Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

By now I have written about Traps which are there by the thousands cluttering our past tracks in this Universe and I have written my cognition about my earlier experiences with the same concept; Nothing-ness. This is a  new baby and has presented me with different reality, I would never guessed could believed that this kind of beliefs are lurking in our conciseness. But our own reality is our prison and that too is a fact.

Each trap served its purpose and had its good positive side at first and for that it was made than that positive has becomes negative.

LRH talked about this phenomenon :  Solution always becomes a problem, and that is a fact.

Example: around this planet there is on electric net that was originally put there to keep the ruffians out and the same time to keep the Planets inhabitants safe here.: the presence of this Net has been forgotten and it seems  so is the reasons why they it was placed around the Earth.

But its power still exists in the unconscious therefore very much in effect and that keeps this NET in good working order.

Because it is there the inhabitants of this Planet who would like to leave cant, because their own belief-reality that this Net is strong and functioning: nothing and no one can go through it  is in the memory and until that belief how they see this Net they are affected by this till as-ised-confronted in session.

So the once positive idea- item is now has adverse effects, has become a trap.

Every belief is a trap: no big deal.. We use them all the, we are guilty setting them for others and others do the same to us and our daily life here is nothing more than trap in itself.

But there is ONE TRAP which has no equal and it is the most evil, foul invention of all times. There is nothing I can compare this Trap to  and this trap is  the NOTHINGNESS which is like a invisible curtain a screen put over –around the beings and this curtain has no color, shape or size.. has no beginning or its end cannot be perceived because ‘’Nothing’’ can be perceived

When the person goes into session has a concept+ mass-energy=feelings-sensation to confront has something to hold on to but this baby has nothing the person can grab and to confront this shit is most difficult.

Our past our track is scattered with this invisible traps where this foul reality was enforced to keep the Entity powerless and ineffective: because we are till every one of this evil intentions are found and confronted.

I also found incidents when I have used this ‘’Nothingness’ ‘to conceal –hide my self behind also to hide others so they can’t be found by the enemy… from this you can see there has been good side to this Nothingness.

This reality is heavy duty implant material and those who believe that few hundred hours or even thousands of hours in session will free the Entity of the MEST Universe… well, got news for them.. I have been in session for tens of thousands of hours and I still find traps like this and by accident only because when something is invisible, has no noticeable mass- color-shape-size because did not meant to be be found therefore  what? The bloody thing has to be discovered by accidently, in connection to other items and till that happens we really dont know just how much we are effected by this Nothingness!!!

Why I do continue and continue and find more stuff? Simply because awareness has opened up, more one confronts with that new vistas open up and very different replacement realities pour slide in and take the place of what has been as-ised.

The Universe is infinite and it is infinite because our experiences made it to become Infinite without infinite amount of experiences we would not have the Infinite Universe.

So those of you who solo audit, buckle up and don’t look for the END because each session brings a new beginning.

PS:: if any one thinks-beliefs that meditation can  lead out of unseen-unfelt  traps I have news for those people, that practice put that person right in its middle and  not one person will know that has happened. In fact they will believe that they finally hit the jackpot and gotten out of MEST and sitting pretty in Enlightenment hehehe it is a great trap, till the person confronts these  little mothers till than  that person dont even know that they are effected and how that effects nulls all their power and intentions.

LRH’s technology is available… !!!!! just a reminder!!!! PS: I will write about the Electric grid  that will be my next post.


Comments on: "One evil, ugly mighty powerful trap.. it is a f-er. monster of all monsters." (5)

  1. maurice53 said:

    Brilliant post, Elizabeth. An abundance of truth you have revealed here! Thanks for being there and persisting.

  2. After every cognition this thought I have. ” Without this cognition I never could be free!” I cant tell you how many occasion I had that thought by now and because I understand the immenseness’ of our experiences I cant stop because I know that each cognition is greatly valuable, no matter what they are about.
    I would love to have another 40 years here but not likely this body last that long..hehehe. I want to stay but I cant hardly wait till I leave this anchor.

  3. Non andartene prima di avere visto questo

    Ciao Elizabeth

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