Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I set in my magnificent garden and I thought ” lets see what ”beauty” as concept really means and what purpose we use this concept- reality in our lives here on Earth.

Fascinating new understanding has surfaced in form of cognition: We surround self with what we consider “beautiful” to create a space and this space acts like a ”shield, a barrier, wall, a protective layer” between us and the dark outside forces. very nice, very nice…

Beautiful items: what we consider beautiful has very light energy mass but this light energy mass is stronger more powerful than the heavy  flowing aberration BUT UNFORTUNATELLY  that reality no longer work on this planet regardless  how well and by how many it is practised on regular-permanent bases.

But by now on  this planet every viewpoint has become so solid that even when sitting in some isolated cave million miles from the nearest what ever that ”nearest” means will not help  because the burden is within our own universe, whatever we think-believe is  the trap.

Yes, the killer can garden daily, exhibit his flowers: ” valance”’ and in the night for pure pleasure cuts  one tender neck after another,  or others create beautiful garden for show : that is a VALANCE the outer layer, than in secret behind closed doors have group sex, drink like fish, hate oozes out of their pores, other live in magnificent palaces filled with art in the middle of heavenly gardens: a outer valance, and as persons  they are not better than the drunk living in the dark alley laying in his own urine.

So the protection no longer in place, no longer works, the ides that belief has become on illusion.

The Entity it self has to be cleansed.


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