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me being a robot..inside a robot

Inside the robot
Last night I had to do something for a few hours and while doing that the movement of the body was restricted, was repetitive I lost interest in what I was doing very fast; has become boring and boredom is low-low on the TS.
When I got back here my thought remained with the subject and when that happens I know because that subject is re-stimulative, I am glued to it that is the reason for the existence of those thoughts.
I went over the mental images and instantly understood that the body’s movements were totally robotic while doing that task and I went into sessions.
Over the years I have seen in sessions many different pictures-incidents where I observed the robots from distance, but I never actually on purpose recalled incident when I was a robot…inside a robot and let me tell you this short sessions in which I recalled dozen or so incidents being in different robots was enlightening.
But the PROFOUND GRIEF I FELT WHEN THE MACHINES WERE TURNED OFF… now that was somewhat unexpected because this grief was so deep-heavy.
Now, In this recall because when the stimulation the energy of the machine has stopped I wanted to use my own ”willpower”: determination to restart the robot BUT I COULD NOT !!!!! and Because I could not restart the machine with that I was trapped inside the machines!
This reality of not being able to move my-self, or make the machine move: added to my already vast collection of belief a new awareness: being PARALIZED and having this belief in place I deprived myself of one more ability and the same time assigned power to bodies, machinery: that they can move and I need them in order to move, to feel alive!
It was extraordinary experience-session.
And what robot-human bodies do? Handle other robots, give them stimulation, receive the same…and go on believing that that is the only way and there is no other experience which could give them the same feelings-sensations. that belief is just one reality means only being aware that viewpoint: and that is…well… 🙂 just one out of many each Entity can choose from after the elimination of restricting considerations-agreement.
LRH said that sex-stimulation is on the bottom of the TS… and that still stands.


Not allowing beigness What IS its meaning? Why is that happens?

Dedicated to MARILDI…my friend Marilyna
COGNITION  because of YOU! 
Man has known to attack, destroy, eliminate eradicate each other with use of weapons whatever is and was available through the history of our track.
Words are included in the category of weapons in fact “words as weapon” has more power than any other ever been designed.
We attack those who oppose our beliefs and we mercilessly ruthlessly evaluate their belief and why is that?
Hehehe…… for a simple reason: we have a belief so strongly imbedded implanted into our conscious by THE IMPLANT IT SELF that we must defend these implanted beliefs because we have: our survival depends on this belief. 
IN FACT: IT IS NOT OUR OWN SURVIVAL WE DEFAND WHEN WE ATTACK OTHERS, KILL THEM OFF, ELIMINATE THEM, rub they beliefs their bodies off THE FACE OF THE EARTH BUT WHEN WE DEFAND our own BELIEFs WITH THAT WE ENSURE THE STANDING THE SOLIDITY THE CONTINIUM of OUR OWN IMPLANTED MATERIAL: we when attack –evaluate-invalidate or kill, with that act we want to erase the implant which is threatening our embedded crap.
PS: is will be in my blog too.

8 Dynamics. Awareness: its extant -scope -range -limits..

8 Dynamics. Awareness: its extant -scope -range -limits..
Just had a realizations..
It is impossible – cannot be done to operate – function only on one level: as for self on the 1th Dynamic.
We as Entities operate-function at all times in the SPIRITYAL REAL but the awareness is limited to and limited by what we are experiencing in that moment.
The level of awareness of any person is what that person knows-believes in: because the awareness –consciousness=attention at that moment for that person is on that reality : locked onto that experience.
When ones have ‘’new realizations’’ about self and the Universe that person becomes aware of these new realities which now experienced: extended awareness is experienced.
Therefore what the attention is put on that is what we are aware of the moment.
If the person reality-beliefs are that we live, have a life, we die etc…that do not means that we are not fully operating in the Spiritual Universe, but only means the awareness is focusing –fixated on other beliefs in which the that reality- the beliefs –considerations of the Spiritual Universe is not present, not containing, not existing.
As Flip Wilson said in one of his shows “ what you see is what you got’’ that summons it up…

“They put a spell on me, baby!

from the blog: Scientologists back in comm.

