Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Winter Blues…. Its cause… what causes being cold-having a frozen butt!

I have written I have moved and from the windows and the balcony I see nothing more than a forest and the braches –leafs of these threes are so close I can touch them.
This lovely setting is so vibrant so alive with myriad shades of bursting colors and this happens when the rays of the Sun blankets the terrain, it is than I have difficulty to tear my self away. I too feel – experience this vibration, this pulsating energy.
But for the past two days cloud covers are holding back the rays of the sun and the energy of the forest has gone, the forest went through a transformation has become : quiet- calm –silent-soft and now when I look at it this scenery I too feel this soft silence.
And this change which I have observed- experienced has brought the ”new realization”: that the forest’s energy level has not changed, its energy is still the same as always have been BUT only the ray of the SUN.. the Suns energy-vibration changes the forest itself, changes the air the space within.
This is a realization: When the rays of the Sun is experienced by people they become vitalized, energetic, invigorated therefore become more active.
In the winter when sunny days are fewer and even those days are short, and the rays of the sun have weak vibration-pulsation considerably reduced therefore LESS VIGORATING because of the distance between the two planets, as a result peoples no longer feel that strong invigorating –stimulating- revitalising experience more likely feel: tiredness, melancholy, they sleep more, they are less active and also have the need to look for other –different source of stimulations to push that winter sadness, dullness away, which is in fact always have been there and it is part of the human condition: which LRH labelled: Bank…aberration and I call this: ” accumulated experiences’’.
Many persons-millions go and seek out part of this Planet where the ‘’sun’’ can be experienced: the rays ‘’soaked-up’’ and this vacation do ‘’revitalises” for a short period of time.
This cognition once more driven home the ‘’understanding’’ that we never created anything in this universe we were the observers the viewers – and we come to believe that we were the creators of this illusions and because we believed we were solid objects-bodies and because of our beliefs we were slammed -hit –banged –crashed –smashed – tossed -pushed along from one experience to another form in this endless moving tide of energy …
So when the Winter Blues –sadness, gloom is experienced that is because the high frequency – vibration of the sun’s rays are not present, but we experience the different energies mass which is the body of the Arctic’s=cold chilly sub-zero solid energy mass which definitely has very little vibration hehehe in fact this large solid body has none and when that solid body blankets the terrain that stops halts growth of any development in fact destroys soft tissues because growth only can happen start-be when the invigorating sun ray are present.
We as humans we need the invigoration from the sun –ray because the cold mass of energy don’t provide support or motive but stops any movement: big time!
Of course we just believe we need all this hehehe…
just think, this cognition brought understanding what Winter Blues are…which so far haven’t been understood by well-learned “smart’’ scientists and this cognition and all the cognitions in this blog has occurred only because the use of the Auditing Technology of LRH and his good friends who helped with its development.


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