Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

From all the adventures I ever created partaken in over the eons, in many different lifetimes This One, This Lifetime has given me the greatest the most incredible adventure which a being could ever have.

One of which I could not even have dreamed of or imagined without Scientologist’s Auditing Tech.

After I stumbled on a Field Auditor an OT 3 Class 4 in 73 who has introduced me and given the first 3 intensives everything changed, than the courses, the co-auditing then the levels then the power, clearing course, than the OT levels, from the experiences being in sessions and having cognitions I stepped into new, different reality levels plus the ultimate changes come when I started to continues with solo sessions.

Each session and by now I have had tens of thousands of them still brings something new- different unique view point . Each session holds a hidden gift in the form of cognition.

The adventure is learning experience very personal and in these sessions I have discovered what and who I have been in the past and of course the lessons teaches me to view the Universe on different level because the expanded awareness cognitions have brought.

I continually marvel at the wonders I experience in sessions because some of the recalls and mostly the cognitions truly are so novel in comparison the beliefs I have had till now and this is the reason I feel and know my life now filled with magic because of the returned abilities and incredible awareness this is all happened because Ron’s gift This awareness I would like to call: WAKEFULNESS.

If someone would ask to evaluate, to summon up what is my greatest gain- my win  because use of the technology allowing me to become solo auditor the answer would be very simple: To be able to confront, become cause over and handle my own universe at all times, anytime.

Yes, the very best game ever.

Being audited and in solo sessions person can learn and find out what and who we are, what were our roles in the past and what that will be in the future, what power really is, we can find all the answers to those questions we ever asked but never found,  the history of the fabulous track we had and discovering that we have lived for thousands of life times, hehehe and we never ever died, and cant die.

.  The wonders we has created and the wonders we has seen, and the involvements we have had we others and their creation which made us rich.. We have seen billions of faces-valances and had the same.  What other game could give the same results?

Knowledge gained is powerful and knowing we do not need to agree in order to belong.

No longer has to be told or ask for agreement yet one know ones value, one’s own knowledge ones power.

Yes, one finds out for self that one does not need on agreement to Be, that decision belongs to self alone.

Yes, auditing works, thousand times I thought and I said that it works.


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