“They put a spell on me, baby!”

I’d like to share a story.

I’ve told this story to a few people, to a mostly sceptical response. I’m sceptical myself, and yet these facts are true for me.

Due to my own personal disillusionment with non-optimum situations prevailing in the church, I left Corporate Scientology years ago. For personal reasons I am still under the radar, however this should not detract from the credibility of this story.

I still apply a number of aspects of Scientology to my daily life, though to be honest I regard these tools more as natural laws of life than religious dogma.

Over the last few years I noticed my work flow was slowly drying up with me occasionally doing conditions and seeing an improvement, but a steady roller-coaster emergency condition. I found all sorts of reasons and justifications for this situation but must admit at the back of my mind I wondered if all these allegations were true about “things going wrong in life”, “not doing well”, even “cancer” etc when one is no longer “connected to source”. It did enough to keep me anxious and worried to the point of making occasional overtures to the org in desperation to change my condition.

I have sniffed around various Indy practices and liked what I saw of the actual tech, but was put off by ‘conspiracy theories’ – and one in particular. I was told that at Flag they get solo NOTs auditors in session in order to perform Black Dianetics on those who’ve left the church. I really didn’t get all the data on this as I frankly didn’t believe it and saw no reason to enquire further. However, I’ve heard from people doing solo auditing outside of the church that they’ve experienced such incidents.

Earlier this year things got pretty tough. I managed to keep the wolf from the door by making extraordinary solutions. But during one memorable 10-day period my phone literally never rang and absolutely no work came in. It dawned on me – this was completely unnatural. Whenever I had applied conditions in the past it had changed – but now it wasn’t budging. What struck me the most was how much effort was required to pull in the smallest bit of work, whereas previously it just rolled in of its own accord.

I realized this couldn’t carry on and I grabbed my e-meter, got my ‘Act 1’ in, sort of got my TRs in, and sternly enquired “Is anyone fucking with my case?”

Well, I got something.

About a year and a half ago a Class 9 auditor arrived at my office with his e-meter and, despite me initially refusing to go on the cans, I believed I had nothing to apologise for, so I capitulated. It was just a meaningless DofP and I wondered why he’d gone to so much trouble. But this is what now came up in my session!

I handled the charge accordingly and within an hour I had the first work come in.

Now, I’m not one for claiming my income 10X’d itself after such and such run-down, and that hasn’t happened. But what I’ve without doubt observed since that session (and a few others I gave myself in succeeding days) is that the unnaturalness has disappeared, my flows quite definitely changed with conditions now working as expected, particularly outflow equals inflow.

Possibly there was nothing to the original incident. Possibly I imagined it all in session. I neither know nor care, really. All I do know is that it delivered the result I was looking for. Almost every day since I’ve been having work flow in, and I’ve been doing a considerable amount of outflowing. Actions taken now perform as expected, no miracles – but previously they didn’t. The heavy effort has vanished.

As a further illustration, as soon as I’d finished a first draft of this article and saved it for later review, I checked my emails and there was a request for some work from a new company that had been referred to me by a mutual acquaintance. This is how I used to get all my work in the past – yet until that moment, it hadn’t happened in 18 months.

I may be regarded by Corporate Scientology as a ‘squirrel’, but I have no doubt LRH in the same situation would have similarly grabbed his e-meter and enquired of it: “Is anyone fucking with my case?”

