Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


the main reason DEATH as in doing-ness the act it self WAS DESIGNED, inserted into implants to stop the Entity-Being- to reach the Goal.

Life cycles were made, designed to last for  SHORT PERIODS only and  they end with DEATH: oblivion.

Beings are born and born again and  never can go further than death: but that idea; reality of death  moves the Being into oblivion: where  the memory-knowledge is erased  and the Being has to start all over in a new unit of time and reborn once more and re-learn.

While the Being struggles with the suppressive life cycles: life and the impending reality of the coming death there is no way for the Being to find the way out, to get keyed out long enough to see, realise the true reality which is outside of the beliefs what is considered Life is.


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  1. Elizabeth, I could not agree with you more. It bugged me to no end — this concept — that I had to re-learn everything when deaths door knocked when in truth, all you take with you is the case that has been discharged from the case. Nothing else.

    This is what disturbs me so much now about the meditation followers — the have NO clue that all this is doing nothing to remedy the true problem at hand. Their case is what is still in full-blown dramatization fostering many blind spots that are incredibly debilitating all due to who knows what — glibness, low confront, MUs and/or all; ie, their case.

    That is, once your mediation is “over” even after many years of practice, the only thing you have to look forward to is “more of the same”…the ole cliche- ‘same ole shit just different day’. Not one iota of your case has changed not one tiny bit, it can’t — totally impossible.

    But when beings have higher awareness partnered with an undying desire to know how this universe is REALLY rigged, does the case lift, giving up the many traps, the implants, thus making it possible to NOT continue with the same vicious trap for future lifetimes.

    But many, when asking them, have no interest. Pretty interesting as their is no desire to know more, ‘never thought about it’ is a common response, or it seems too ‘out there’ for anything they could conceivably confront. But is a null set in the interest department.

    This includes most of the now ex-Scn that have since left the Co$.

    Most bail the ship, seeking refuge in other practices as per my observation, they ‘seem’ easier, as requires not much discipline (as auditing & confronting DOES require work) OR they have “decided” that there are more negatives connected to Scn than there are positives. LRH was x, y or z.

    It is unfortunate that the baby is thrown out with the bath water. No ability to see that auditing takes charge off the case. It is an all or none proposition. Smells of A=A.

    Interesting to observe to say the least.

  2. Hello my Dear K…… right you are…!
    What great adventures we are having, what fun is to discover who we really are, what are our abilities, what is our power, and that I dont measure by how many ”kilo” either.hehehe. To experience our own realities how we really see what we have created that is the most fascinating empowering activity one can do. Love ya as always!

  3. Kay, by now I am sure you read what I have written about meditation? Implanted material which leads the person away from confrontation, meditators push away what they are stimulated by and they find a level of some kind which feel to them bearable to be in.

  4. Kay……….. the level of awareness is not the same for every being who is tuned into the so called life-cycle here on this Planet.
    the level of awareness depends what subjects-commands=realities that implant contains which the being is sitting in.
    If the implant which is effecting the being do not contain concepts of spirituality: thoughts, beliefs, than that person will not have reality on that subject even when reading about it will means nothing to them: they will not be stimulated.
    Heavy implants dont contain spiritual subjects; example those who are on the lower levels on the Tone Scale therefor these people will not respond -duplicate the concepts and definitely will not reach for change. They simply cant.
    Spiritual awakening happens when the person is pushed out from their heavy cycle by some drama.

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