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Here is what a LIE when put in any persons universe causes:
When found out: upsets…. betrayal…. disagreements…. problems…. invalidation…. suppression….failed purposes…. false data….missing data….contrary data…. contradictions…fear….regret….disappointments….mistakes…. confusions….stupidity….unfairness….losses…. hidden standers….frustrated…. missing out….unwanted incidents….and trust has blown out of the window and the liar as a person becomes worthless.
As the Chinese saying goes: lose face.
All the above  boils down to having a huge ARCB.
To lie is on OVERT, causes a Witholds and to the person who has been lied to: puts that person into mystery, put stops on their space leave the hanging.

Drifters in the Ocean of energy which we call Universe.

Drifters in the Ocean of energy which we call Universe.

Drifter = tramp, vagabond, wanderer, hobo, transient, vagrant, traveler, rolling stone, nomad, itinerant, peripatetic, rootless: that is what we are in this Universe.

Just a simple cog while sitting in the garden having my morning coffee and in this revelation show a new side- facet how we are effected by this Universe which we all know is made of no more than energy and the rest what is: what we believe is this rolling-shifting energy- form and these believes are our considerations, how we have labeled-named each of this energy form, Example: solidity…life.. death… living etc..  and these are only our considerations which are no more than illusions.

We are battered – assaulted continually by energy-masses which role endlessly in one form or another: these experiences were labeled by LRH as RE-STIMULATION but I have attained very different realities on the subject and I only see that we just drift endlessly in this ocean of energy and to this continual drifting we  fabricated a name: we call it experience.

PS: after we understand what all there is to be needed to know how these energy forms work when that happens we regain “”some of our abilities” and the understanding comes in the form of cognitions.

There are no other ways.

Escalation of ‘’intelligence”: shown in rise of the IQ numbers.

Escalation of ‘’intelligence”: shown in rise of the IQ numbers.

When I enter the Mission in 73 and I take courses and auditing of course I was approached to join staff, which I really did not wanted and I did not do. But they asked me to take on IQ  test  and that too I was bulking because my knowledge of the English language was  poor and I haven’t really understood the meanings of those questions.

But I was curious about my so called my intelligence and I take it and hehehe   has come out a stunningly low number at which I was not surprised since I was not even allowed to look up the words which I did not know, so how the hell I could get satisfactory results?

The number by their compilation was 97  and that  number was not acceptable by the mission holders to become a staff member, so I was off their list for good! Good for Elizabeth.

As I have advanced in the next 3 years: went full OT 7, plus I bought the  Integrity Rundown  because I loved to locate O/W’s and that was that rundown all-about. [it was not mandatory]  I loved I had huge gains and  next was Not’s  after that I left the church but as you all know here I continued by Solo Auditing and I must say RELENTLESLY SINCE 76.

We all know that what intelligence, IT IS AWARNESS : what we are aware of, what we know and we function accordingly.

As I have advanced, by that I mean as-ised immense amount of barriers, walls, obstacles=beliefs and by mid-90’s I have had cognitions in 100 of thousands and the those new realities alone  raised the level of awareness to new summits.

I have had a head on collision in august 94 I have written here in this blog how I have recovered because of auditing.

The brain damage was devastating overwhelming since the left side of the brain was loosened.

Year and a half later I have ordered to take on IQ test by the insurance company see how I was doing… You see I claimed that I had very high IQ before the accident and after that I could not even read.

The TEST was done In the University  of Washington in Seattle, it has taken 8 hours and of course I was alone in a room but with on attendant  being there at all times.

2 weeks later I was called in and a Professor who has compiled the results presented the results of the test..

Since the left side of the brain was badly damaged the so called logical side relating to numbers, understanding of machinery, speech-reading writing, walking hehehe was lower than the frogs back side, BUT the OTHERSIDE  which is related to art,  seeing nature and sensing things : spiritual perception, that  characteristic  of my personal space-mock up COULD NOT BE MEASURED…  Mine was higher than HIGHEST NUMBER which used for indicating the IQ. His words were  that my IQ  “went over the roof”.

