Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I just have seen a very interesting picture-implant when we were given the ‘’ability to SEE WITH THE EYES’’.
PLEASE NOTE: I SAID ABILITY to SEE WITH THE EYES!!! This was a learned ability therefore not our original way to perceive, consequently this new ability has immediately restricted our own awareness.
And after that we were shown the difference – dissimilarity between seeing as Entities[ no eyes needed]: since as Entities we do ‘’SEE’’ a holographic image, we ‘’see’’ become aware – observe – perceive the ‘’true image, the original: the real – shape – from -character ‘’ of the mock-up: The mock-up is made up from flowing – fluid vibrating energy: therefore IT IS NOT SOLID.
Not only we become aware-observe this vibrating holographic image but we know instantly the consideration, the postulate which has created this image in the first place, so we know the why!
And this mocked –up image have not altered in any way and can’t be altered.
BUT…..HERE COMES THE BIG BUT: when we look through the photographic lenses of the bodies the ‘’eyes’’, these ‘’eyes instrument” cannot detect – sense – perceive- observe –recognise the dimensional moving vibration of the mocked –up images: which don’t have the brightness of the projected flat pictures from the lenses.
And this is important to note: the difference between the bright flat images and the light faint coloration of the floating dimensional holographic images.
WE AS IDIOTS, or uneducated Entities we enjoyed – loved the bright-ness of the flat pictures of course and these brightness made us agree that these pictures were better and with that we were trapped into implanted false- fabricated reality: part of this reality is that we no longer trusted the floating holographic faint images because they were no longer real to us, since they were no solid and not permanent and they did not have the most important factor which implanted material have: that the Holographic images don’t have continuum !!!!!!!!!!!!!! so they can’t be real, because they are not part of LIFE=implanted crap.
But what the lenses ‘’see’’ is a colorful flat image-picture and to this: IMPORTANT COGNITION HERE: TO this flat image what the lenses ‘’see’’ we as Entities add our considerations which comes from instantaneous evaluation- assessment of the observed item and from all that we come to conclusion what we know: we give an identity to the item-subject.
AND THESE ADDED ingredients=CONSIDERATIONS [good, bad, nice ..beautiful, dead, young, cold, distance, hard, soft, big, small etc….etc..etc..] added To the FLAT PICTURES which when in place MAKES US BELIEVE THAT THESE FLAT IMAGES ARE REAL…..THAT THEY ARE SOLID….. WHAT we OBSERVE [aware of] IS OUR LIFE because NOT ONLY WE ADD TO THESE FLAT ROLLING PICTURES LABOLS BUT WE ADD SENSATIONS TOO!
So WE just baked a cake: we concluded that we have LIFE….. Solidity….. Continuum…. And what in reality we have? Shit… nothing… because even shit is only a consideration… so what we have is make-believe, on ILLUSION.
HERE IS how one can bake life into a nice solid form: ingredients=
Open eyes wide than observe the
observe the Flat rolling projected pictures than
Add: sensations…..aches..pains..big and small than ADD YOUR CONSIDERATIONS and by the time you have all those ingredients added: WHICH IS YOUR HAVINGNESS : you have LIFE! solid as a brick outhouse and as valuable.
Our ability to recognise –assess, evaluate and to know: happens instantaneous as the flat picture comes into view.
YOU ARE EXTERIOR TO ALL THESE rolling flat pictures AT ALL TIMES: you only have Considerations-believes that you are inside something.
Being exterior means ENTETY DO NOT HAVE LOCATION, only objects do and you are not on object, never been one and never will be one.


Comments on: "MAJOR, MAJOR, Major COGNITION: How to Bake a LIFE!" (2)

  1. Fantastic seeing!! 🙂 Can you suggest how one can break the habitual seeing via the eyes to just perceiving what IS?

    • All I can say what I have done on this subject, Have confronted: looked at all believes, agreements, considerations, looking…not looking.. seeing… being blind even. I have searched -confronted every thought-reality I have accumulated by now on this subject.
      And even in the beginning when I have become ”aware” of the holographic image’s I did not realise that what I seen was the real-true thing and THE ENTITIES PERCEIVED THE UNIVERSE THAT WAY!.
      That understanding has come who know when but keep it in mind that I also soloed countless hours on ”in and out” of the body. And when being out of the body I seen of course the holographic energy flows. I haven’t the clue just how many sessions I have had over the years and I went back to the same items when something new needed to be confronted, more likely that I become ”aware” of new realities which needed to be explored. I know what I write is not a big help but you will find your own realities as you solo and it might not take so many sessions as it has taken for me.
      I have seen holographic images early years when being audited [before the grades] but I did not know that they were holographic images! 🙂 becoming educated about my own universe taken loooooong time. Eyes.. seeing with the eyes, is one of our major reason why we believe that things are solid. Or the only reason…this I am not sure of in this awareness I have at this moment.
      But I know soon as we drop the body we can see again differently, this condition of course only applies if the Entity is not stuck too heavily in the Death incident.

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