Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Moving objects.

Of course, naturally in the past  I have been curious, wanted to know how to move objects without the aid of other object: just with Intention.

Of course, I never could see-understand why I can’t and every try as in session come up with a big fat’’0’’ that INTENTION  don’t work, don’t move anything not even a blade of grass.

Today again something brought this consideration into my space and well, nothing better to do I figured I better have go.

Soon as I started the session I bumped into blank,  this blank contained  no thoughts, pictures just a big fat northing-ness. But by now I know that “NOITHINGNESS’’ is a wall, a screen to block the person to see further, to see different, it is on effective trap to make the interested who want to know  different reality believe that there is nothing more to know on this subject.

So I removed this body because Nothingness is on body of energy and instantly I found myself in earlier life in Italy in the late 1400 early 1500 and I was experimenting: wanted to move on object on my table.

In this incident and this life I was convinced that objects-matter can be moved by intention but alas I never have accomplished what I really believed in.

I went earlier and I found myself in undertaking a huge project which included machinery and this project was set up for seeing If the power of the thought is channelled into the object than it should move that object.

The machine was used to LOOK INTO THE PERSONS THOUGHTS AND WITH THAT TO SEE IF THAT PERSON REALLY CONCENTRATING- Flowing THAT INTENTION INTO THE OBJECT… The machine worked perfectly and the intention to move that object was right on and the machine showed that the intention has penetrated the object.

Nothing happened.

But I still believed that Intention can move objects.

I went earlier and I have found similar experiments and none worked.

Then I found when I could move  small objects on the other persons table [only the 1400 to 1500 years were on this Planet, the rest was who knows where.] but I was doing that secretly and it amused me how confused that person become when the object was moved to different spot when he was not looking.

From this incident I realised the moving objects were forbidden and people by then did not have the reality that objects can be moved by sheer intention.


This law was of course enforced because some people who wanted permanent solidity did not wanted their solid universe to be changed, FEAR was present on this Planet and people already identified with object that they were what they owned.

So the majority those who felt the same way went into agreement and outlawed those who still could move objects with intention.

The culprits who did not obey and occasionally still moved objects on other property were severely punished: They memory were erased, their intention was destroyed by  the Curtain of Nothingness: if and when they had the intention to move on objects: NOTHING HAPPENED.. and that Nothing is on object… so when we intend to move something we do move into that mass  of Nothing.

The OLD LAW still stands solid on this planet and by now more added to it. WE have ownership of what we own: we have proof in the form of Bill of Sale, and if you dare to take –move my property without my permission you will be punished….

I know today in this session I just opened the door and just had peeked into this unchartered territory of vast  pile of considerations and  I know much more work to be done till I regain the ability that I will move objects by intention.


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