Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I said to the Cat this morning “Our fate has been sealed.”

This though-consideration never ever entered my mind before, yet for reason today has.

By now this I know since based on [found them in sessions] that every single proverb maxims  humans have in their language was first established on the Track someplace: AS FACTS.

Now  ‘’our fate has been sealed’’ is  a profound statement, but hehehe here is BIG BUT… IF we can’t see look into the future than how the hell we could know that our fate has already been sealed?


The two just don’t jive..

So… I have opened a new can of worms, because I don’t believe ‘’in mystery’’, I don’t believe that  ‘’unknown’’ exist, and I don’t believe that we don’t know our future because  that is impossible idea itself since  we have been down on the same road- path thousands of times by now and we know our past and yet we deny that we don’t know what is coming?

That kind of thinking-believes only can come from a totally close off mind.

and this saying is the proof t what I believe in that we do know the future and by placing our self in a condition of ”not know, unknown, mystery, forgotten, not remembering with that we cut our awareness to ZERO: low-low on the TScale and that is not living ”life” but helplessly drifting with the tide=energy -mass being total effects.  And the only believe-consideration= grand illusion  is the last straw in our hand that we believe we have a life and we are living! The joke is on us…

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