Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Healing, how to heal, to restore something or someone to the original condition that means: as was created, meant to be in the first place: this subject has really interested me ever since I learned how auditing works.

Confronting in sessions is nothing more than as-ising the lies, the distortion – alterations – falsehood which has changed the original design and this alteration brings on the ’’misrepresentation’’ and no small wonder than that altered reality when we want it to work for us it don’t but just sits there solidified and no matter how you wishing, wanting that change : it never happens.

In one of my early session way back in 74 I have recalled being a Healer and healing was done me by sprinkling white powder on the gaping wound  and as we stood there and looked on the wound closed and healing was so complete that the surface of the skin was the same as before… smooth without any scars.

Was I ever impressed, I was in TOTAL AWE of the power of that “healing powder” because it worked instantaneously and to me that that was magical and I wondered than what was in that white powder which could do such on incredible thing!

That time I was still new in recalling past incidents since I only had less than 50 hours in sessions, but that recall have left me not only with a huge win but with understanding and curiosity that healing can be done differently than here on Earth.

After I have come back from ST Hill as OT7 and continued on my own with solo sessions, time to time I returned to the same subject: to understand what are the healing powers and why I have lost mine and  in one  recall I have had found the sustenance but this time in the form of “”white clay”” which did  caused THE HEALING…. Hehehe… in this recall I had a large compound in the country [not on this planet] with many huts and the healing JUST HAPPENED TO THOSE WHO ENTERED THIS PLACE.

Many has come and most of them left healed in body and soul, but some remained and helped with the fields.

Someone than brought in a pot a small scrawny three by now on its last legs and Asked me if I could  put some clay on its back because this three was rare  come from  a different planet where they have grown into giants and there they were cleaning the air, providing nutrient to those who inhaled this invisible wonder.  I did that, and planted the sapling into the ground myself….hehehe.. and wonders of all wonders: we all could see that this little thin 2 foot three literarily growing, and each day brought forth new branches covered with  bright green leafs edged with crimson!

Then I still believed that the cause of healing was done by the power of this white clay, now I know that I assigned my own power to that clay because that clay has unconsciously reminded me when I used that in powder form and it worked than.

Meanwhile as time went by here, I in other sessions I have addressed thousands of different subjects and in some of them I have seen myself as a healer, laying hands an, or bring about healing by using ‘’healing spells ’’  by chanting, by use of weeds, different edibles  etc.. etc..

Once, some years back I have been approached by body-less beings, on Envoy  from faraway place who come to ask, requested to go with them and ‘’heal’’ their ailing leader, which I have: traveled through space to distance Planet and I have given session to this being,  ruler of ancient kingdom which only could stand and continue long as the king remained alive!

In other words his reality created this Kingdom and it was his power that held that space intact and the occupants were enjoying the benefit of his influence, without him they all would perish.. melt into oblivion.

I have become aware that I could HEAL beings who are far[ there is no such a thing as distance] away and that made me wonder why can’t I do the same to those who are close in body?

Recently I was asked by a friend if I could help someone in New York, and instantly I have moved into this ill person’s space whom I never met, I had instant diagnose where he was on the Tone Scale and I did not do anything at all but my presence lightened the color of his energy, made it thinner, brighter, lighter and was reported by my friend that this persons health has improved.

Few days back I did some very serious sessions on healing and found dozen very heavy incidents where I was penalized for correcting the distorted bodies: “”cured”” the malformed  not only in body but  of the mind too and  each of this incidents were in different planets in different ‘’timeframe’’  and the punishments which I have received  were severe, in them my body was crippled, or I was given electric shocks to change me: my reality=space and  in other incident hands were cut off and in one I was blinded so I could not SEE those who needed healing and all these incident has brought changes that guaranteed to stopped the power which has healed those who needed it, in other words: were looking for change .

But by now I know that it was not the white powder, or the clay which has healed the sufferers but the purity of space I happen to be keyed back than has caused those miraculous -restorative alterations.

When the distortive negatives considerations are no longer present in the beings space than those who become connected into this clean-powerful space heal to the certain extant.

I am aware the changes caused when someone is talking to me, and they too notice that by being with me they ‘’feel differently’’

Their face coloring changes, than they lough a lot and the communication just pours, and they tell me openly that ‘’your energy is so vibrant makes me feel alive!” They thank me for the experience.

What I find very interesting, what wording these people use, how they describe the ‘’experience’’ they are having, the same wording as I would be using so I have come to conclusion that these people totally get keyed out in those moment and keyed into experiencing the purity, different reality which I represent.

Few days back I was walking in the garden and as I have approached the bird bath as Robin was having his plash and did not noticed right off that I was only about 6-7 steps from him.. When he finally seen me He alarmed and flown to the nearest roof top and from than he was looking at me, I indented for him to come back and to continue with his bathing, which he did but he was keeping an EYE on me all that time.

I had no other intention of any kind any other thoughts,  I just wanted him continue with his bathing and that was enough to bring him back.

You see, I could not say ‘’hey there bird, no danger here”” since we both known that there was none and that was that.

I can’t write of all the wonders which I daily experience, I would be writing daily and I don’t see the point to do so.

If some of you wonder why I have encountered ENGRAMS so late after lifetime of sessions: there is a simple explanation: LRH was wrong in believing and passing on that erroneous information that the person can erase— as-is eons worth of incidents which would be in billions in measly few hundred hours’ worth of sessions.

If that would have been the case, that ALL THE OTs and ALL others who had lower level auditing would be free of aches, pains, aging, death incidents, illnesses, in general be free of all body sensations including SEX-climax IN OTHER WORDS THEY WOULD BE TRULY “””CLEAR””””.

Incidents can only be confronted as the awareness is expanding-growing.

And who are the Healers? Those who have sessions because in sessions we do eliminate the altered reality and with that not only we heal our-self but at the same time heal others too.


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