.
Lao-Tzu seen the energy… the movements of energy of the universe and he has observed its shifting. He has interpreted his observation about ‘’nature’’ and made the connection with human behavior.
But true understanding what is the universe about was not seen by him, he needed to become scientologist in order to understand that considerations are secondary =sitting = are the outer layer: they are the packaging for the energy-mass which we use as anchor or we have gotten stuck in and can’t get out of till that energy+concept item is confronted.
If you are on this planet and I don’t care how you feel, what you know, you are here because you have the implant which placed you in the body, born-die, have sex because you believe that is pleasure, eat sleep, walk, talk using sounds-words than you are simply here because you got stuck into implants galore.
Tolle is not enlightened about spirituality, since in my reality enlightenment don’t really exist… we just gain different –changed –altered – new – viewpoint on the same subject and long as we have one viewpoint left …hehehe… hehehe.. that indicates we haven’t gotten the right answer: ONLY we got a VIEWPOINT! and that viewpoint is the wrapper for a mass of energy, so it is still a solid concept.
Tolle haven’t gained reality, haven’t experienced, become aware of the existence myriad life times we have experienced, he haven’t realized that spirituality is not a state, not on idea, therefore the real reality what is that: cannot be thought or learned-memorized but we all have to find our own reality on that subject and no one can tell to us what IS.
The Entity who has gained insight: the understanding how the Universe works, what is about can give explanation of any occurrences, on any subject.
Now if you ask: how come than and why he has so many followers?
Human awareness is not very”high” and this planet exist because of agreements, that it is, that we are humans, that we live, etc..etc.. these agreements dont mean the truth, but simply agreements and that is what makes it solid, real, has to be: because everybody say so, because millions say it is true!
PS;What I am saying in this post: what you know, the reality you have, is yours alone, cant be thought by anyone and cant be learned from others, simple as that. The only thing I can say, describe what I have experienced and for all I can do and say for anyone: pick a direction and go, and the only things you will find on your journey what you have put there, left behind. 🙂
PSPSPS: what makes the spiritual implant so powerful that it promises freedom and delivers that freedom whom which the true freedom cant be experienced because the person who sits in that trap cant see out of, cant realise that true freedom dont have a structure.


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  1. As you say, there is no new material, no one to ‘invent’ or prove that x, y, or z now exists, that previously did not exist. There is nothing new. Nada.

    Many, many beings are implanted with the ‘spiritual implant’ from some of their past lifetimes if not all of them. It is a very strong implant, affecting most everyone that I have met this lifetime. Few escape OR have the “confront” to recognize it when they have auditing sessions & can bring themselves past it.

    It shows itself easily for me now, as I can see the ‘buttons’ on their radio hit play, rewind, and play over & over again ad- nauseum. There are no new creations, as the implant is strictly scripted. At NO time is there an excursion into some other realm, just does not happen, it cannot happen. And you are right Elizabeth, time plays no part in this implant.

    All this produces a huge energy & with so many beings burdened with it, it becomes a situation where there is enormous mutual out-ruds. There is collective think & actions from the bank, all scripted right out of the implant.

    It manifests itself in many interesting ways. Recently I observed a dear girl friend, heavy implanted Christian girl, who somehow found Scn. Never went whole-track , had 1 or 2 service facs — so how in hell she found Scn is an amazing feat in itself, but she did.

    The confront is nigh on zero. Extremely glib, extreme ‘know best’ on most all subjects, to the point where this it has ‘become who she is” with no confront possible, it is laid in so strongly.

    She now (after leaving the Co$) professes that meditation & Eckhart Tolle is “da man”.

    I just shake my head. The energy flows are staggering from the implant that runs her life. Recently she had a dear friend drop her body. This keyed in a loss of immense magnitude. Huge. Whereas she professes, that most things do not affect her, does very well as a being (using meditation), that nothing upsets here, that all is always great…more peaceful, more serene than ever before. Life is so very good.

    I shake my head. Communication occurs only on HER reality level as the implant does not ‘allow’ for any other reality. Hers is the only one, it is laid in that strong. And that is that. No discussion, as there can’t be any.

    The bad news is that among the ranks of many, meditation is the “new, latest, best thing” to feel good, get one’s emotions under control, be happy, be nice, be ‘spiritual’. That is why Eckhart Tolle has become some sort of guru as has managed to gather the huge ranks of “spiritually implanted beings” who aren’t ‘feeling it” in organized religion anymore. It is no more sophisticated than that. He ain’t nobody in the big scheme of things. Just a regular Joe.

    Holy hell… WTF?

