Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


FREE FLOATING … not being connected, letting go, not within the fixed –stationary unmovable boundaries: being EXTERIOR. I had sessions on LRH’s definitions of what is a out-body experiences “”exteriorization or interiorization””.

I have had many wins but today I have realised I never looked at before the concepts of ‘’FLOATING or FREE FLOATING’’ and now having session on this concepts and of course other closely related subjects-items I had new understanding of what we do when we decide to let go of being anchored to any objects: which include having a human meat bodies. I have found in these sessions many many reasons why the person sticks to the body and why it is so difficult to let it go: we use illnesses, old age, violence: like hearth attack, heavy stroke, all sort of different accidents like: being shut, committing suicide, overdosing on drugs, we do all sort of things in order to severe the connection and to be able to float freely once more= to get away from it all! hehehe Also in session I have found that there are many reasons we carry ‘’weight’’ in reality we don’t carry anything but we gotten our-self attached =got stuck- trapped and imprisoned into heavy –dense stationary subjects; which simply are our own belief [ I looked for the reasons] and one of major reason is to hold us in fixed position: to keep us in location: to be stationary.

The bodies are born small not much weight to them but we make them grow with that they become more solid and heavier of course and that weight gives steadiness =existence for the being and the supreme illusion of permanency- longevity!!!!!

In that so called lifetime we collect solid articles and with those we secure self-further into MEST also we go into all sort of agreements with others [we are this or that being] in order to remain stable to remain in one place: to have a permanent surrounding and to be documented recognised- acknowledged that WE ARE HERE and we have a presence: therefore we are alive… we are living… we have continuum and most of all that ”WE ARE”. [that seems very important to believe that we are solid and exist and being part of the MEST.

We have done immense amount of things on the track because we are spirits and we don’t usually have a body therefor we don’t have a weight consequently we had to invent different means in different lifetimes to stabilize self to remain in position: Example: Life span—conceived-born-living-and ending it; death of the body, with this we have invented “time” having past and deciding that we have future this two consideration alone gives the great booboo believing that there is “continuum..”

Rolling pictures seeing them one after the other also hold us in position.[ every one of these concepts are implanted stuff, illusions.] another good example is: Anticipation; looking forward to the ‘’future’’ what is yet to come is a very effective -good working anchor.. We use thousands of these anchors to hold us “” in the body” what by now we believe is real and solid therefor to FREEFLOAT once more, to go and “””exteriorise””” at our determination the person needs to remove- as-is all the believes-considerations one has collected why wants to remain within the boundaries whatever those may have been created by each individuals existence in the MEST. The belief of BEING in a SOLID BODY and BEING THE BODY IT SELF IS ONE OF THE MOST PROFOUND –WEIGHTY CONSIDERATIONS WE HAVE ACCEPT AS TRUE and WENT INTO AGREED OTHER IN ORDER TO REMAIN IN STATIONARY POSITION AT ALL TIMES. PS: IMPORTANT: Not being, not existing, not being known, fear of such a conditions makes us hold onto solid beliefs.. Therefor free-floating being exterior permanently outside of the MEST is impassible, longs as anyone has thoughts on or about the MEST U. because those thought-reality-belief will hold that person in place within the boundaries of MEST U.


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