Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Today too had a marvelous realization and why not, they are free!

When on the OT levels in 76  in one session I have found myself outside of the MEST Universe, that was a great surprise that time hehehe and good thing I was wearing dippers than.

Than over the years I have found myself again and again in the same reality and I could not happen but wondered why I always come back to this MEST Universe here?

First I thought, believed because I wanted to learn more what made this thing here ticking.. and I also told myself I have had unfinished business  and that was my reason for staying here.

Than I thought I could not get out that was the reason I have stayed,  that I was stuck here by some hidden beliefs so I had sessions on those concepts and cleared those thought away but I still stayed.

I thought, maybe my connection to the body was toooooo strong, no that too was not the reason as I found in the sessions different realities.

I explored dozens of beliefs-reasons why I am still sitting here and I always have come up with different thought as my awareness expanded like a rubber band.

But my question remained unanswered why this universe was created in the first place?

Today I got the answer, which I will give the end of this post.

The rest of what you read here was written about 3-4 years back on what HUMOR IS, this makes much more sense now when I had those cognitions.


I know LRH has talked about this subject since I have a vogue recall reading that.

Plus we all know laughter in session is on indicator of energy release. Good stuff.

Over the past two years I have had sessions on the subjects since I have noticed, some people have more and others have less and some people don’t have a sense of humor, not even a little bit.

For example: I know somebody who have a very good one but I realized   after a while listening to it and to other considerations she had, her sense of humor just did not add up made sense, was not in harmony with the rest of her considerations:  They clashed, so I come to conclusion that Humor can be put on as a ACT and not really felt because this act was just covering for the true feeling this person had, it was a Valance.

For nothing better to do I had sessions on the subject of  HUMOR. Not only on the word ‘’humor’’ because that don’t take the person out of this planet but I looked at, confronted every related concept I have known of collected while being in this Universe.

In session  I have found-located a band of energy mass longer and much bigger than the Milky Way.

That band of energy I loved instantly. This huge long space was made up from substances like ground diamond dust all flashing reflecting each other in myriad of colors and they not only flowed but swirled churned but bubbled too like the bubbles in champagne, delightful delicious effervescence!!!

I knew when I seen it and experienced this energy that I found the origin of HUMOR!! I instantly loved the experience and it felt right and  I could see that all beings have their personality founded on such beautiful reality and what  the true sense of Humor really meant.

That was the end of that session. But what happens over the eons to such a beings? We are these beings, we all have this energy flow, it just gotten buried under other experiences and we all know what has dirtied our effervescence!

So I had another solo session on “Humor” and in this one new reality comes to light in form of cog.

Beings who use the mock up “being very funny” they do it in order to push away, repel, divert, deflect, drive away, resists, reject the incoming energy flows and they belief is: if I make fun of something which comes into my space than I change that something into lesser in weight in seriousness and that way it won’t hurt me, if I change it than I am in control so let’s make fun of it, that way won’t bite!! We all have worn these shoes too.

In other words the beings confront is so low [lower than the frog’s bottom] and have to change everything, no matter what comes in. [ of course we too, who listen to the change being made to that concept we laugh too, since we too can see the difference of the two flows and the comedians representation is definitely much better much lighter in weight of the communication and we definitely feel better having that thought, that changed, altered, concept in our space. Wonderful.

That being, the comedian, the person with great sense of humor have so much fear the only way can handle the so called “living”, in  the MEST universe by constantly make “fun” out of everything and everybody. So there are many comedian out there and the comedy, the level of they produce “ to entertain”  depends on the level of tone scale they are at. According to that level they pull in the listeners who are on the same tone level too.[ we all know this too.]

Today I had another go on the same subject: HUMOR  but I also used the ‘’withhold’’ button. Who would ever thing there is a “withhold” on such a matter as humor? But there was one, so that brought the instant cognition.

COG:  Humans and other members of the Universe for the ones who have great need of solidity do not or cannot have a sense of humor, because in that band of ” HUMOR” nothing can stay in solid form.

In Effervescence..in Fizz.. in Sparkle in the form of bubbling brilliant light, in that energy nothing will gel!

Those who fear of spiritual lightness-weightless-ness  can’t take humor, and will not stand for lightheartedness: for them life need to be taken very seriously, so these beings who have great fear to lose fear that solid things will disappeared on them or even self will vanish, don’t have or can’t have a sense of humor.  Just can’t.