Dr. Mac

SOLID AGREEMENTs ON POWER and those agreements made:

Is the very reason why humans don’t have enough power to fill a thimble.
I am not talking about power which is demonstrated by and offered by manmade machineries or other forms of soft-meat bodies:
Examples: automobiles or other forms of machinery propelled by added form of energy: petrol, wind, water, electricity, gas in form of vapour or moved by human bodies: Like rolling out dough on a board.
Agreements create makes belief into solid reality: they become like walls carved out of diamond or made of titanium, newly added collected agreements further solidify the same subject-item: THEREFORE the content-subjects of these Agreements can’t be changed: they persist –continue : are UN- AFFECTED “UNTILL” the original AGREEMENT IS AS-ISED by the person who has agreed!
But keep it in view that the words of these agreements its contents – the very considerations are sitting on a huge mass of energy and every new agreement enhances adds to the original mass.
Example: Buddha had a though a belief and he has passed that belief to his immediate company of friends and their agreement –acknowledgement made it solid existing and look around today [400 million believers ] just how solid those believes has become but the problem is that the original realizations have ben miss-duplicated and added too twisted it to unrecognizable mass by 400 million! The original realisation only exist in one person universe, the same entity who had it in the first place.
Other Examples: we all need a good night sleep, we need to nurture the body in order to survive, sex is the greatest pleasure human can experience, we were born, we are inside the body, we can’t fly, we can’t walk through walls, and WE CANT MOVE ITEMs- things BY INTENTION, by thoughts or sheer willpower!!!!
As a result of the agreements-beliefs :objects can only be moved by other objects! Because we agreed that they can move things and we can’t do it without the use of the body part : we assigned by powered to these agreements -beliefs and from this we can understand what assigned ASIGNED POWER is and can do: has robbed deprived us from our abilities.
You got it…
Over the eons the agreements on any subject has grown into immense amount of beliefs=considerations and these Agreements because they are consolidated –many sided, a huge collection of believes-considerations are in place, will not let intentions change the unwanted into our own preferred state.
If you have a thought a belief that we can walk through walls, we can levitate, we can levitate objects we can fly… if you have these believes because in other times-place you could.
We only have thought-believes-consideration because at one time we have experienced them… even they were illusions yet they were real therefore happened.
Hehehe… how this can be: illusion yet real? Agreements made them real.

letter to mark r.

LRH has written and lectured on the EFFECTS OF COGNITIONS but not nearly enough, what he said evidently was not sufficient to drive home the understanding what cognitions really do how their affect: not only changes person who was having them but how that same cognitions brings relief to every being [entity] who have had connection to the cognate-person in the past=on the whole track and their numbers easily estimates in millions.
[ I have written posts in my blog how the cognitions effect and clear this Planet and the Universe which now is under the spell of the Black Tide: implanted truth.]
Cognitions having them are the accurate way to disseminate the truth.
Cognitions do not contain energy-mass therefore they cannot be held back by walls-barriers and distance will not affect them because they will be not, cannot be destroyed by other heavy masses of energy because collision cannot occur. [Distance is a ‘’consideration’’ which only exist between masses of energy and this universe only contains masses of energy, and what the “EYE’s’’ SEE IS ILLUSION.]
Cognitions enter into every reality including the ‘’unconscious mind’’ which I would call occluded awareness.[ we don’t have a ‘’mind’’ the idea that humans have one is a implanted crap and in fact the content of the ‘’mind’’ is nothing but implanted material-beliefs-consideration’s.
Cognitions can penetrate therefore do enters into the heaviest the most solid item and regardless how solid any beliefs are, these solid beliefs are in fact nothing more than illusions and these illusions because they are made-fabricated: had beginnings therefore they will be having ending too because they are made of energy.
But Cognitions will not be cannot be destroyed that is the true way to disseminated to the Universe, the rest here teaching the truth is just pushing around implanted crap.

