Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

cog of the day…

The State of Poverty once upon a time was the “most desired State” because poverty [ not having] was the indication that the person was not attached, effected, stimulated,  involved  or any ways controlled  by the MEST Universe:  since they were not DEVOTED to Have and to  Own and to Be  was the indication that they were still in power and in control over the MEST!

Those very few who were in that State of Poverty were highly revered and admired, respected by all and the general belief was again by all that they were the True  Sages:  The knowledge these Sages had were regarded as Axioms , the truth about the Universe and those Axioms have become the  Law  and the Land and its people were governed by those Laws.

Sages were the rules, the governors of the Land.

No surprise that there are so many who desire to be poor, want poverty and secretly believe that the rich are in dire condition!

Keep it in mind that once upon of time what now is bad has been regarded as good…best. 🙂 we live in a reversed Universe …. yes I know I haven’t written about that yet.

PS: I dont care what LRH has said about ”postulate” that all we have to do is postulate and we will get it.

Long as the Entity has major-basic realities in place like the above  that Entity can go and postulate till blue in the face will not pull in  ”riches, will not win  the major amount on lotto, in fact usually give away most or all possession and only have what always needed and never more.

How do I know this????? HEHEHE bloody hell, because this is what I have recalled and experienced in many different life-times!


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