Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Ex-ray vision and Holographic images: new cog.
FREEBEING: if not for your question I would not have this new reality. Thank You for asking!
Just had a new revelation: how the holographic images come about: we as Entities we always have SEEN have been only AWARE of the flow of energy: vibrations which by now labeled as sensations-feelings-aches-pains-pressures etc after all the universe is just that and nothing more.
What I have become aware 25 years ago that sometimes I could SEE everything about on item but this happenings only occurred if I did not pay much attention to that subject:””” I was not using the eyes: looking.”””” !!
Example: [ I have mentioned this incident in on earlier post] : sitting in the hotel lobby and waiting, not doing much and a woman who walked front of me I could see through her and seen the baby inside her womb: EX-RAY vision.. this lasted only for a second and because I wanted to SEE more and with that I was concentrating on the EYES and of course they only could see the flat picture of a very pregnant woman in moving mode.
I was in total awe… while I was in this blown out state and not looking suddenly a skeleton walked by and that picture seeing only the moving bones brought me back to looking with the eyes mode again and I only could see a young man n fully clothed of course walking away.
To me this incident in the lobby of the hotel: seeing inside two different human form has become memorable experience of formidable magnitude and this kind of experiences prompted me to continue with solo sessions: I WANTED MORE!
Over the years I become aware that these incidents of me seeing ex-ray images have become frequent and I could see into anything I put my attention on, but these images lasted only for fraction of the second yet I had total understanding what they represented, what considerations they were made up from.
But not until this day I have connected, understood the difference between these ex-ray images with holographic images, there are no differences, they are the same! It was only I who has put different labels on them because I did not realise their sameness.
We can observe these holographic images there are under or –covered-hidden by those flat projected solid pictures we are stuck to: believing that is what we see, and that is the only thing existing.
The thing is that we never ever lost any of our abilities, we only been ignoring them  because we are only concentrating on ‘’seeing with the eyes’’  and when as-ising the occlusions which has blocked out the awareness, the abilities are just there, we become aware of them again!


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  1. Thank you for your post, I enjoyed it very much..
    I have a question: I’ve read in one of your posts that life is an implant… by that you mean like a prepacked package with all the characteristics, thoughts, the mind etc in it?.. I’ve also read in multiple places that life before the dark forces, dark energies took over.. whatever they are… life was happening on this planet but very differently, like we human beings had all the potential and awareness we needed… so I’ve always wanted to know if this is true and if we were spiritual at some point in the past.. because if experiences had been going on before that time, then we were aberrated as well no? because of the burden of experience… seems that that recollection of experiences was not affecting us? What your experience in this area, I would like to know. Thank you.

  2. There were countless implants we all have experienced-enjoyed having , been give and we have done the same to others.
    yes, they come as packages: whole concepts.
    You wanted to be a ”general” you bought a package which contained all the information-knowledge a general had you downloaded that info. and bingo!!!! you now were sitting in that valance! You could down all and any personality-being-ness -doing-ness what ever you desire and the results can bee seen on this Planet: billions of different personalities each personality represent a big mixture of valances.
    LRH has written about the down spirals and at this moment the population on this planet hit the bottom.
    You see, even if the person ”seems”’ real high tone, being positive, productive, powerful, nice etc.. etc.. that person is sitting in the Valance which contains all those goodies.
    Only those are on this planet and locked in who are in the implanted reality that they are here.
    If they would not have these implants they would not considers to be in a body, to be human, to be here on this Planet and have a life-death cycle.
    I call that dark force ” BLACK TIDE””” and the black tide is the implanted belief.
    Before we experienced the Black Tide yes, we ”lived” in different reality and that reality can be regained by as-ising the effects of the Black Tide which are the ”consideration=thoughts-beliefs” we have.
    As Entities we were not aberrated, we were aware.. the Black Tide is the aberration because it hold heavy-energy -strong vibration which is the stimulation it self and we believe that this strong vibration is ”the life-force” we need in order to be alive! and that is the big lie.

    M; “What your experience in this area, I would like to know. Thank you.”

    Oh my dear friend… words cant describe the wonders of the universe after one as-is the effects of the Black Tide. Everyone can have on occasional glimpse- feel of this universe and you also have experienced this reality and because you have, now you are on the Solo Course!

    • Thank you for your answer Elizabeth.. I’ve read it a couple of times. Very interesting points there. I’ll copy/paste it in my log to reread in the future.. Ml Maribel

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