Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

disconnected in a few days, if any of you wish to have communication by all means do write.
thank you for being part of my universe…in fact you will remain there because only solid lines can be cut.
Be well and do well! E.

PS: IF any of you want me to continued, you need to write and give your reason why I should continue.
My reason is that I dont wish to leave a blog on the internet, just hanging there as on unfinished cycle..
The many post in here: cognitions are close to 300 each one is representing a foot step in my adventures and I like to clean up after me by not leaving foot prints behind.
I am not dropping the body since I am in very good health but I need good reason from the readers that is you… for this blog to remain open and me to write my future cognitions.
As I said I am moving to a most unique place where I be alone but not as on Entity because here I will have for companions the Entities who are residing -anchored in nature, their communication is in telepathic form..


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  1. Buon viaggio Elisabetta,e chiunque tu incontri salutali anche da parte nostra.
    Contento che la tua salute sia ottima .
    E’ stato un piacere leggerti .
    Ti auguro che tu trovi ciò che stai cercando.

    • Hello Dear Luciano… Happy to hear from you also.. it seem I might not close this blog since there are readers who write that what they have read here helped them understand not only self but the Universe
      If that is the case than I will continue. Best to you as always. your friend. E.

  2. Elizabeth, I want you to know that I have benefited so much from your blog postings. I go back & re-read older ones, as the wisdom and experience are so valuable.

    Your journey shared on this blog is like no other anywhere. I have expanded more since knowing you & being apart of your journey through our comm line, and for me, I am the fortunate one.

    We all seek acknowledgment, but receive little, as our reality is not what others consider real for them, so they cannot give an ack. I understand and want that for myself, but most days, fully understand that it is not there to be given.

    It isn’t exchangeable in that fashion, and your gift is to take your journey and record it here. That is your gift to all of us & you have done a spectacular job of doing that. Please continue.

    I am fortunate to know you as our paths have some similarities. I love you for who you are & what you have contributed to all us, but most especially me.

    I take that as an ack & you should too. Sending much love my darling.

  3. Ciao E. stai scrivendo e comunicando la tua esperienza personale è questo è importante perchè dimostra che non ti importa di esporti in prima persona .
    Altri blog comunicano dati stantii (vecchi ) e non comunicano mai la loro vera esperienza personale o fanno propaganda ai loro prodotti . Continuano a scrivere di Ron, Gesù ,Buddha ,di Alieni di poteri di paradisi ecc,ecc, ecc solo leggendo libri o guardando in internet non comunicano nulla di loro .
    I tuoi scritti sono freschi di giornata ancora complimenti per il tuo entusiasmo verso il vivere .PS Come va l’orto ? Il mio quest’anno è stratosferico.

    • Luciano wish you were here in body, you would receive kiss on face and a big hug.. Much love .. Wish I could gather you all and pour out, give you what I have learned BUT..BUT..BUT in reality I could not do it for one simple reason. It would be on “OVERT” THE WORST KIND TO TAKE YOUR BURDEN AWAY AND REPLACE IT WITH KNOWLEDGE!!! You see, you all need to walk the Path, You all need to confront your own creation in order to understand why you have done this!. I could not rob you from such a valuable experience! Love to you Luciano!

  4. Hi… I have to agree with Kay’s comment very much… I too read the blog a few times a week, go back to old posts or read the same ones over again 🙂 .

    It is the ultimate inspiration for those like myself who dream about this thing called spiritual freedom…

    Someone was there, and walked the walk, so maybe after all I could too… I’m thinking now that if it wasn’t for you and your blog I would’ve left the tech long ago.. since other blogs/individuals/practitioner etc on the subject don’t meet the mark at all, haven’t seen it yet!… the blind leading the blind in most cases, or as I say the confused leading the even more confused (me).

    This blog flows nicely, it is constant, always the same, black is black, period. What makes us to be in this mess is our believes, period. You come to this blog to be reminded of these simplicities and to feel motivated to keep going.

    As I said to you in my email, don’t close down this blog, it wouldn’t make any sense.

    Love to all.


    • Maribel…Thank you for your write up… love you dear girl.

