Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I don’t have TV nor I listen to radio or read newspapers these things which I could not do without in the past have fallen away as I have advanced and I don’t miss hearing who is killing whom, who has lost or won on election, how is the market doing and I definitely have no interest what is the latest price of the coffee.

News used to keep stimulation going that is the reason I listened to, as the stimulations were as-ised the interest fallen away… this made sense to me.

As my awareness  expended  I worked-explored those interests and poverty being poor and its opposite  side which we call wealth or being rich … well these items did stimulated me a lot so I have explored them again and went back over and over again. Well finally I have beat this subject to death! gone!

Exploring in sessions realities what they are: poverty and wealth[ was much fun] what is and how I have arrived to the conclusion that these conditions situations states are existing and they are real. UGGGGGH… hogwash.. these conditions are the figments  of one’s imagination same as the rest of the beliefs one has and of course these beliefs are part of the Implanted materials of which we are so richly endowed , therefor these beliefs are  nothing more than old computer programs still in place and working from the past.  AND THEY ARE HOLDING  US poor saps in that believed conditions!

Poverty: lack, deficiency, scarcity, shortage, paucity, rareness, insufficiency, absence. ETC…

Wealth:  prosperity, abundance, plenty, fortune, opulence, richness, fertility, affluence, copious, bountiful, ETC……

These are some of the words considerations we know of and believe in that they exist and they describe conditions we are in and these conditions real to us, when  we see with the ‘’eyes’’ and that looking gives the reality that these conditions are real!

But when these beliefs considerations are as-ised in confrontation and replaced with cognitions: the truth emerges and the World sure looks different!

I know this from experience, because poverty melts away like ice in the hot day and abundance takes its place!

Here is a fact.

The fact is that 1% of the population holds and controls the wealth on this Planet, WOW, now why is that?

I wanted to know how that come about : what are the reason that these people are above and beyond the normal -typical conditions, why are these people above the law and what are the reason that no matter what they touch is turn into riches and what they have is beyond the average person’s reality. I had gotten my answer in a form of cognition: the answes to these questions are very very simple:

This people are sitting in very different implants which do not contain the ideas-beliefs of poverty, being poor, lacking, therefore are not walled in by these considerations. To them these beliefs are none existence, they don’t have reality on these items.

These persons live in a totally different Universe from ours and in this Universe  HAVING is not on issue, to them is normal, usual, ordinary  existence …This Universe is the same for them now as what we have had before we become humans: were implanted with a bunch of negative stuff.

I got you with the Human bit: yes that 1 % have human body they too go to the commode same as us, eat drink, love, sleep, dream, get old, and get sick same as us, but when comes to HAVINGNESS there is the difference.  In their reality ‘’not having’’ is unknown..

So these reality from cognitions I have had and verifies validates that when the unwanted hindering believes are not given in the first place as for the 1% or  as-ised than different conditions can be achieved that condition happens automatically.

We are, we have what we believe in and we are no more or less than that.

Blaming conditions in which we are in is a totally futile ineffective activity, blaming never gotten any one out of that condition yet and never will.


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