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I just have seen a very interesting picture-implant when we were given the ‘’ability to SEE WITH THE EYES’’.
PLEASE NOTE: I SAID ABILITY to SEE WITH THE EYES!!! This was a learned ability therefore not our original way to perceive, consequently this new ability has immediately restricted our own awareness.
And after that we were shown the difference – dissimilarity between seeing as Entities[ no eyes needed]: since as Entities we do ‘’SEE’’ a holographic image, we ‘’see’’ become aware – observe – perceive the ‘’true image, the original: the real – shape – from -character ‘’ of the mock-up: The mock-up is made up from flowing – fluid vibrating energy: therefore IT IS NOT SOLID.
Not only we become aware-observe this vibrating holographic image but we know instantly the consideration, the postulate which has created this image in the first place, so we know the why!
And this mocked –up image have not altered in any way and can’t be altered.
BUT…..HERE COMES THE BIG BUT: when we look through the photographic lenses of the bodies the ‘’eyes’’, these ‘’eyes instrument” cannot detect – sense – perceive- observe –recognise the dimensional moving vibration of the mocked –up images: which don’t have the brightness of the projected flat pictures from the lenses.
And this is important to note: the difference between the bright flat images and the light faint coloration of the floating dimensional holographic images.
WE AS IDIOTS, or uneducated Entities we enjoyed – loved the bright-ness of the flat pictures of course and these brightness made us agree that these pictures were better and with that we were trapped into implanted false- fabricated reality: part of this reality is that we no longer trusted the floating holographic faint images because they were no longer real to us, since they were no solid and not permanent and they did not have the most important factor which implanted material have: that the Holographic images don’t have continuum !!!!!!!!!!!!!! so they can’t be real, because they are not part of LIFE=implanted crap.
But what the lenses ‘’see’’ is a colorful flat image-picture and to this: IMPORTANT COGNITION HERE: TO this flat image what the lenses ‘’see’’ we as Entities add our considerations which comes from instantaneous evaluation- assessment of the observed item and from all that we come to conclusion what we know: we give an identity to the item-subject.
AND THESE ADDED ingredients=CONSIDERATIONS [good, bad, nice ..beautiful, dead, young, cold, distance, hard, soft, big, small etc….etc..etc..] added To the FLAT PICTURES which when in place MAKES US BELIEVE THAT THESE FLAT IMAGES ARE REAL…..THAT THEY ARE SOLID….. WHAT we OBSERVE [aware of] IS OUR LIFE because NOT ONLY WE ADD TO THESE FLAT ROLLING PICTURES LABOLS BUT WE ADD SENSATIONS TOO!
So WE just baked a cake: we concluded that we have LIFE….. Solidity….. Continuum…. And what in reality we have? Shit… nothing… because even shit is only a consideration… so what we have is make-believe, on ILLUSION.
HERE IS how one can bake life into a nice solid form: ingredients=
Open eyes wide than observe the
observe the Flat rolling projected pictures than
Add: sensations…..aches..pains..big and small than ADD YOUR CONSIDERATIONS and by the time you have all those ingredients added: WHICH IS YOUR HAVINGNESS : you have LIFE! solid as a brick outhouse and as valuable.
Our ability to recognise –assess, evaluate and to know: happens instantaneous as the flat picture comes into view.
YOU ARE EXTERIOR TO ALL THESE rolling flat pictures AT ALL TIMES: you only have Considerations-believes that you are inside something.
Being exterior means ENTETY DO NOT HAVE LOCATION, only objects do and you are not on object, never been one and never will be one.


My secret: my Magic Wand.. :)

