Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Weep a bit: Having or not having.. UGHHHHHH.

More on intention: winning whatever you believe you  can but haven’t so far.

Once upon of time, “time”  concept was not invented yet so I just say this like I would as in Fairy Tales, long way back..

THAN TO OWN WAS bad,  same as now being poor =living in poverty, being poor having nothing more than a pot to piss in and the same pot cook in having so little is the proof that the person is not able, that he can’t do a thing for self, he might be even collecting social welfare: means he is fucked up… totally aberrated, useless bit of shit.

I say: that is true and not true: yes and I say no…because there is so much more than what can be seen on the surface.

Let’s go back, way back: and let me explain this, than we all have known that those who had ‘’things’’ were holding on solid pictures and also were surrounded by solid objects that these beings WERE ALL READY STUCK INTO SOME DEGREE IN SOLIDIFIED ENERGY and THEY COULD NOT GET OUT !

Bad condition they were in, deadly as cancer this days.

THEREFORE THEY WERE “””””INFACTED WITH SICKNESS OF STICKY CONDENCED ENERGY”””” and we have already known  there was no cure for their illness.

Panic went through our part of the Universe and we have realised that we needed to do something in order to stop this spreading ailment-condition-illness so we have formed groups because groups when they believe in something they have more power, stronger and the collected power can hold out the invading sickness of solidity.

We formed huge group and by agreement we held on IDEA IN OUR MIND=UNIVERSE THAT WE WILL NOT AGREE TO THIS SICKNESS to EFFECT US and we can accomplish this by AGREEING THAT WE WILL NEVER OWN-  POSSESS – KEEP-RETAIN solid formed objects or ideas THEREFORE WE won’t catch that deadly disease  and we WILL REMAIN and CONTINUE to be PURE and FREE!

[ did not work]

Bloody Hell…. With that agreement in place the concept of “Spirituality” was born, the base to all form of religion and ever since those who have pursued spiritual freedom over the eons went into groups and given up possessions same as I have in Nepal 2600 years back.

Want to postulate abundance, want to be rich and want to win the

Lotto etc… want to make it out of the red?

If we haven’t simply because our old intentions not to have is so much more powerful than that itsy-bitsy wishy-washy pathetic thoughts -so called intention  which can’t even kill a fly going nowhere around inside meat bodies head.


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