Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Escalation of ‘’intelligence”: shown in rise of the IQ numbers.

When I enter the Mission in 73 and I take courses and auditing of course I was approached to join staff, which I really did not wanted and I did not do. But they asked me to take on IQ  test  and that too I was bulking because my knowledge of the English language was  poor and I haven’t really understood the meanings of those questions.

But I was curious about my so called my intelligence and I take it and hehehe   has come out a stunningly low number at which I was not surprised since I was not even allowed to look up the words which I did not know, so how the hell I could get satisfactory results?

The number by their compilation was 97  and that  number was not acceptable by the mission holders to become a staff member, so I was off their list for good! Good for Elizabeth.

As I have advanced in the next 3 years: went full OT 7, plus I bought the  Integrity Rundown  because I loved to locate O/W’s and that was that rundown all-about. [it was not mandatory]  I loved I had huge gains and  next was Not’s  after that I left the church but as you all know here I continued by Solo Auditing and I must say RELENTLESLY SINCE 76.

We all know that what intelligence, IT IS AWARNESS : what we are aware of, what we know and we function accordingly.

As I have advanced, by that I mean as-ised immense amount of barriers, walls, obstacles=beliefs and by mid-90’s I have had cognitions in 100 of thousands and the those new realities alone  raised the level of awareness to new summits.

I have had a head on collision in august 94 I have written here in this blog how I have recovered because of auditing.

The brain damage was devastating overwhelming since the left side of the brain was loosened.

Year and a half later I have ordered to take on IQ test by the insurance company see how I was doing… You see I claimed that I had very high IQ before the accident and after that I could not even read.

The TEST was done In the University  of Washington in Seattle, it has taken 8 hours and of course I was alone in a room but with on attendant  being there at all times.

2 weeks later I was called in and a Professor who has compiled the results presented the results of the test..

Since the left side of the brain was badly damaged the so called logical side relating to numbers, understanding of machinery, speech-reading writing, walking hehehe was lower than the frogs back side, BUT the OTHERSIDE  which is related to art,  seeing nature and sensing things : spiritual perception, that  characteristic  of my personal space-mock up COULD NOT BE MEASURED…  Mine was higher than HIGHEST NUMBER which used for indicating the IQ. His words were  that my IQ  “went over the roof”.

Regardless of the devastating accident the test shown that in 20 years of constant confrontation my awareness has grown into beyond genius, brilliant.

Sooo, In  the first 20 years the IQ= intelligence –awareness went up from mid-90’s  to so high that it could not be recorded.. estimated… calculated.

In the next 20 years with continual solo sessions-confrontation what I have gained in knowledge awareness is not comprehendible by human realities

Of course logic at this level is there.

Why I write these, because it is a proof that confrontation, as –sing works, that  the Entity is brilliant beyond grasp  when the Bank is as-ised and all  that is available to regain.

The best to you!


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