      • I have to say also that I recommended your blog to many exes mainly, that I come in contact with, they said thank you I will look at it and never got back to me on it.. well, we stayed in comm but about other things, never mentioned your blog, which made me conclude that: 1 they didn’t even read it or 2. they read it, closed it and run away the other way.. because of their silence about it… it turns out they are only interested in what Hubbard said about what, where, the exact quote or reference… as someone told me recently, “you just have to follow the Bridge which will take you over the other side”… uhmm I really doubt this one… I don’t blame them, we like the easy way out and be given the exact steps in an area that as far as I’m concerned it isn’t mapped and never will.

        As for me, I’m on my Solo course when I’m done, I will test my ability and skill with it, it is the only way I can see to make this thing work.

        Much love to all.

        Ps: Ahh I forgot, I showed the blog to a normal person, non practitioner I mean, normal that is haha,… he said wow no wonder this person has achieved what she says she has after so many thousands of hours of meditation. 🙂

        • You have no idea how thrilled I am that you are on the Solo Course! you are on a great adventure, the greatest this whole universe can offer, because while on this adventure you will discover why you have created it, agreed to that it exist and while you doing all that digging-exploring slowly you will regain your power which you have assigned on the way and landed empty handed-powerless on Earth and please Maribel do believe me you wont need to test or look for abilities hehehe they will fall on your lap and just like that…. Power and abilities go hand in hand.. by the time you will regain all it will no longer matter, it will be natural to have as for the body have a beating heart [till it is working order that is]
          I am not concerned with who fallows what practise what because I ”know” those who meant to step on this path this life will find the way and will continue.
          Please keep it in mind to continue means CONFRONTATION’ and few has learned while taking the courses what actually confrontation is and can do. LRH and his group of researchers has written what confrontation can do but have they really realised its impact when used? I really dont know, all I know it works and between the auditing questions the confrontation of the consideration these two combined that means you have the MAGIC WAND IN YOUR POSSESION!. The very key when used opens the all the locked doors and slowly you can free your-self from your solid beliefs. Fantastic place you are at.
          Looking forward to read all your realities-experiences and I am sure others too be watching your progress.
          Much love.

        • By the way Maribel I do use LRH’s auditing technology I never went into any other ways because when in the first sessions I have recalled past life incident I went into a total AWE and to me that was that.

          • I went into total AWE after a few sessions, and don’t really remember now what they were about, I went “up the pole”, as Scientology call it, was sort of exterior, I had no thoughts running through my mind, totally in present time, I was sooo happy being.. that lasted for days, maybe weeks.. then I started to key back in again slowly I suppose.. I will always remember that, what a fantastic state to be in…never came back to me even though I had much more auditing since then than prior… I think the memory of that experience is what has been keeping me going and trying at it… the chance that that state could be experienced again, that was 8 years ago.

            • 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 yes, that will do it, wanting more or not only wanting more, but to have that permanently and that is the solo auditors quest. 🙂

            • Actually, I had a realization while writing the above, I remember now how I started to keying back in again, when by living I started asking questions like why people did this or that, or the pressures from work, rent, colleagues, friends, family.. why this or that?… oh thoughts were pestering me again, in the form of questions … all forms of philosophy talk about how the not knowing, lack of knowledge is what has kept us in the mess… in Scientology they believe that auditing gets you out of the trap but to stay out you have to train (meaning learning the word of Hubbard).. I realized that learning the words will not give you the knowledge to stay out, since even if those words were true, the foundation of the principles they write about aren’t experienced by the person first hand.. you talk about knowledge through cognitions, and I can see now more clearly how that works… I might not have been away to convey it here very well.. the realization really is that knowledge doesn’t come from writings, that isn’t knowledge, even though they call it that.. that is why I’ve read most of Scientology books when they came out in 2007 and I don’t remember anything at all and they didn’t change me a bit.

              Love to all.

              • 🙂 hehehe…. reading others written reality that to you is ”second-hand” knowledge, now while your reading and have a ”aha” realization now that is yours, and will remain entirely yours.
                That is the problem when people read stuff about spirituality, leaning all the phrases- words and because they now know all that they believe that now they to have become enlightened …no chance for that..
                You see, if that would be the case than by now everybody would be free on this planet.
                People reading that stuff about spirituality for centuries and will come back again in new body and will find the same old material, meanwhile same guru but will be sitting in a new body hehehe teaching the same crap and all that is like a hamster running in the wheel.
                Only cognitions of your own are real to you, cognitions are not second-hand many times altered knowledge and has become solid like titanium.

  5. I’ll join with the others in saying you should not close your blog. I like to go back and read your posts too. Thank you for all that you have posted. 🙂

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