I was asked by many how I started to solo.
That has come about by pure ACCIDENT!
At ST. Hill I did everything started from the grades and up.
I we shared living rooms and kitchens and we were 13 of us for one toilet and one full bathroom. The kitchen was tiny, we all got one shelfs in the cupboard, one self in that tiny frigidaire and only one stove of course so the landlord worked out a time table to use these rooms. It worked out fine; we got to know each other well.
The tone level of the communication was high, incredibly high; in fact we were all glowing.
In the evenings we all gathered in that small living room where wasn’t even enough chairs in room for all of us to seat, so some of the boys set on the floor.
As you all know those days we were not allowed to talk about our sessions, which had both good and bad side of course because we were all so curious what was seen in session by others and we wanted to share our experiences, those wonderful recalls we had in session in other places and other times!
By then of course we all learned the MEANING OF WHAT IS CONSIDERATION and THAT OUR UNIVERSE IS MADE UP BY CONSIDERATIONS AND NOTHING MORE and we also done the small Course which was mandatory on the lower level : “Observing the Obvious “.
That course might have been small, done in few hours or less but we all learned in that we can see more than what the EYES do and what our IMMIDIATE –top layer CONSIDERATION SUGEST THAT ITEM IS.
In my reality this tiny course was one of the most valuable courses ever compiled and offered by the church and because it was SO SMALL AND INSIGNIFICANT that IT WAS COMBINED WITH SOME OTHER COURSE.
The supervisor put a chair on top of his table and asked: ” WHAT DO YOU SEE”.
Of course we all seen a chair and nothing more, he acked every answer and repeated the question over and over and over, finally we cut on and started to see more than a chair, we started to realise what it really was; what it was made of, its shape, color, the excitement grown as we started to see-understand that we had many different realities about ONE ITEM and the cognitions from members of the class just poured and poured!
From where I was sitting I only could see 3 legs and the supervisor asked me after I said ‘’it has 4 legs’’ really? How many leg that item has?[ by than we did not see the chair but only a item.] OHHHHHH I had a cog. than..WOW….
We were literarily flying by end of that little sessions and I still see the supervisors happy face and sparkling eyes: he did good. And I CALL THAT SESSION: CONFRONTATION: how to confront and for me, to me that was LRH’s greatest gift and because of that priceless ability gained for alone has overridden all his other realities to which I haven’t agreed to: it was his and not mine… we are very different, so what.

This was simple lessons which all of us have known by then and one smart member of the group one evening pointed to the chandelier on the ceiling and asked: “What consideration do you have about that Chandelier?”
WOW…..WOW… the answers poured and we had fun realising that every one of us had to a certain extent more than few considerations about that light fixture but most of us just this missed them before and did not see more that a fixture which gives light when the power is turned an: Now because of the many answers we had really good understanding what it was: extended viewpoints: extended space!!!!!
But what this session about the light brought us more than immediate understanding BUT COGNITIONS TOO.!!!!!
While we were ‘’playing these game” we were cognising and we were able to share those cognitions! To us this game which we continued with every opportunity we were together become on outlet to share the gainednew realities about our beliefs. It was a priceless experience.
We also added a new form of question which was even simpler than the above, this question speeded up our game: “What is that light” what is that object”: which could be anything the member of the group pointed at.
We, by playing this game, we expanded- widened our viewpoints , we learned not only that self-had many faceted views of the same item-beliefs but we could see into the universe of others and understand bit more , what perspective- standpoint they had.
In this secret group sessions we, because now I know that is what they were, we continually cognated.
After I have come back to here to Canada I started out the same way, you see I missed the group, missed the classes, the friends and most of all I did not know where to go from OT7.
I have written about that in ‘’The walk of the solo…..”
Daily I have asked those two questions “ WHAT IS” WHAT CONSIDERATIONS I HAVE about…..” And I have done that on 4FLOWS!!!! millions of times by now in 42 years…
The insight I gained into my own beliefs, realities, how I have vied my own creation was incredible..
Cognitions were pouring because like a mad man went at it in every waking hour, driving, taking a shower, ironing, walking or just sitting and pulling up items after items and believes.
You see for these sessions I did not had to be in certain way to ask the questions because it did not matter what were the condition of the body or the space the body was in.
Example: Holding a glass of water, first I would ask “ what is the glass”, over and over till I have run out of answers than ‘’what consideration I have about this glass”, than “What considerations others have about the water, glass” etc..etc..
You can’t give me a subject of which I haven’t asked these questions about.
You see after I confronted my immediate surroundings of course I extended to the Body: its different part, what they do than I have done the AIR, clouds, rain, smoke, wetness, dryness , even I gotten to volcanos, stars, under the sea, inside peoples bodies, HAH and trust me you can see into anything. BECAUSE YOU AL READY HAVE SEEN INTO EXPERIENCED EVERYTHIN IN THIS UNIVERSE!
Because of these questions asked they have taken me: have walked inside the Fault lines of California, I have been inside, experienced the SUN and its energy flows, I swam with fish in the Ocean and I see inside the threes, and I have become a grain of sand in the Sahara, I have experienced when a sneak opens his mouth and swallows that small monkey in whole!
I have become the thunder and lightning, and experienced the furry of tornados, Become the pavement on the roads, and the wheel of my car.
I know why the rose canes have thorns, and walked through walls, and seen how the Great Wall of China was built.
I have seen LRH in different planets and I am familiar with part of his past track . All because I have asked these simple question, You see, after a while because I have asked about : WHAT IS TIME, SPACE: walls, barriers, dividers those to become meaningless and the track has become wide open, the barriers have fallen away .
I can’t write all my wins-gains I have had because I asked the most basic question.
People are looking for the Magic Wand which will erase, or eliminate with one wave of the hand their unwanted…hehehe.. but.. BUT.. BUT…. The Pleasure moments, the WANTED has more hold on the Entity than the Unwanted! That is the true glue.. the real stuff which holds that Entity in the grip of implanted crap.
My questions were not discriminating and I asked the questions what ever happen to experience what I observed, read about, known about, what fun it was to see the Universe in the different many sided reality!
We all have the ability to confront.. We always had it but we did not know its value, what it can do.
Questions? Ask.
PS: later I discovered another simple method of LRH’s auditing technology which brought incredible fast results: which are cognitions of course.

