Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

The poor persons who’s ability at the moment is locked away tightly  that means in this life time this persons can  barely make ends meet= lives from paycheck to paycheck or one harvest till the next, never have more than what he can put daily on the table:  can’t put aside and never have enough to feel safe: what if the harvest fails?

He can only dream of plenty and that plenty  not likely will arrive-materialize .

On the other hand: Those who’s have abilities included in their ‘’life  cycle’’ to make things ‘’happen’’ they have ‘’VISIONS”.[ideas]

Rich persons [ have ample –lives in abundance]  who’s abilities are in good working order, no matter what they ‘’touch “ will become reality- appears as in solid form,  they have “vision “[idea] and the poor have only ‘’daydreams’’…. I found these considerations very revealing- enlightening.

PS: Since I don’t SEE into every persons space and have knowledge how they think-believe in,  I don’t say  above is true 100 percent, this is just thought.


Comments on: "there is great difference between ‘’ daydreaming or visions’’." (6)

  1. Sei Grande come lo è stato Lui
    Buon giorno Elizabeth

  2. Sei grande per quello che posti.

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