Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

ABOUT BIRTHDAYS what they are: from different view-reality who no longer has one.

Born 1939 November 4th: with the date and name on the Birth Certificate is the first official anchor and a solid platform for that Entity – that is announcement in the form of a piece paper which establishes the Spiritual Beings presence on Planet Earth.

Fallowing celebration after the birth of the body by the parents, relatives and friends is a very strong acknowledgement and agreement by all for the Being that now he exists-lives and with that ‘’having-ness’’ is established:  another heavy anchor for that being: well underway to become solid!

After each Earth calendar years passing with that the Being and the family, friends continue the celebrating the exiting of the body.

“”Havingness galore”” for the Being when gifs are received and every person expresses their happiness of your existence: being among them. Hurray I am alive I am living!

Among the wishes one which really puts  the person into the solid state “Wish you long life”!!!! That is the lid on the commode.

With that saying the value of having body and having life because having the body is truly established and top of it is agreed by all and that makes that reality real-really –really solid: boulder of the size of the Earth is now in place. k

My point here?

Celebration of birthdays is part of the implanted material and every part of this ‘’celebration’’ was designed to solidify-establish the Beings presence in the MEST Universe and ‘’each years’’ celebration directs that Being back to Mama implant because the “yearly celebration is the safety catch-hook’’ in the material which was designed like a boomerang ‘’just in case “ the person might find the way out from solidity and become free of the implant.

Living calendar years and the growing numbers   adding VALUE: having-ness-solidity and WOW to live to be 92 is huge, and to reach 100 is really something WOW.. Lucky human!

Contemplate on this a bit  and remember what you have read while having that glass of vine on your next birthday or toasting somebody else.


Comments on: "Just read this… :) and next time shad few tears… :)" (8)

  1. Festeggiare o non festeggiare il compleanno agisce come implant se una persona è attaccata alla situazione .
    Se una persona considera il compleanno ( illusorio e ne è consapevole ) nessun problema
    l’importante è essere consapevoli .
    Dov’è la festa
    Porto salame Montisola.
    Buona giornata Elizabeth

    • Luciano.. you can ignore your birthday and dont bother with the celebration but still you are on this planet attached to the body therefore you are sitting smack middle of on implant [few thousands of them] and no matter how many hours you will meditate that will not take you out of these implants. Meditation just occludes the memory, gives the impression that nothing is there. Meditation is a useless activity and never has freed man from implants. Because if meditation would work than man kind by now would be free. Millions and millions mediate daily and where are they? sitting in the body.

  2. Luciano if you would be free of the Implants you would never have been on this planet in the first place and if your meditation would work than after you session you would not be back in the body, in your house, in your city, and in Italy… but you would be where the real Universe is..and please dont throw at me one of those wise learned sayings which you people so famous for… that too is crap and shows that those who meditate dont have their own knowledge– mind of their own and what they know is just something which dribbled down altered and who know how many time by now.
    Sorry my friend, but Buddhism is on IMPLANT by it self and those who practise are practising that implanted material … my reality and my reality is not from books and has not been altered.

  3. I libri li ho buttati nella spazzatura da un pezzo e con essi tutti gli ismi .
    Si può ricercare solo se si è liberi e non condizionati da altrui pensieri o modi di fare o dire.
    Buona giornata Elizabeth.
    Ogni giorno è un nuovo giorno ,non mi importa di ieri o di domani

  4. You are right Luciano about the books and true: every moment is what IS … and that is that!
    You also have a lovely evening! Best to you !

    • By the way Luciano.. I cheer you for posting here, I real appreciate your comments…. I do not consider my writing to be important since ”importance” the beliefs that something or somebody has importance is a useless totally useless though same as any others we have.. But, to express believes is a creative process so it is fun to do.. glad that you are with me on this. E.

    • My friend, I miss your comments! Dont let my reality on meditation stop you, since beliefs are just that they dont have value, none at all. Therefore my reality what I believe in in this moment is valid as yours is.. Some years back about 20, I have come to the conclusion that no one is better on this planet or in any other place in this Universe, we are just sitting, locked in by different beliefs. The words dont make the value, they have none.. So dont let me miss your delightful presence! Your friend E.

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