Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Pain is a control mechanism.

I know what LRH said about pain but each subject-item has many different meanings and was used for over the eons.

Not one subject can be dismissed as ‘’one belief’’: each subject has thousands of different other beliefs-facets attached to them and each has a little different meaning

Example: apple: red apple, green apple, sour apple, sweet apple, fragment and sweet,  etc..etc.

To cause pain as in torture that is used for control and we can go from there and find dozens of different uses.

But here is a different reality: the person going along feeling just wonderful, walking on clouds hardly feels the presence the connection to the body and happy as a lark, feels and believes and knows a 100% that there is nothing in this Universe can stop her/him to achieve what ever set out to do. [ and nothing has so far!]

The communication flows freely, nothing goes wrong, and there is not one itsy-bitsy negative element clouds this wonderful universe!

THAN BINGO! This ENTITY=ME who was so far out of the MEST and when  falling headlong down on some stairs toward cement flooring and there is nothing she could do to stop self but all I could think of: NO I shouted in silence as I braced myself to receive that impact.

As I hit the cement I fell on my right palm my full body weight was on that palm and I the huge jolt went up toward the shoulder but there was no pain I felt nothing more than that,  I  was so far out of the MEST realities-life that I continued feeling happy, light and totally fine and I have not realised the severity of the injury.  But I noticed that there was internal bleeding in the palm of my hand and that continued for weeks but the pain was not there so I did not think very much of the whole incident in fact it was totally out of my mind.

For 3 weeks I continued lifting –gardening, carrying on as nothing happened but something has keyed me in and the pain started and I did not connect this to the incident but within 3 days my arm become totally useless and I could not bear the pain when I wanted to move it. I examined it for the first time and the upper arm was swollen and the touch caused excruciating pain. The muscles-ligaments were not smooth but bunched knotted up like on old rubber band.

I had sessions and I have found earlier similar but the pain was to heavy and constant, sleep was rarely experienced in the first 4 months because of the pain and I don’t take medicine.

By now 6 months went by and I have had more sessions and 22 acupuncture treatments which helped to some degree, but I have known till I find the REAL REASON FOR THIS FALLING, TILL THAN THE HEALING WILL BE SLOW OR NONE AT ALL.

Now I know, I got the cog why it has happened… hehehe I love it of course!

But this cog. I believe I just opened a new door into a different realities  when it comes to understand what is  PAIN and the reasons why it is applied so frequently by humans.

Sure keeps one anchored, puts the person back into the belief that one is inside the body, stops from leaving the MEST, Stops the person to feel lighthearted, creative, happy, being cause over matter-energy.

Nothing like having on accident to drag the person to back to the old mother implant stations , but this has been great experience a gift of the Universe because this accident has brought me the realisations what use of pain was intended for which till now was a mystery and I know  I will find that basic on which every other beliefs was piled up on.

I am a true digger…hehehe.

But I haven’t been idle in the past 6 months, you all read more than a dozen of my cognitions on different subject, I also studied and learned about one of the greatest art form which is Japanese Cloisonné and have collected 10 major works and I am happy: feel light as a feather regardless of pain and that is one of the big gains I have. Plus I have regained 30-35% the use of the arm, now I can pull up my pats with two hand!

I do not consider that I am PTS as some would put a label on a condition. No Way. No more PTS as the person has a glass of wine to push away the daily stress, or those who have sex in order to feel better, or have ice cream to feel  pleasure because that ice cream its taste sure lightens the burden of the day. So look out what you call PTS.

By now I know what comes into my Universe is what I am ready and able to face-confront.

20 years back was the severe brain damage I had to confront, that was a good one too!

Each of my experiences exists simply because I want to know the reason for their existence I don’t have negative or positive, good or bad, important or insignificant… none of that “I just have” and love every moment of it.

What a wonderful ride!

Comments on: "Pain in this universe is used as a tool to control." (4)

  1. Beautiful post
    E’ bellissimo vedere come si possa conoscere anche nelle ” disavventure ”
    E’ arrivata la primavera !!!!

    • Thank you Luciano this has been life changing experience and yourself know by now that good or bad is only a consideration we are thought those to separate things by putting label on them.
      We were made to believe what is good to have and what must be excluded from our lives.
      These believes are not better than when told by parent to keep away different skin colored persons because they are bellow us, they are not the same as us because they were born into lower class. Experience any of them is just that, we have daily thousands of them one flowing into another and that gives the continuum.
      Impact from one experience is different from the next: that depends just how much stimulation we get from it and what label we have put on it: good or bad evil or fantastic.
      For you man watching a beautiful girl walking by you that you would call good, lovely experience but the same sight dont do a thing for me!
      So… Since 73 when I have learned about these words their meanings In the Mission, to me the experiences have become subjects of lessons, a door through which I can walk and live in a very different universe.
      Yes spring is here, and we all agree that it ” beautiful”.Best to you my dear!

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