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Lotto ticket… your number has come in!!

LOTTO TICKET… will it come in?

As you all know by now that I post here my cognitions from sessions and I seldom write about on incident from which the cognitions have come.

But few days back I have stumbled on incident by accident of course because we never find what we looking for but in session we always come up with a totally different new reality.

LRH has explained why that happens, you can look that up yourself.

So I was puttering in my universe when suddenly I found myself standing in a very very large crowd, this incident was not on this planet because here unless on the plains of USA or on the Canadian prairies  that large number  of people could not gather in one place.

We were standing shoulder to shoulder and everything and everybody was gray unmoving and waiting in silence for the NUMBERS TO BE ANOUNCED!!!!!!

I must write that this session was in connection on what I been working for months, so far I had many sessions on”””” HOW TO ACHIVE WHAT WE WANT””” and in this sessions the topic-item winning the “” LOTTO”” has been included too.

So far I eliminated hundreds and hundreds of counter intentions and this topic ‘’ how to achieve what we I must say seem endless; needs lot more work: confrontation. By the way counter intention dont always looks like Negative..

If we look around in our life we only have what we are ALLOWING OURSELF TO HAVE…AND THIS IS A FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now if you are poor, well that is your havingness, if you are sick, that is your havingness, if you are into politics well that is what you have.

Have a rash on your body part where the sun never shines? You got it: that is part of your havingness and if that is all you can come up with, that is not much I must add..

Your ” thing” don’t obey standing at attention any more no matter how lovely-sexy looking  that picture and how much you would like it..HEHEHEHEHE… OH Well.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your bank balance is about a big fat 0….please don’t tell me that is so because of the government, the bankers doing that to you who run this planet or your employer is stingy NO NO NO NO…I never will swallow that lie…you see, that is your havingness and you just don’t like it anymore so you are bitching.. blaming others! bad havigness, low on the Tone Scale!

If you are still ”blaming”” yet you have been in scientology, had a taste of auditing, taken some courses than you are in the State of Stupidity:  unaware, can’t duplicate, love to be a victim, that is you having-ness and in desperately need of more auditing but you are not aware enough to know even that!

Now if you have everything whatever you can think of and you know you have a perfect life.. now, that is your havingness… fantastic!!

So back to the topic, I was exploring the track eliminating counter intentions and when I gave a new command and found myself standing in that crowd of hundreds of thousands and my number was called!!!

In that moment my body vanished: I was eliminated!!! bastards…how dare they!

But of course I was still aware.

You all have heard the saying:

“””””His or her number was up”””””.

“””””His or her number was called! “”””

We all know that has been said many times when somebody has died dropped the body, left the body behind, the body no longer functioned, the robot stopped working etc..etc..etc..

This saying here and every other saying are connected to past incidents on the track and I have come to realise this because of the immense amount of sessions over the years and I know that everything here on this planet has been rehashed, repeated, reused, revised thousands of times since it was originated way back who knows when.

What this recall made me realise that millions and million buying lotto tickets including me, but so few wins.

The incident I recalled: We each had a number and when that number was called the person was eliminated because the planet was overpopulated and there was the need to control the population and who’s TIME WAS UP that allotted time in the body, had to give it up and that was done by calling your number—that here on this Planet would be in Years—how old the body is.. what number has reached.

Those bodies were controlled invisibly, since the bodies were energy projected picture and that  made it easy to shut that projection off and the image vanished so the BEING-the Person believed that they were no more, till than that projected  Image was on anchor for that being.


Well.. you really believe for a moment that you want that LOTTO NUMBER TO COME IN  to be announced that you are the winner when you know UNCONCIOUSLY THAT WOULD MEAN THAT YOU WILL BE ELIMINATED?

I don’t think so!


This is one example to see-understand out of thousands  I could write up why we are the effects of our own making, and that making was long long long ago, before “time” was considered it existed.

And that is how the reactive mind works:it do not work,..


Native State.

A friend Maurice G. after many years of solo auditing has achieved the Native State. Congratulation Maurice!

