Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

and our wish can become reality every time!

Those of you who read this blog you all know by now how long I have been solo auditing. I haven’t  just had a session here, a session there, but relentlessly I have pursued  my goals and when my goals were achieved which were many when I started out in 73 and by the way those goals were made by the Elizabeth who known nothing about herself or the of the Universe.

While I walked the path of self-education=getting cognitions in sessions I no longer made goals because I realised  things will happen when I will clear away the obstacles, the negative, the lies which my universe was built from. 

I no longer made long term goals since time has become irrelevant too and my goals what I wanted to achievetoo become totally different.

Example: I wanted to know why I FEARED hehehe and I feared everything, but fear as on subject could not be erased till I confronted VALUE and I have as-ised FEAR when I as-ised the last thing which I believed was VALUABLE to me , that was about 14 years back…

Than I had different goals, wanted to know what real power was and I had other similar interests over the years and I found the source of every one of them but one!

MAGIC… MAGIC… MAGIC.. how that happens, how it was created, how  that come about,  to find out, to understand that elusive something  has hunted me ever since I can remember in this life, and that was before scientology.

I have had dozens and dozens of session on this topic and these sessions brought understanding of many things but still I did not understood how MAGIC happens till tonight.

Some 20 years back I have recalled a long period in my existence where I did not anchor self to this kind of body but then I only had wispy thing, less than a puff of bluish smoke from a cigarette but I was a Greatest, the only Magician that part of the Universe  and everyone has known that and that was just a normal thing to be and do.

I was just part of the Universe same as others and I had no importance and definitely no social statues of any kind, matter fact I just was and that was that.

I could make things happen whatever needed to be done and my speciality was to make the negative ugly force change into positive- creative and beauty. [

My reality than: my magical ability only created beauty.

Yesterday something happened of which I will not write here but that brought on a reality knowing that what I wanted, put out there in the Universe has happened and today I realised I don’t have any counter intention, I totally trust the Universe for providing  and in that moment I understood that is the MAGIC: when we totally trust the Universe the Universe provides

You see now I understood what made me Greatest Magician way back in the Crab Nebula on the planet know Gregoria: I trusted self, trusted the universe whatever I wanted, reached into the space with my invisible hand and there it was.

Doubt  — hesitation—uncertainty— counter intentions haven’t existed in my universe yet.

And here I am again trusting, totally trusting once more.


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