Regardless of the devastating accident the test shown that in 20 years of constant confrontation my awareness has grown into beyond genius, brilliant.

Sooo, In  the first 20 years the IQ= intelligence –awareness went up from mid-90’s  to so high that it could not be recorded.. estimated… calculated.

In the next 20 years with continual solo sessions-confrontation what I have gained in knowledge awareness is not comprehendible by human realities

Of course logic at this level is there.

Why I write these, because it is a proof that confrontation, as –sing works, that  the Entity is brilliant beyond grasp  when the Bank is as-ised and all  that is available to regain.

The best to you!

there is great difference between ‘’ daydreaming or visions’’.

The poor persons who’s ability at the moment is locked away tightly  that means in this life time this persons can  barely make ends meet= lives from paycheck to paycheck or one harvest till the next, never have more than what he can put daily on the table:  can’t put aside and never have enough to feel safe: what if the harvest fails?

He can only dream of plenty and that plenty  not likely will arrive-materialize .

On the other hand: Those who’s have abilities included in their ‘’life  cycle’’ to make things ‘’happen’’ they have ‘’VISIONS”.[ideas]

Rich persons [ have ample –lives in abundance]  who’s abilities are in good working order, no matter what they ‘’touch “ will become reality- appears as in solid form,  they have “vision “[idea] and the poor have only ‘’daydreams’’…. I found these considerations very revealing- enlightening.

PS: Since I don’t SEE into every persons space and have knowledge how they think-believe in,  I don’t say  above is true 100 percent, this is just thought.


Aging, Old….

Of course one of the items interested me is ‘’aging—- being old—-becoming old, so over the years as  my body was aging I have returned to audit this subject.

Of course exploring my past history, my track in this Universe I found the most interesting reasons why we wanted to use an AGED LOOKING VALANCE.. as a façade… smokescreen… mask… cover up…. a decoy…camouflage…diversion … distraction ..alteration ..to be perceived by others as OLD—ACIENT LOOKING.

Here are only few of the reasons out of the many I have found because as I have as-ised the reason they just melted away since they no longer had importance.

Respect, was one of them, also old people had accumulated knowledge, they were usually wiser, old age was on very important  indicator that they could ‘’’hold on to space’’’ they were powerful enough to be able to persist in environment where the strong energy flows and counter intentions from others could  erase a fragile valances.= so power played big role in ageing, wanting to be old.

I found on item were being old, having wrinkles was fun, was a coveted state because ‘’aged, wrinkled looking body’’’ had character, could be made different from others individuals, and ‘’faces- valances’’ could be made to look very different  hence –individuality was established, persons could be recognised same as now from their appearance alone.

Valances could be bought and were installed into the person’s space….[ I have written of these before, how easily different personalities were obtained.]

Also they were used to change identities, not to be recognised and this way any person easily could vanish without ever to be found again by those who wanted that person.

These days, we all get registered at birth given name, social security numbers, + passport with image of the face….hehehe… thought to get lost this way.

I also wondered as I have advanced in confrontation why the hell I could not slow down the aging of the body because by not only I have confronted and as-ised my bodies aging, but I have erased genetic implants + I have audited BT’s….Clusters= entities who also had aging issues yet nothing slowed or changed the advancing condition this body has.

Of course, I had session on this body in every shape or form… this included, slowing down of the machinery, stopping, death of it.. in other words I haven’t left a stone unturned.

This stones included: auditing behaviour of the aged person: slowing down, memory loss, dementia, name it and I had sessions on the item.

But as I said many times as awareness expands with that new reality surfaces that mean new items come to light to be confronted and as-ised.

Hehehe, yesterday in session I was not looking for old or aging, since by now I am totally comfortable with condition this body is in and what is in store for it in the future, yet on item popped up most unexpectedly: I seen my self-getting a new valance on old looking thing because it was important for me to gain this identity but before it was installed I was informed that the new condition-valance will be irreversible.