He is the second person I know who has. Those who have this major cognition which eliminates immense amount of energy and with that considerations which were connected seat on that mass of energy by doing that places the being on different reality level: which is: since the being has experienced the reality what is Native to us by having that experience has removed that Being from Human State into Native State.


By the  time the Being reaches that Native State has more knowledge about the MEST Universe that all the auditors and c/s combined  because to reach Native State  the beings has as-ised unimaginable amount of MEST-considerations.

Has audited 10 of Thousands  hours and the being really dont care one way or the other who believes  that achievement because by than the being is beyond of the need to have acknowledgement and agreement.

At This State The Entity trust the knowledge it self which has come from cognitions.

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

One evil, ugly mighty powerful trap.. it is a f-er. monster of all monsters.

By now I have written about Traps which are there by the thousands cluttering our past tracks in this Universe and I have written my cognition about my earlier experiences with the same concept; Nothing-ness. This is a  new baby and has presented me with different reality, I would never guessed could believed that this kind of beliefs are lurking in our conciseness. But our own reality is our prison and that too is a fact.

Each trap served its purpose and had its good positive side at first and for that it was made than that positive has becomes negative.

LRH talked about this phenomenon :  Solution always becomes a problem, and that is a fact.

Example: around this planet there is on electric net that was originally put there to keep the ruffians out and the same time to keep the Planets inhabitants safe here.: the presence of this Net has been forgotten and it seems  so is the reasons why they it was placed around the Earth.

But its power still exists in the unconscious therefore very much in effect and that keeps this NET in good working order.

Because it is there the inhabitants of this Planet who would like to leave cant, because their own belief-reality that this Net is strong and functioning: nothing and no one can go through it  is in the memory and until that belief how they see this Net they are affected by this till as-ised-confronted in session.

So the once positive idea- item is now has adverse effects, has become a trap.

Every belief is a trap: no big deal.. We use them all the, we are guilty setting them for others and others do the same to us and our daily life here is nothing more than trap in itself.

But there is ONE TRAP which has no equal and it is the most evil, foul invention of all times. There is nothing I can compare this Trap to  and this trap is  the NOTHINGNESS which is like a invisible curtain a screen put over –around the beings and this curtain has no color, shape or size.. has no beginning or its end cannot be perceived because ‘’Nothing’’ can be perceived

When the person goes into session has a concept+ mass-energy=feelings-sensation to confront has something to hold on to but this baby has nothing the person can grab and to confront this shit is most difficult.

Our past our track is scattered with this invisible traps where this foul reality was enforced to keep the Entity powerless and ineffective: because we are till every one of this evil intentions are found and confronted.

I also found incidents when I have used this ‘’Nothingness’ ‘to conceal –hide my self behind also to hide others so they can’t be found by the enemy… from this you can see there has been good side to this Nothingness.

This reality is heavy duty implant material and those who believe that few hundred hours or even thousands of hours in session will free the Entity of the MEST Universe… well, got news for them.. I have been in session for tens of thousands of hours and I still find traps like this and by accident only because when something is invisible, has no noticeable mass- color-shape-size because did not meant to be be found therefore  what? The bloody thing has to be discovered by accidently, in connection to other items and till that happens we really dont know just how much we are effected by this Nothingness!!!

Why I do continue and continue and find more stuff? Simply because awareness has opened up, more one confronts with that new vistas open up and very different replacement realities pour slide in and take the place of what has been as-ised.

The Universe is infinite and it is infinite because our experiences made it to become Infinite without infinite amount of experiences we would not have the Infinite Universe.

So those of you who solo audit, buckle up and don’t look for the END because each session brings a new beginning.

PS:: if any one thinks-beliefs that meditation can  lead out of unseen-unfelt  traps I have news for those people, that practice put that person right in its middle and  not one person will know that has happened. In fact they will believe that they finally hit the jackpot and gotten out of MEST and sitting pretty in Enlightenment hehehe it is a great trap, till the person confronts these  little mothers till than  that person dont even know that they are effected and how that effects nulls all their power and intentions.

