Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Drifters in the Ocean of energy which we call Universe.

Drifter = tramp, vagabond, wanderer, hobo, transient, vagrant, traveler, rolling stone, nomad, itinerant, peripatetic, rootless: that is what we are in this Universe.

Just a simple cog while sitting in the garden having my morning coffee and in this revelation show a new side- facet how we are effected by this Universe which we all know is made of no more than energy and the rest what is: what we believe is this rolling-shifting energy- form and these believes are our considerations, how we have labeled-named each of this energy form, Example: solidity…life.. death… living etc..  and these are only our considerations which are no more than illusions.

We are battered – assaulted continually by energy-masses which role endlessly in one form or another: these experiences were labeled by LRH as RE-STIMULATION but I have attained very different realities on the subject and I only see that we just drift endlessly in this ocean of energy and to this continual drifting we  fabricated a name: we call it experience.

PS: after we understand what all there is to be needed to know how these energy forms work when that happens we regain “”some of our abilities” and the understanding comes in the form of cognitions.

There are no other ways.


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