Eckhart Tolle hehehe

Eckhart Tolle.
I bought the copy of his book in 98 and I was eager to read it and hopped to learn something new which I haven’t known by then, but please keep it in mind by 98 I was solo auditing daily and had thousands of cognitions which has considerably changed my views.
As I was reading this book I had agreed to some of his reality and I admit just reading this book has brought some cognition too, but not too many.
But as I was reading I have taken many of the concepts into session because I wanted to know what was on my track, my believes about same subject, and of course I gained new different understanding on the matter and these cognitions were very different from the realities of the universe: how he has seen it.
But most of the subject matter of his book was attained by me before I read his books by having done the courses and from sessions-cognitions and of course this has taken place as I advanced on the ‘’Bridge’’.
My sister who also become full OT 7 at St Hill in 76 after coming back from ST Hill she dropped scientology and whatever she has learned like never has happened and after a while she started to practice meditation and Yoga and has become THE STUDENT OF ECKHART TOLLE. He is her guru now.
Ava believes, so is the rest of his fallowers that: “he has CONNECTED INTO HIGHER LEVER OF KNOWLEDGE, THE TRUE SPIRITUAL REALM, and he is being there now and teaching from that PLATROM”.
WOW.. that sounds just like Richard whoever he is…. 🙂
Now if we examine that sentence- beliefs itself we can see it is full of holes like a Swiss cheese and these holes are the falsity the twisted reality-lies.
First of all: if any connection exist that means 2 PIECES OF MATTER IS CONNECTED BY THE THIRD PIECE : therefore it is solid, it only exist as matter that means: has nothing to do with ‘’true spirituality’.
“He is on a Platform” …. That means he is on a surface of something, he has a body of some kind which he identifies with as we all do, have bodies which we use as on anchor and we are on a Platform which is this Planet.
Tolle has a body, has a wife, have sex, goes to bathroom etc.. same as any other person on this planet do.
If he has ATTAINED: ENLIGHTENMENT that means: he has identified with a body of knowledge…… that means the knowledge is made up from many considerations-beliefs: that is energy-mass huge amount, if that is the case that means those beliefs-considerations are solid… solid as a brick outhouse and as valuable.
Solid beliefs as in teaching the same concepts over and over means: they are solid and can be as-ised in sessions-by confrontation.
Because he is on a platform than he has a body if he would not have a body he would not have a location simply because on Entity do not have a location.
He teaches from this platform. Hehehe .. teaches? What?
I read the Wiki’s write up about him and many so called ‘’important’’ persons who claim to know all –about ‘’spirituality’’ read his writings and these persons say that Tolle don’t say anything new only the packaging is new.
Of course he can’t say –teach anything new because he is JUST KEYED INTO THE SO CALLED ‘’ SPIRITUAL IMPLANT’’; which contains the material all the other sages, gurus has thought — have broadcasted so far on this planet because they too were keyed into the same crap.
These gurus can’t say anything new or different because the content of the implant was not affected by the passing of time and these gurus when something happened to them : with that incident pushed them into that state: keyed in into that implant material.
Being there in spiritual realm becomes empty and “NOW” since that implant don’t contain the concepts=considerations of human reality-beliefs. Therefore time don’t exist either, nor separate occurs etc.. etc… but that implant contains the concept that we are ONE .!!
Which not only contain that knowledge but meanwhile has no connection to any other material therefore who are in it are not stimulated by human reality but sitting in the so called ‘’empty state’’’ feeling grand,[ any feeling-sensation regardless that is good or bad is part of the Bank] have the reality that they are above all- that means =separated from something [ that separation is BANK] and believing that they reached the OPTIMUM STATE: this state since it contains only one large mass of energy : which is the implant itself is the keyed in state.
Re-stimulation don’t happen often to these persons but will sooner or later will key in: heavy loss, item containing heavy pain… death of beloved-loss etc..
And of course brick falling on the head can bring change so is simply tripping over own feet or loss of erecting! Bank is a bank and all concepts have the power to shift the persons reality level and our daily experienced sensations-feelings continual thoughts are nothing more myriads of shifting energy: that is the stimulation we experience.
The only change is visible between the teachings of different gurus is: how these persons have interpreted the same implanted material and the interpretation depends how they were effected by other implants as a resulted receiving other implanted material over the eons and because of this their views gotten a bit twisted by now.
There is only one person Lao -Tzu reached a reality level which is beyond the gurus implanted stuff.
Lao-Tzu seen the energy… the movements of energy of the universe and he has observed its shifting. He has interpreted his observation about ‘’nature’’ and made the connection with human behavior.
But true understanding what is the universe about was not seen by him, he needed to become scientologist in order to understand that considerations are secondary =sitting = are the outer layer: they are the packaging for the energy-mass which we use as anchor or we have gotten stuck in and can’t get out of till that energy+concept item is confronted.
If you are on this planet and I don’t care how you feel, what you know, you are here because you have the implant which placed you in the body, born-die, have sex because you believe that is pleasure, eat sleep, walk, talk using sounds-words than you are simply here because you got stuck into implants galore.
Tolle is not enlightened about spirituality, since in my reality enlightenment don’t really exist… we just gain different –changed –altered – new – viewpoint on the same subject and long as we have one viewpoint left …hehehe… hehehe.. that indicates we haven’t gotten the right answer: ONLY we got a VIEWPOINT! and that viewpoint is the wrapper for a mass of energy, so it is still a solid concept.
Tolle haven’t gained reality, haven’t experienced, become aware of the existence myriad life times we have experienced, he haven’t realized that spirituality is not a state, not on idea, therefore the real reality what is that: cannot be thought or learned-memorized but we all have to find our own reality on that subject and no one can tell to us what IS.
The Entity who has gained insight: the understanding how the Universe works, what is about can give explanation of any occurrences, on any subject.
Now if you ask: how come than and why he has so many followers?
Human awareness is not very”high” and this planet exist because of agreements, that it is, that we are humans, that we live, etc..etc.. these agreements dont mean the truth, but simply agreements and that is what makes it solid, real, has to be: because everybody say so, because millions say it is true!
PS;What I am saying in this post: what you know, the reality you have, is yours alone, cant be thought by anyone and cant be learned from others, simple as that. The only thing I can say, describe what I have experienced and for all I can do and say for anyone: pick a direction and go, and the only things you will find on your journey what you have put there, left behind. 🙂
PSPSPS: what makes the spiritual implant so powerful that it promises freedom and delivers that freedom whom which the true freedom cant be experienced because the person who sits in that trap cant see out of, cant realise that true freedom dont have a structure.

