Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I have found one of the last pieces of on immensely powerful implant which is the belief=consideration of every members of the human race.

The implants contains everything as we know that, but the catch is that in that EVERYTHING  “love” too is included: love it, adore it, worship adulate revere all these considerations are founded-stablished=built on a very powerful energy mass and of cource having this source causes constant stimulation because we want most of all is to love!

We love, we adore therefore we won’t let go and with that we are captured, no matter how we suffer, how bad we feel about having connection as in love affairs, marriages or in religion we can’t let it go, that ‘’love’’ we feel holds us solidly in that implant.

Even if we severe from the source of our adoration as in divorce, that effect will remain in our space because it was ours in the first place, we have put it there and not that other person whom we have adored: and still do.

Religions are a good example because a monk or priest willing to endure suffering in order to remain within the demands of implants  and wants to love it and wants to adore the god, and if he don’t feel that love he suffers even more and same goes with marriage.

Of course friendships are not too far back or connections to family members.

Because of a sister I have found this.

I have been auditing our relationship since 76 and have had hundreds of sessions because I was PTS as HELL.[ had many great cogs too! ]

The implant I had is to adore the sister and meanwhile her implant was to destroy at all cause. So I could not sever the relationship because I would not have that adoration which pose to be good…and kept me close to her for who knows how many life times because I have stayed close she had the opportunity to do her job what her implant commanded.

The reason we both had this implants because her implant was to supress my power by continual evaluation, invalidation.. to point out at all times how wrong pitiful I was, you have no idea what she has done so far this life alone to discredit solo auditing and the power of the TECH itself.

To her solo auditing was the most pitiful, stupid activity which she pointed out dozens of time that left me in worst shape than before: in other words: really aberrated!

On the track I was slave to her on many occasion and in defence to her suppressions I have Killed her off dozens of occasions.. her body that is.. to get rid of her dominance [oh poor me being a victim… hehehe, so much suffering, blame..hehehe.]

So the O/W’s galore was accumulated on both side.

But the point is in this cognitions that Love-Affinity- Adoration has the power which holds that Entity in the MEST because this kind of ‘’love’’ is a must have!

PS: I must not leave out the fact that  we fight and defend and even kill for what we LOVE…. we preserve the MEST….at all cost… and the same time we want to be free of the same…. hehehe… you figure that one out how to eat and have your cake too! Because that is possible.!

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