Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Apology ….

Few years back a person  a person who I have known very well suddenly, out of the blue,  for no reason what so ever  attacked me and what I found amusing that we were in good terms:so the attack was not  founded, there was no reason to happen.

The attacks topic was so  out of  real, out of blue  that I could not comprehend why was it said, and what it really meant. For a few seconds like 10-20 I was speechless, I opened my mouth but nothing come out hehehe fish out of water, that was me.

After that I have considered this attack  rude, ugly, nasty, vicious and more vicious and I realised than just how ugly the hidden side of this persons is.

Now, today in session  I have found the reason why this person was so vicious, ugly and truthfully had every reason to be like that.

The problem we have that we never know how we restimulate others and in this case this person still was on the track someplace who knows how far back and she acted accordingly to that incident

Now, after that incident I have put negative in her space by thinking that she is one ugly bitch yet to day she has my apology  for what I have done way-way back.

On many occasion in fact EVERY TIME I BLAME OTHERS BECAUSE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO ME: HOW UNJUST THEY WERE IN THEIR JUGEMENT AND BEHAVIOR I found that I was the cause and that behavior, treatments were allways well deserved.

Every occasion we blame others for our plight  we should be aware that we have caused what ever has happened… there is no other ways.

I have apologised on countless occasions for all the wrong I have done and I still do..and I am sure there will other opportunity for me to hit my self on the head for being nasty, ugly, and vicious.

LRH said there is a Basic event for all incidents and of course he is right, those basic incidents have the power and they are holding that chain in place.

Till those basics  confronted in sessions, till than the person just floats about total effect of those incidents. And I dont care if you believe that I haven’t the clue what I am writing here because you believe you know better. Well my friend I been shoveling ”’lies” =shit for 41  years and the pile is still exist… How is that can be? Well this infinite Universe exist because of infinite experiences we all have had and we thought they were so valuable, important, major good stuff that we all kept them thinking believing, were convinced that we are nothing without them.

So every time you have on urge to blame someone I recommend that you look into that mirror and point the finger toward that image you projecting.


Comments on: "Apology …." (2)

  1. maurice53 said:

    Very nice cognition there, Elizabeth.

    • 🙂 by now I know that I have reached beyond brilliant but the idiot, being one still very much part of the picture. Sort of two end of the scale.. and I need the stupid, the unknowing, the ignorant in order to learn from those incidents where I played that part.

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