LRH’s technology is available… !!!!! just a reminder!!!! PS: I will write about the Electric grid  that will be my next post.

Pain in this universe is used as a tool to control.

Pain is a control mechanism.

I know what LRH said about pain but each subject-item has many different meanings and was used for over the eons.

Not one subject can be dismissed as ‘’one belief’’: each subject has thousands of different other beliefs-facets attached to them and each has a little different meaning

Example: apple: red apple, green apple, sour apple, sweet apple, fragment and sweet,  etc..etc.

To cause pain as in torture that is used for control and we can go from there and find dozens of different uses.

But here is a different reality: the person going along feeling just wonderful, walking on clouds hardly feels the presence the connection to the body and happy as a lark, feels and believes and knows a 100% that there is nothing in this Universe can stop her/him to achieve what ever set out to do. [ and nothing has so far!]

The communication flows freely, nothing goes wrong, and there is not one itsy-bitsy negative element clouds this wonderful universe!

THAN BINGO! This ENTITY=ME who was so far out of the MEST and when  falling headlong down on some stairs toward cement flooring and there is nothing she could do to stop self but all I could think of: NO I shouted in silence as I braced myself to receive that impact.

As I hit the cement I fell on my right palm my full body weight was on that palm and I the huge jolt went up toward the shoulder but there was no pain I felt nothing more than that,  I  was so far out of the MEST realities-life that I continued feeling happy, light and totally fine and I have not realised the severity of the injury.  But I noticed that there was internal bleeding in the palm of my hand and that continued for weeks but the pain was not there so I did not think very much of the whole incident in fact it was totally out of my mind.

For 3 weeks I continued lifting –gardening, carrying on as nothing happened but something has keyed me in and the pain started and I did not connect this to the incident but within 3 days my arm become totally useless and I could not bear the pain when I wanted to move it. I examined it for the first time and the upper arm was swollen and the touch caused excruciating pain. The muscles-ligaments were not smooth but bunched knotted up like on old rubber band.

I had sessions and I have found earlier similar but the pain was to heavy and constant, sleep was rarely experienced in the first 4 months because of the pain and I don’t take medicine.

By now 6 months went by and I have had more sessions and 22 acupuncture treatments which helped to some degree, but I have known till I find the REAL REASON FOR THIS FALLING, TILL THAN THE HEALING WILL BE SLOW OR NONE AT ALL.

Now I know, I got the cog why it has happened… hehehe I love it of course!

But this cog. I believe I just opened a new door into a different realities  when it comes to understand what is  PAIN and the reasons why it is applied so frequently by humans.

Sure keeps one anchored, puts the person back into the belief that one is inside the body, stops from leaving the MEST, Stops the person to feel lighthearted, creative, happy, being cause over matter-energy.

Nothing like having on accident to drag the person to back to the old mother implant stations , but this has been great experience a gift of the Universe because this accident has brought me the realisations what use of pain was intended for which till now was a mystery and I know  I will find that basic on which every other beliefs was piled up on.

I am a true digger…hehehe.

But I haven’t been idle in the past 6 months, you all read more than a dozen of my cognitions on different subject, I also studied and learned about one of the greatest art form which is Japanese Cloisonné and have collected 10 major works and I am happy: feel light as a feather regardless of pain and that is one of the big gains I have. Plus I have regained 30-35% the use of the arm, now I can pull up my pats with two hand!

I do not consider that I am PTS as some would put a label on a condition. No Way. No more PTS as the person has a glass of wine to push away the daily stress, or those who have sex in order to feel better, or have ice cream to feel  pleasure because that ice cream its taste sure lightens the burden of the day. So look out what you call PTS.

By now I know what comes into my Universe is what I am ready and able to face-confront.

20 years back was the severe brain damage I had to confront, that was a good one too!

Each of my experiences exists simply because I want to know the reason for their existence I don’t have negative or positive, good or bad, important or insignificant… none of that “I just have” and love every moment of it.

What a wonderful ride!