BECAUSE they know unconsciously the energy of Humor melts away ones worries, ones problems and when the person lives experiences this level of energy than this person thinks positive and in this band nothing ever goes wrong!!

To a serious person who is overwhelmed by fear, Humor is a very dangerous commodity, only the frivolous can be like and these persons who don’t have a care in the world and by now the society frown on such behaviour!

They believe these SERIOUS INDIVIDUALS, that we must be very correct, serious, keep to the agreed rules, we must keep things as they are, tradition, formality, strong principles, keep things under control at all times, never change, we can’t let our hair down. We need to be solid citizens, or MEST universe will fall apart… Heavens forbid!

An apple a day, well OK, but the best remedy still remains the same Have a good belly laugh! That will loosen up the solidity of the MEST.!!!

And what happens when solidity is gone, good heavens we can’t let that happen because again there will be magic in the Universe!

“ Here is my new cognition why this UNIVERSE WAS CREATED IN THE FIRST PLACE: TO HAVE FUN

What a blow down this cog has brought… hehehe.. I can’t describe how I feel.

PS: think about this for a moment, having that really great time dont stay with us, the sensation might linger on and we keep that moment in our ”memory” as we had a great time but that memory is not sitting there as a lump of lead but something wonderful.


Comments on: "The reason this Universe was created, but the reason was forgotten by now." (5)

  1. Humor è non prendersi troppo sul serio e pensare di essere il centro dell’universo.
    Perchè si torna ???? Implant, Alieni moltooo moltooo malvagi ,Karma ,Per fare esperienza ,ecc ,ecc , ecc. Ognuno dice la sua ……..magari si torna perchè piace oziare,mangiare bere e scopare ( sesso ) .
    Tra le tante dico la mia ……….Mai partiti mai tornati HA Ha Ha.

    PS E’ periodo di semina buon lavoro Elizabeth.

  2. Un po di Humor
    Dedicato a tutti i portatori di sciagura e sfiga ed ai troppo seri
    Se questo universo lo ritenete troppo brutto complicato e duro . Andate in un altro universo e smettete di farvi le masturbazioni mentali. Tutti in cerca dell’isola che non c’è.
    Meglio una pillolina in bocca o una CARBONARA una FIORENTINA un LAMBRUSCHINO una MATRICIANA . Meglio una bellezza mediterranea ,lo charme Francese la sensualità SPAGNOLA il fascino ORIENTALE le BRASILIANE le CANADESI o una figura olografica senza sapore e odore che orgasma schiacciando un pulsante. Orgasmo 1- orgasmo 2 -orgasmo 3. Se non soddisfatti chiamate il tecnico.
    Ho scherzato un po’
    Ciao Elizabeth La terra è meravigliosa ,le persone sono meravigliose ” VIVERE è STUPEFACENTE”

  3. Luciano… Oh you have come back in order to answer, thank you!.
    Luciano, here are the questions: if you are not in this universe, could you please describe how your universe looks like, what feelings you have and what do you see, what are your creations?
    Look out these questions are traps!
    Best E.

  4. Luciano there are no separate universes, we are always in present sensation: what we experience in this moment. We cant say, I am in different universe, or I am in a different level.
    We only have on experience of a moment and there is no more.
    By the way Luciano I have here a 75 old female body and by now I am not into sex, I dont even have memory of those sensations which that act momentarily stirred up and let me inform you that what ever that was is not missed
    Sex as on act and all other believes which that act is bundled up with has been confronted by me in dozens of sessions and those realities as-ised since it was only on implanted crap.
    Sex is not a pleasure moment.

  5. I have reread your comment and I agree…it is fun to be wherever here is!
    I am into nature more than people, living on the foot hills of the Great Rockies is in it self on experience. This huge Mountain range emanates energy which cant be effected polluted by human thinking and the millions of evergreens around us cant be ignored, the air here has the smell of the evergreen at all times.. pure. We have oxygen here and plenty of it and spring is here!
    At spring time the Lowe Mainland looks like a giant bowl which is filled with flowers. Magnificent land and it is here to be enjoyed.
    At the present I am studying Japanese Cloisonné a magnificent art from which has required not only great skill and understanding nature and elements but to transfer ordinary materials to look alive..
    I used to collect man while this body was young but now Having great fun collecting pieces from famous masters and I must add much more rewarding. 🙂

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