Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Recall on gambling.

Recalling gambling on the track.
I wanted to have fun I seen self : as I was walking down on a long wide staircase and from above I seen the whole room which was alive with activity.
I was laughing inside because I have known that no gambling device, machinery have the power over my Ability.
At the bottom of the staircase there were machine guards which scanned every person for hidden electric devices which could change the outcome of what the Machines were set for.
I was a DICE roller and as I approached the bottom of the staircase I opened up my right hand and showed the machine the content :2 dice, they were just two ordinary dice and the machines could see inside them that nothing was hidden inside: they were solid.
I continued and I felt really fantastic, sort of wiggling in my skin hardly able to contain my happiness.
Walked around a bit enjoying this incredible sensation I was experiencing than I walked to dice table I have picked where the less number of people played and the most bored looking attendant were.
Excited people have disturbing energy flows, and alert attendants energy is more effective than the one who is half a sleep or his mind is on different matters.
But these were only small interferences; they did not make much difference concerning my ability.
I rolled the dice and I let the house win… I did it again and again, you see even my dice were controlled by electric machinery…hehehe… this was their mistake that they have trusted machinery totally. They have believed in them so solidly that they have forgotten that on Entity has power over all whatever has been created in this Universe!
So after so many loses I decided to override their electric set up and let the EYE which made the decision what numbers the dice shown..hehehe to SEE what I projected. I won of course, the sirens went off and suddenly the attendant come back to the present time and people run and gathered around the table: winning was a unique thing in this casino.
Soon as I won, all EYES were activated on this gambling table and I just laughed inside.
There was no limit and I let my bank card to be scanned and I let all what was in there ride.. My dice rolled, and I won of course.
Now this is what really happened, the machines were set up the way there was no chance for winning for anyone,[ unless they decided to let there be a win] even if my dice could come up with the right combination needed to win, those invisible electric flows would flip them to different-losing combination.
The crowd stood around the table and they were all rooting for me of course and I was in total control: The dice rolled and this time my power, my abilities –decision would not allow the machines to effect what I intended , which was winning .
I did not do this for the Credits I gained since I already had much more than what I needed. It was done for fun and for gratification –satisfaction knowing that machines were not in power, but us Entities still governed the Universe!
What I have done with that immense amount of credits? I haven’t recalled that yet!
But this as you read here was not really gambling was it? No, not for a second.


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