Winter Blues…. Its cause… having a frozen butt! 

Winter Blues…. Its cause… what causes being cold-having a frozen butt!

I have written I have moved and from the windows and the balcony I see nothing more than a forest and the braches –leafs of these threes are so close I can touch them.
This lovely setting is so vibrant so alive with myriad shades of bursting colors and this happens when the rays of the Sun blankets the terrain, it is than I have difficulty to tear my self away. I too feel – experience this vibration, this pulsating energy.
But for the past two days cloud covers are holding back the rays of the sun and the energy of the forest has gone, the forest went through a transformation has become : quiet- calm –silent-soft and now when I look at it this scenery I too feel this soft silence.
And this change which I have observed- experienced has brought the ”new realization”: that the forest’s energy level has not changed, its energy is still the same as always have been BUT only the ray of the SUN.. the Suns energy-vibration changes the forest itself, changes the air the space within.
This is a realization: When the rays of the Sun is experienced by people they become vitalized, energetic, invigorated therefore become more active.
In the winter when sunny days are fewer and even those days are short, and the rays of the sun have weak vibration-pulsation considerably reduced therefore LESS VIGORATING because of the distance between the two planets, as a result peoples no longer feel that strong invigorating –stimulating- revitalising experience more likely feel: tiredness, melancholy, they sleep more, they are less active and also have the need to look for other –different source of stimulations to push that winter sadness, dullness away, which is in fact always have been there and it is part of the human condition: which LRH labelled: Bank…aberration and I call this: ” accumulated experiences’’.
Many persons-millions go and seek out part of this Planet where the ‘’sun’’ can be experienced: the rays ‘’soaked-up’’ and this vacation do ‘’revitalises” for a short period of time.
This cognition once more driven home the ‘’understanding’’ that we never created anything in this universe we were the observers the viewers – and we come to believe that we were the creators of this illusions and because we believed we were solid objects-bodies and because of our beliefs we were slammed -hit –banged –crashed –smashed – tossed -pushed along from one experience to another form in this endless moving tide of energy …
So when the Winter Blues –sadness, gloom is experienced that is because the high frequency – vibration of the sun’s rays are not present, but we experience the different energies mass which is the body of the Arctic’s=cold chilly sub-zero solid energy mass which definitely has very little vibration hehehe in fact this large solid body has none and when that solid body blankets the terrain that stops halts growth of any development in fact destroys soft tissues because growth only can happen start-be when the invigorating sun ray are present.
We as humans we need the invigoration from the sun –ray because the cold mass of energy don’t provide support or motive but stops any movement: big time!
Of course we just believe we need all this hehehe…
just think, this cognition brought understanding what Winter Blues are…which so far haven’t been understood by well-learned “smart’’ scientists and this cognition and all the cognitions in this blog has occurred only because the use of the Auditing Technology of LRH and his good friends who helped with its development.

