Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I was asked by many how I started to solo.
That has come about by pure ACCIDENT!
At ST. Hill I did everything started from the grades and up.
I we shared living rooms and kitchens and we were 13 of us for one toilet and one full bathroom. The kitchen was tiny, we all got one shelfs in the cupboard, one self in that tiny frigidaire and only one stove of course so the landlord worked out a time table to use these rooms. It worked out fine; we got to know each other well.
The tone level of the communication was high, incredibly high; in fact we were all glowing.
In the evenings we all gathered in that small living room where wasn’t even enough chairs in room for all of us to seat, so some of the boys set on the floor.
As you all know those days we were not allowed to talk about our sessions, which had both good and bad side of course because we were all so curious what was seen in session by others and we wanted to share our experiences, those wonderful recalls we had in session in other places and other times!
By then of course we all learned the MEANING OF WHAT IS CONSIDERATION and THAT OUR UNIVERSE IS MADE UP BY CONSIDERATIONS AND NOTHING MORE and we also done the small Course which was mandatory on the lower level : “Observing the Obvious “.
That course might have been small, done in few hours or less but we all learned in that we can see more than what the EYES do and what our IMMIDIATE –top layer CONSIDERATION SUGEST THAT ITEM IS.
In my reality this tiny course was one of the most valuable courses ever compiled and offered by the church and because it was SO SMALL AND INSIGNIFICANT that IT WAS COMBINED WITH SOME OTHER COURSE.
The supervisor put a chair on top of his table and asked: ” WHAT DO YOU SEE”.
Of course we all seen a chair and nothing more, he acked every answer and repeated the question over and over and over, finally we cut on and started to see more than a chair, we started to realise what it really was; what it was made of, its shape, color, the excitement grown as we started to see-understand that we had many different realities about ONE ITEM and the cognitions from members of the class just poured and poured!
From where I was sitting I only could see 3 legs and the supervisor asked me after I said ‘’it has 4 legs’’ really? How many leg that item has?[ by than we did not see the chair but only a item.] OHHHHHH I had a cog. than..WOW….
We were literarily flying by end of that little sessions and I still see the supervisors happy face and sparkling eyes: he did good. And I CALL THAT SESSION: CONFRONTATION: how to confront and for me, to me that was LRH’s greatest gift and because of that priceless ability gained for alone has overridden all his other realities to which I haven’t agreed to: it was his and not mine… we are very different, so what.

This was simple lessons which all of us have known by then and one smart member of the group one evening pointed to the chandelier on the ceiling and asked: “What consideration do you have about that Chandelier?”
WOW…..WOW… the answers poured and we had fun realising that every one of us had to a certain extent more than few considerations about that light fixture but most of us just this missed them before and did not see more that a fixture which gives light when the power is turned an: Now because of the many answers we had really good understanding what it was: extended viewpoints: extended space!!!!!
But what this session about the light brought us more than immediate understanding BUT COGNITIONS TOO.!!!!!
While we were ‘’playing these game” we were cognising and we were able to share those cognitions! To us this game which we continued with every opportunity we were together become on outlet to share the gainednew realities about our beliefs. It was a priceless experience.
We also added a new form of question which was even simpler than the above, this question speeded up our game: “What is that light” what is that object”: which could be anything the member of the group pointed at.
We, by playing this game, we expanded- widened our viewpoints , we learned not only that self-had many faceted views of the same item-beliefs but we could see into the universe of others and understand bit more , what perspective- standpoint they had.
In this secret group sessions we, because now I know that is what they were, we continually cognated.
After I have come back to here to Canada I started out the same way, you see I missed the group, missed the classes, the friends and most of all I did not know where to go from OT7.
I have written about that in ‘’The walk of the solo…..”
Daily I have asked those two questions “ WHAT IS” WHAT CONSIDERATIONS I HAVE about…..” And I have done that on 4FLOWS!!!! millions of times by now in 42 years…
The insight I gained into my own beliefs, realities, how I have vied my own creation was incredible..
Cognitions were pouring because like a mad man went at it in every waking hour, driving, taking a shower, ironing, walking or just sitting and pulling up items after items and believes.
You see for these sessions I did not had to be in certain way to ask the questions because it did not matter what were the condition of the body or the space the body was in.
Example: Holding a glass of water, first I would ask “ what is the glass”, over and over till I have run out of answers than ‘’what consideration I have about this glass”, than “What considerations others have about the water, glass” etc..etc..
You can’t give me a subject of which I haven’t asked these questions about.
You see after I confronted my immediate surroundings of course I extended to the Body: its different part, what they do than I have done the AIR, clouds, rain, smoke, wetness, dryness , even I gotten to volcanos, stars, under the sea, inside peoples bodies, HAH and trust me you can see into anything. BECAUSE YOU AL READY HAVE SEEN INTO EXPERIENCED EVERYTHIN IN THIS UNIVERSE!
Because of these questions asked they have taken me: have walked inside the Fault lines of California, I have been inside, experienced the SUN and its energy flows, I swam with fish in the Ocean and I see inside the threes, and I have become a grain of sand in the Sahara, I have experienced when a sneak opens his mouth and swallows that small monkey in whole!
I have become the thunder and lightning, and experienced the furry of tornados, Become the pavement on the roads, and the wheel of my car.
I know why the rose canes have thorns, and walked through walls, and seen how the Great Wall of China was built.
I have seen LRH in different planets and I am familiar with part of his past track . All because I have asked these simple question, You see, after a while because I have asked about : WHAT IS TIME, SPACE: walls, barriers, dividers those to become meaningless and the track has become wide open, the barriers have fallen away .
I can’t write all my wins-gains I have had because I asked the most basic question.
People are looking for the Magic Wand which will erase, or eliminate with one wave of the hand their unwanted…hehehe.. but.. BUT.. BUT…. The Pleasure moments, the WANTED has more hold on the Entity than the Unwanted! That is the true glue.. the real stuff which holds that Entity in the grip of implanted crap.
My questions were not discriminating and I asked the questions what ever happen to experience what I observed, read about, known about, what fun it was to see the Universe in the different many sided reality!
We all have the ability to confront.. We always had it but we did not know its value, what it can do.
Questions? Ask.
PS: later I discovered another simple method of LRH’s auditing technology which brought incredible fast results: which are cognitions of course.


Comments on: "My secret: my Magic Wand.. :)" (4)

  1. Complimenti ,leggerti è un vero piacere.

    • Thanks Luciano, I am pleased that I can share my adventures. Have a lovely evening!

    • Luciano.. the reason others only write of Gautama and what he said… and teachings of other gurus because they are trapped in the same reality as those teachers were trapped in. That alone shows that Path they walk in is a DEAD END ROAD…. there is nothing there but words and beautifully painted-drawn pictures of images and that is not spirituality.

    • PS: fallowing those teachings lead to the same end…. dead end, and so far no one has found the freedom they were looking for but only found the big lie which was that they have reached the freedom they were seeking… that is a true perfect trap to fall into.

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