Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Your comments and e-mails reading them given me a new perceptive a reality that I have finally reached the State when I can be a service to you and this is truly a humbling and awesome!
I will continue posting the cognitions and the so called wins knowing that they will give a diverse view of the universe which is lacking in the teachings of Gurus. Keep in in mind at all time I do not teach here, just write what I see-experience and from your own experience you will gain the knowledge what you require to become free.
Some other time I can write to tell why all the gurus use the same language about the so CALLED SPIRITUAL STATE……HEHEHE…. hogwash…. Simple implanted material. I will write how that implant comes about.
When on Entity =me reaches the state which is no state at all than only thing left to do is to serve, interestingly to be a “servant to all” is the supreme ultimate doing-ness one can achieve and here on Earth to be a servant is considered lays a bit lower than the frogs back end. Selfishness dont exist and there isn’t any gain to be a SERVANT , it is simply on experience.
I have not looked for this state, to be a servant.. has come naturally.
I have recalled about 25 years back a state like this on the track when I was the servant to that Sector but then I haven’t had the connection to the body and my body was only a thin smoke like the curling from the burning cigarettes but I was than more powerful than now, yet here is the yet and BUT: I HAVE NOW on unimaginable amount of knowledge and then I did not have that and that brought my downfall hehehe was capture by implants: with that gained immense experiences which now I realise I needed in order to learn from to have the universal knowledge which I have gained through cognitions.[ I dont claim I know it all…oh no!]
My dear Friends, Now as of today because of you I have reached a new point on my Path.. from now on not only I be traveling with other bodiless Entities But I want to include you not only as a silent group of readers, but as a unit where each member contributes as feel like, when care to: our gains will be better, and we will travel farther.
If you know other who seeks the realities of this blog please send them here and their presence will give us stronger hold.
Please don’t think for a moment that a servant need to be known or looking for fame…hehehe… now this makes me smile because servant already has fame, has been acknowledged by the Universe for the service and the acknowledgement of a body of ENTITIES WHO DON’T HAVE A BODY is something incredible which words cannot describe.
The service was the solo auditing which has freed countless trapped Entities and the cognitions brought enlightenment to those Entities.
I would like your input and please ..please ask questions. IF I haven’t had a realization on that topic you want to know, I will look for it in session and write my finding up.
Keep it in mind there are no such on thing as on unimportant question when one is on the Path…. every question asked, the answer is vital because that answers is the missing piece of the and all of them is needed to complete the picture, in our case to regain the freedom we yearn for.
Thank you again for the honor.
PS: hehehe you all know I like Ps’s, here is my new phone number: please feel free to call. 604 477-1050
NEW PS: there isn’t such a concept as ”fame” in the universe which now I call home, it is not needed or wanted since all these concepts belong to human realities and were as-ised other wise if would not have been I could not move away from these restricting realities.
I know LRH haven’t written much about this universe, yet there is much can be said, and I can tell you what I have learned if you are interested just please ask.


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  1. All this lifetime, I have been looking for ‘my peers’ — my true peers (like you, Elizabeth), that seek relentlessly to find answers. And you do, and the fact that you share them openly here — that opens the door for new vistas for me. It is so lovely, I am having trouble articulating my thoughts, but I feel like I am having fine chocolate & tea on the most exquisite china money could buy.

    I take these gifts from you, have my own cognitions, my universe changes, then I have become a servant to others on my lines (just recently realized that I had moved to a new level of responsibility myself), creating amazing results on others’ comm lines.

    Recently I helped a friend do a seminar on the 7th dynamic to a small group in Dallas TX. My presence, that servant beingness that I now have, emulated all over the space from the minute I arrived there, and some noticed the ‘lightness’ with which I now handle life.

    For me it was that acknowlegment that we all want — it just comes in unexpected places, when we are just being ourselves. Not contrived, just is.

    I now see much implanted material. It is everywhere. The good news is that it also gave me the opportunity to have these cognitions that I would have never had otherwise. And it lifted me out & through.

    Grateful is simply a word– though, the concept runs far deeper.

    Sending love,


    • Kay… this is what I wanted to know that there are others there who are winning changing and dont let those rats who are constantly nibbling at your space effect your reality.

      The rats attack will be stronger and more vicious because they know ”’only unconsciously of course” that the Black Tide has been stopped and with each cognition its existing power is lessen. Hehehe.. I will have to write more about this Black Tide bit… LRH has called it ”aberration”’ NO…NO.. NO… it is a tide which occluded our innocent realities.
      I haven’t the clue how it existence originated but I feel that its creation was good because we now once and for all learn and become a ”TRULY EDUCATED” Entity without having useless diplomas covering our adobes wall.
      But I hope I am not a teacher or a guru category UGGGGHHHHH that would be not a place I see my self.. I am a servant.. Gurus and teachers teach show -point the way and the direction they point to is a DEAD END. Here I say.. it is you who have to find what freedom is to you.. what spirituality is in your reality, not theirs, that crap from those gurus no matter how lofty is knowing it sounds is IMPLANTED MATERIAL.. But what fun it was when we played it.
      Kay dear, thank you for sharing . E
      I need to go and gather some grocery because this place is empty. The body is losing mass it is on the skinny side.

    • Kay, I thank you for the acknowledgement… yes, ever since I run into that field auditor way back in 73 who has given me the first sessions I been running full speed..
      By the way he had to make me understand, what it was about by made me learn first all the words.

  2. As I am reading this Elizabeth, the immediate feeling was that of power. For me, I have gained so much more power being on your lines, you grant me beingness to go off & audit on my own & determine what is true for me.

    • Well power in my space is not in shortage.. The problem having this kind of what ever this is that this body was not set up for this condition… not at all..
      There is no other way than solo alone… we cant share that path, we need to walk alone.. You know the interesting thing is that we believed that we
      belonged groups, families etc.. but in reality we were always alone, that word” belonging” or being a part of never given us the same realities as other members of the group had. We never really duplicated each others realities because that can not be done, we just pretended and assumed that we know. A game. ” I know what you thinking”” my foot you do. heheh I am off.. talk later. have a wonderful afternoon! e

  3. I know it is a solo journey. Those earlier wishes were talk right outta my ass. But I do like finding thetans that have vision & awareness, as we each travel our individual journeys to share. That is a fun game as for me, it creates reach for more.

    I truly do know that my reality is not really duplicated, nor mine of anyone else’s. Those are just ‘implanted material’ words that we spout out when we desire to communicate a concept. Jeez…words…

    • You said it… words….. they are the most dangerous weapons we ever created: words can lift up to the so called Heaven[ implanted reality] and words can send you to Hell that is also implanted reality! and what ever those two concept contain for each that is the glue….
      But I really agree that it is fun when we communicate on newly gained realities, different ball of wax.
      I am really looking forward to hear some comments and I really dont care what even if someone writes I believe Elizabeth you are full of shit… hehehe.. how true very true.. but one thing for sure I no longer have evil intentions or Overts… none left.
      Kay listen to this, I like watching good martial art movies, Jet Le, IP Man etc. In one of the IP Man movie the man said, His wife is a woman of few words because “she understands the power behind them” Wow, I thought that is so true..
      I am whipped out after few action packed weeks the body had it. The ribs starting to show above the breasts ..Oh…how the hell I am going to gain weight?

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