why we indentify with objects-ideas…

# 1 cog of the day.
Identification with items of any kind which includes robotic bodies, meat bodies or being this or that, including concepts of ideas as ‘’being spiritual’’: example: identify self with ‘’doing-ness” as in professions: carpenter, police, being housewife, husband, doctor..etc.. ‘’
I am a farmer, I am a teacher, I am an inventor, I am the president, I am a playboy etc.. etc..etc. was born out not knowing who we really are as Entities therefor these identities- valances born out of need.
Being in the Universe as Infinite- Awareness .. who did not have education-reality about the MEST after a while we identified with our experiences.
#2 cog of the day.
Being in silent empty environment where movement of energy-masses are not experienced is difficult because we ONLY CAN EXPERIENCE THE BODIES energy: since there are no other anchor points to be available for experience and when the space is immense… and our only anchor the body is so minute insignificant in size because we have identified with that object we believe we are nothing truly insignificant and the Universe is the WOW, real thing because it is so big.
Such on nonsense!

Ex-ray vision and Holographic images: new cog.

Ex-ray vision and Holographic images: new cog.
FREEBEING: if not for your question I would not have this new reality. Thank You for asking!
Just had a new revelation: how the holographic images come about: we as Entities we always have SEEN have been only AWARE of the flow of energy: vibrations which by now labeled as sensations-feelings-aches-pains-pressures etc after all the universe is just that and nothing more.
What I have become aware 25 years ago that sometimes I could SEE everything about on item but this happenings only occurred if I did not pay much attention to that subject:””” I was not using the eyes: looking.”””” !!
Example: [ I have mentioned this incident in on earlier post] : sitting in the hotel lobby and waiting, not doing much and a woman who walked front of me I could see through her and seen the baby inside her womb: EX-RAY vision.. this lasted only for a second and because I wanted to SEE more and with that I was concentrating on the EYES and of course they only could see the flat picture of a very pregnant woman in moving mode.
I was in total awe… while I was in this blown out state and not looking suddenly a skeleton walked by and that picture seeing only the moving bones brought me back to looking with the eyes mode again and I only could see a young man n fully clothed of course walking away.
To me this incident in the lobby of the hotel: seeing inside two different human form has become memorable experience of formidable magnitude and this kind of experiences prompted me to continue with solo sessions: I WANTED MORE!
Over the years I become aware that these incidents of me seeing ex-ray images have become frequent and I could see into anything I put my attention on, but these images lasted only for fraction of the second yet I had total understanding what they represented, what considerations they were made up from.
But not until this day I have connected, understood the difference between these ex-ray images with holographic images, there are no differences, they are the same! It was only I who has put different labels on them because I did not realise their sameness.
We can observe these holographic images there are under or –covered-hidden by those flat projected solid pictures we are stuck to: believing that is what we see, and that is the only thing existing.
The thing is that we never ever lost any of our abilities, we only been ignoring them  because we are only concentrating on ‘’seeing with the eyes’’  and when as-ising the occlusions which has blocked out the awareness, the abilities are just there, we become aware of them again!