Recall on gambling.

Recalling gambling on the track.
I wanted to have fun I seen self : as I was walking down on a long wide staircase and from above I seen the whole room which was alive with activity.
I was laughing inside because I have known that no gambling device, machinery have the power over my Ability.
At the bottom of the staircase there were machine guards which scanned every person for hidden electric devices which could change the outcome of what the Machines were set for.
I was a DICE roller and as I approached the bottom of the staircase I opened up my right hand and showed the machine the content :2 dice, they were just two ordinary dice and the machines could see inside them that nothing was hidden inside: they were solid.
I continued and I felt really fantastic, sort of wiggling in my skin hardly able to contain my happiness.
Walked around a bit enjoying this incredible sensation I was experiencing than I walked to dice table I have picked where the less number of people played and the most bored looking attendant were.
Excited people have disturbing energy flows, and alert attendants energy is more effective than the one who is half a sleep or his mind is on different matters.
But these were only small interferences; they did not make much difference concerning my ability.
I rolled the dice and I let the house win… I did it again and again, you see even my dice were controlled by electric machinery…hehehe… this was their mistake that they have trusted machinery totally. They have believed in them so solidly that they have forgotten that on Entity has power over all whatever has been created in this Universe!
So after so many loses I decided to override their electric set up and let the EYE which made the decision what numbers the dice shown..hehehe to SEE what I projected. I won of course, the sirens went off and suddenly the attendant come back to the present time and people run and gathered around the table: winning was a unique thing in this casino.
Soon as I won, all EYES were activated on this gambling table and I just laughed inside.
There was no limit and I let my bank card to be scanned and I let all what was in there ride.. My dice rolled, and I won of course.
Now this is what really happened, the machines were set up the way there was no chance for winning for anyone,[ unless they decided to let there be a win] even if my dice could come up with the right combination needed to win, those invisible electric flows would flip them to different-losing combination.
The crowd stood around the table and they were all rooting for me of course and I was in total control: The dice rolled and this time my power, my abilities –decision would not allow the machines to effect what I intended , which was winning .
I did not do this for the Credits I gained since I already had much more than what I needed. It was done for fun and for gratification –satisfaction knowing that machines were not in power, but us Entities still governed the Universe!
What I have done with that immense amount of credits? I haven’t recalled that yet!
But this as you read here was not really gambling was it? No, not for a second.

To your comments-and your e-mail my answer:

Your comments and e-mails reading them given me a new perceptive a reality that I have finally reached the State when I can be a service to you and this is truly a humbling and awesome!
I will continue posting the cognitions and the so called wins knowing that they will give a diverse view of the universe which is lacking in the teachings of Gurus. Keep in in mind at all time I do not teach here, just write what I see-experience and from your own experience you will gain the knowledge what you require to become free.
Some other time I can write to tell why all the gurus use the same language about the so CALLED SPIRITUAL STATE……HEHEHE…. hogwash…. Simple implanted material. I will write how that implant comes about.
When on Entity =me reaches the state which is no state at all than only thing left to do is to serve, interestingly to be a “servant to all” is the supreme ultimate doing-ness one can achieve and here on Earth to be a servant is considered lays a bit lower than the frogs back end. Selfishness dont exist and there isn’t any gain to be a SERVANT , it is simply on experience.
I have not looked for this state, to be a servant.. has come naturally.
I have recalled about 25 years back a state like this on the track when I was the servant to that Sector but then I haven’t had the connection to the body and my body was only a thin smoke like the curling from the burning cigarettes but I was than more powerful than now, yet here is the yet and BUT: I HAVE NOW on unimaginable amount of knowledge and then I did not have that and that brought my downfall hehehe was capture by implants: with that gained immense experiences which now I realise I needed in order to learn from to have the universal knowledge which I have gained through cognitions.[ I dont claim I know it all…oh no!]
My dear Friends, Now as of today because of you I have reached a new point on my Path.. from now on not only I be traveling with other bodiless Entities But I want to include you not only as a silent group of readers, but as a unit where each member contributes as feel like, when care to: our gains will be better, and we will travel farther.
If you know other who seeks the realities of this blog please send them here and their presence will give us stronger hold.
Please don’t think for a moment that a servant need to be known or looking for fame…hehehe… now this makes me smile because servant already has fame, has been acknowledged by the Universe for the service and the acknowledgement of a body of ENTITIES WHO DON’T HAVE A BODY is something incredible which words cannot describe.
The service was the solo auditing which has freed countless trapped Entities and the cognitions brought enlightenment to those Entities.
I would like your input and please ..please ask questions. IF I haven’t had a realization on that topic you want to know, I will look for it in session and write my finding up.
Keep it in mind there are no such on thing as on unimportant question when one is on the Path…. every question asked, the answer is vital because that answers is the missing piece of the and all of them is needed to complete the picture, in our case to regain the freedom we yearn for.
Thank you again for the honor.
PS: hehehe you all know I like Ps’s, here is my new phone number: please feel free to call. 604 477-1050
NEW PS: there isn’t such a concept as ”fame” in the universe which now I call home, it is not needed or wanted since all these concepts belong to human realities and were as-ised other wise if would not have been I could not move away from these restricting realities.
I know LRH haven’t written much about this universe, yet there is much can be said, and I can tell you what I have learned if you are interested just please ask.

endlessstringofpearls@gmail.com this blog will be

disconnected in a few days, if any of you wish to have communication by all means do write.
thank you for being part of my universe…in fact you will remain there because only solid lines can be cut.
Be well and do well! E.

PS: IF any of you want me to continued, you need to write and give your reason why I should continue.
My reason is that I dont wish to leave a blog on the internet, just hanging there as on unfinished cycle..
The many post in here: cognitions are close to 300 each one is representing a foot step in my adventures and I like to clean up after me by not leaving foot prints behind.
I am not dropping the body since I am in very good health but I need good reason from the readers that is you… for this blog to remain open and me to write my future cognitions.
As I said I am moving to a most unique place where I be alone but not as on Entity because here I will have for companions the Entities who are residing -anchored in nature, their communication is in telepathic form..

slice of poverty anyone?

cog of the day…

The State of Poverty once upon a time was the “most desired State” because poverty [ not having] was the indication that the person was not attached, effected, stimulated,  involved  or any ways controlled  by the MEST Universe:  since they were not DEVOTED to Have and to  Own and to Be  was the indication that they were still in power and in control over the MEST!

Those very few who were in that State of Poverty were highly revered and admired, respected by all and the general belief was again by all that they were the True  Sages:  The knowledge these Sages had were regarded as Axioms , the truth about the Universe and those Axioms have become the  Law  and the Land and its people were governed by those Laws.

Sages were the rules, the governors of the Land.

No surprise that there are so many who desire to be poor, want poverty and secretly believe that the rich are in dire condition!

Keep it in mind that once upon of time what now is bad has been regarded as good…best. 🙂 we live in a reversed Universe …. yes I know I haven’t written about that yet.

PS: I dont care what LRH has said about ”postulate” that all we have to do is postulate and we will get it.

Long as the Entity has major-basic realities in place like the above  that Entity can go and postulate till blue in the face will not pull in  ”riches, will not win  the major amount on lotto, in fact usually give away most or all possession and only have what always needed and never more.

How do I know this????? HEHEHE bloody hell, because this is what I have recalled and experienced in many different life-times!


Talking about ‘’addictions’, LRH has said in many of his lectures that our addiction to different sustenance is long as out Track in the Universe.. I would like to add to that reality: long as having bodies….identifying with bodies.

Hehehe…. I have seen a lot by now but what I seen in session last night is NEW.