I was hesitant but I had agreed…. Seeing this recall brought on a new revelation which has confirmed what I already known [LRH too has known]   that earlier similar incident on  the track hold the chain in place because earlier is the incident, more powerful they are and no amount of counter intention can null these basic incidents because the counter intention = is secondary to the basic incident they already has less power so THEY DON’T WORK ON THE BASICS

How it works…….WE HAVE FIRST; whatever that may be, …….. the counter intention  happens later …..NOT TO HAVE. [The only way we could not have any more is by NOT –ISING that Having-ness.]

So we have to erase=as-is that  very fists ‘’HAVE’’ item  in order to erase all considerations in connection with it, till that as-ising don’t take place we remain total effect.

You wonder If I can now make this body youthful once more hehehe…to be honest I haven’t the clue…

And I truly don’t have the desire to hang on to this much longer… the existence on this planet, well, not my ideal scene to hang around for.

I THROW THIS ONE AT YOU FOR LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also found on Item where the aging of the body was known as on irreversible hereditary disease and it was transmitted from one being to the next by telepathy also.. AGING WAS CALLED THE DISEASE OF THE MIND, but not only aging but the Human Race is in whole is infarcted and Aliens keep away from this planet because they consider Earth as Quarantined…  I haven’t made this up…the proof is that each individual lived here in different bodies who know how long… how many life times and cant get out.

Only those who as-is the source of the mental illnesses can live, but not before.



Not remembering previous life times has its advantage, because if the person could recall that would guaranty madness knowing that one has to start all over again and can’t change these conditions.

Life time’s having to live them through over and over again would be like eating only mush for every meal…. My god, knowing that and you could not end the cycle, can’t even commit suicide!!!!WOW!

The greates of all adventures.

From all the adventures I ever created partaken in over the eons, in many different lifetimes This One, This Lifetime has given me the greatest the most incredible adventure which a being could ever have.

One of which I could not even have dreamed of or imagined without Scientologist’s Auditing Tech.

After I stumbled on a Field Auditor an OT 3 Class 4 in 73 who has introduced me and given the first 3 intensives everything changed, than the courses, the co-auditing then the levels then the power, clearing course, than the OT levels, from the experiences being in sessions and having cognitions I stepped into new, different reality levels plus the ultimate changes come when I started to continues with solo sessions.

Each session and by now I have had tens of thousands of them still brings something new- different unique view point . Each session holds a hidden gift in the form of cognition.

The adventure is learning experience very personal and in these sessions I have discovered what and who I have been in the past and of course the lessons teaches me to view the Universe on different level because the expanded awareness cognitions have brought.

I continually marvel at the wonders I experience in sessions because some of the recalls and mostly the cognitions truly are so novel in comparison the beliefs I have had till now and this is the reason I feel and know my life now filled with magic because of the returned abilities and incredible awareness this is all happened because Ron’s gift This awareness I would like to call: WAKEFULNESS.

If someone would ask to evaluate, to summon up what is my greatest gain- my win  because use of the technology allowing me to become solo auditor the answer would be very simple: To be able to confront, become cause over and handle my own universe at all times, anytime.

Yes, the very best game ever.

Being audited and in solo sessions person can learn and find out what and who we are, what were our roles in the past and what that will be in the future, what power really is, we can find all the answers to those questions we ever asked but never found,  the history of the fabulous track we had and discovering that we have lived for thousands of life times, hehehe and we never ever died, and cant die.

.  The wonders we has created and the wonders we has seen, and the involvements we have had we others and their creation which made us rich.. We have seen billions of faces-valances and had the same.  What other game could give the same results?

Knowledge gained is powerful and knowing we do not need to agree in order to belong.

No longer has to be told or ask for agreement yet one know ones value, one’s own knowledge ones power.

Yes, one finds out for self that one does not need on agreement to Be, that decision belongs to self alone.

Yes, auditing works, thousand times I thought and I said that it works.