    • fantastic… great reality .. tell it how you see it, plain and simple.
      More sessions we have simpler things become around us and in our LIFE… by life you know what I mean 🙂 🙂 🙂
      This regular JOE is committing a huge Overt at the present time but the only excuse he will have when one of his next life he will find the right technology to free self , same as I had …..” I did not know better!” his present action is…hehehe very wise saying described that: must be from Chinese fortune cookie :” blind leading the sight-less”.. translated from Hungarian, into Chinese 🙂 than went into those all knowing cookies which do contain the wisdom of human race! 🙂 did I just said that? Ogh!!!!!!!!!!:)

    • A WIN FROM KAY P. I hope she dont mind me posting it here, because it is a great win! Kay… fantastic!
      “Hey – below is what I posted on your blog. I just am sitting here & taking a win. I have been a bit reticent in posting my wins & what I now know.

      Your blog & your insistence on my posting, has actually been a great win. I just lay it out there — w/no consideration about who thinks what. Gosh… I was withholding my wins & awareness as I considered that no one would understand or want to know them.

      So thank you sweet one… another win to report today.

  2. Thank you Elizabeth and Kay P for your posts, I liked them very much,.. it got me thinking… I was wondering recently when talking to someone why there was that robotic talk coming out of his mouth and that energy around which felt solid.. I thought the person might be dramatizing an engram.. never known much about implants… I realized these kind of people make me very tired and sometimes I even have to get home and into bed to sleep, they don’t have to be solid, those uptone look alikes also make me extremely tired… anyways, thanks X.

  3. hello Maribel…. good to hear from you as always.
    What you wrote that sometimes you has to sleep after talking with some people and that reminded of me doing the same way back!. I clearly put that behind me by now.
    Engram or implant, eeeeehhhhh , I cant make the distinction between the two anymore.

    By now I do see this universe in much simpler form than what I have learned in courses
    Now, I just sense -experience the mass of energy I look for a thought=consideration-label which suits that mass and in that instant that mass is as-ised and I have the cognition-realization what that mass of energy was about.
    But to come this far to be able to as-is in a instant, you read my posts so you know how much work had been done.
    But the categorization is important because it helps to identify the incident and it has taken me along time many sessions before I realised I was dealing with implants.
    At the beginning when I become aware of them I thought there were only few.. but since than…. well, what can I say… But Maribel, please keep it in mind what I write is not written in stone but it is my reality how I see thing.
    Have a great weekend! E.

    • Hi… In a session recently I realized how fast I’ve become in as-ising things, like I’ve become more aware about it, before I was always waiting for the auditor to tell me, with the f/n and so on when the thing was gone, I think I didn’t fully understand it, but now my awareness is gone up and I know when it’s gone yepee, I was happy about this… there’s hope 🙂
      You said: “But the categorization is important because it helps to identify the incident”, what do you mean by that?
      Have a nice weekend you too! X

  4. Hi…List are categorisation when the auditor read the list, it is easy to spot the problems because the auditor can see the reading-charged items.

    each cognition changes the being, at first we are not aware of the change because we dont really see-feel being aware of the shifting energy-masses: to much of it is experienced at the same time, it is like sitting an the bottom of the sea and the weight of the water is pressing on the skin.
    Maribel you know when you have as-ised, you feel that, possibly the center of the gut, cognitions deliver that puff sensation, like a punch, a jolt or buzz, or, like sizzling sensation which effects the whole system the nerves are effected by the movement -shifting of the electricity, person can become ”light headed” a bit dizzy even, walk can be unsteady all this depends how much mass was as-ised. Of course sensation of happiness, that WOW is there and you have experienced that.. Just trust yourself!
    I have explained that WE DO NOT ERASE MASS as LRH HAVE SAID, but we only become separated from mass… we cant erase the Universe, by having sessions: we confront -understand why we were effected and in that moment we become free: no longer stimulated by that incident.
    This is the reason I use “as-ising” -understanding or become aware of.

    We having here a quiet cloudy day but unfortunately no rain and the terrain is suffering, lack of water, we are sitting in drought condition which is new to us here in BC on the Lower Mainland.
    We only had one day light rain in more than 4 months.
    have fun…after all you have embarked on a grand adventure!

  5. I am truly delighted that you are communicating about your sessions, please feel free posting your cognitions and experiences! They are most welcome!

  6. First of all, Maribel Coronado – I love you and have never met your body. Your awareness is so spot-on. It is such a wonderful thing to find someone that ‘sees’. Sending love to you for that alone my dear.

    Your realizations about the solid energy around some people (actually a lot of people) is so correct. For me, the folks I really know well, the mass is so heavy, that it is a real put-off to have much comm with them.

    Right now, I have a gf of 35 years – and it is a big PIA (us Texans say instead of pain in the ass) to keep the comm line going, yet it is the right thing. It is work for me, as it turns out to be a 1-way flow – her outflow. I cannot say anything except acknowledge. I can duplicate her reality, but she cannot duplicate mine. So it is an overt for me to share mine. And I don’t.

    Keep up the good work. Pleasure to know you.

  7. Hi Kay.. thanks for your kind words and I send love to you back.

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