I have seen that we had collected INSECTS OF VARIOUS KIND and we have sorted them out accordingly content of their poisons and we have cultivated-grown these monsters in order to be injected by them to experience the different level of BUZZ-HIGH which were produced by their venom!  Also we could buy them at the market, like they were apples, celery or potatoes or cigarettes, alcohol, medication etc.

The humans need to satisfy their addiction here are a few items I would like to mention: having bodies, the need to sleep, eat, have sex, believing that air is needed for survival etc..etc..etc..

by now the use of and being ”addicted ” to MEST has become accepted as ”normal” because the agreements-the believing that it is the ”way of life!” but that ”life” is nothing more that getting buzz from MEST.

each consideration is on Item and each item is made of energy, and each of these energy ”pieces” have different vibration… We enjoy these vibration accordingly what we ”consider good vibrations’ or we reject those  vibration we consider bad…. because those are not in ”harmony” with our own collected mass of energy.

Bad vibrations we find disruptive because it disturbs – alters -changes our harmony-mass and we dont like that at all.





I said to the Cat this morning “Our fate has been sealed.”

This though-consideration never ever entered my mind before, yet for reason today has.

By now this I know since based on [found them in sessions] that every single proverb maxims  humans have in their language was first established on the Track someplace: AS FACTS.

Now  ‘’our fate has been sealed’’ is  a profound statement, but hehehe here is BIG BUT… IF we can’t see look into the future than how the hell we could know that our fate has already been sealed?


The two just don’t jive..

So… I have opened a new can of worms, because I don’t believe ‘’in mystery’’, I don’t believe that  ‘’unknown’’ exist, and I don’t believe that we don’t know our future because  that is impossible idea itself since  we have been down on the same road- path thousands of times by now and we know our past and yet we deny that we don’t know what is coming?

That kind of thinking-believes only can come from a totally close off mind.

and this saying is the proof t what I believe in that we do know the future and by placing our self in a condition of ”not know, unknown, mystery, forgotten, not remembering with that we cut our awareness to ZERO: low-low on the TScale and that is not living ”life” but helplessly drifting with the tide=energy -mass being total effects.  And the only believe-consideration= grand illusion  is the last straw in our hand that we believe we have a life and we are living! The joke is on us…

found a new item which once was used as a barrier.

I set in my magnificent garden and I thought ” lets see what ”beauty” as concept really means and what purpose we use this concept- reality in our lives here on Earth.

Fascinating new understanding has surfaced in form of cognition: We surround self with what we consider “beautiful” to create a space and this space acts like a ”shield, a barrier, wall, a protective layer” between us and the dark outside forces. very nice, very nice…

Beautiful items: what we consider beautiful has very light energy mass but this light energy mass is stronger more powerful than the heavy  flowing aberration BUT UNFORTUNATELLY  that reality no longer work on this planet regardless  how well and by how many it is practised on regular-permanent bases.

But by now on  this planet every viewpoint has become so solid that even when sitting in some isolated cave million miles from the nearest what ever that ”nearest” means will not help  because the burden is within our own universe, whatever we think-believe is  the trap.

Yes, the killer can garden daily, exhibit his flowers: ” valance”’ and in the night for pure pleasure cuts  one tender neck after another,  or others create beautiful garden for show : that is a VALANCE the outer layer, than in secret behind closed doors have group sex, drink like fish, hate oozes out of their pores, other live in magnificent palaces filled with art in the middle of heavenly gardens: a outer valance, and as persons  they are not better than the drunk living in the dark alley laying in his own urine.

So the protection no longer in place, no longer works, the ides that belief has become on illusion.

The Entity it self has to be cleansed.

true native state.

The “Native State” realized- become reality after the person eliminates hundreds of thousands of incidents which exists as CONSIDERATION: when the OVERTS the so called Suppressions,   being CAUSE OVER, or being a VICTIM :  the conditions which LRH has “baptized” as PTS’ness  no longer exist.

The Entity has a solid reality that All conditions regardless what they maybe are  JUST ON EXPERIENCE: on AWARENESS-IMPRESSION of ATMOSPHERIC CONDITION: movements of shifting energy-mass.

Because the past, future even the moment of “NOW” whatever they contain exist only as a belief, a considerations.

Without all that accumulated considerations-believes lays the TRUE NATIVE STATE: if it is true or not dont make any difference… none what so ever… because existence it self belongs to MEST,