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The reason this Universe was created, but the reason was forgotten by now.

Today too had a marvelous realization and why not, they are free!

When on the OT levels in 76  in one session I have found myself outside of the MEST Universe, that was a great surprise that time hehehe and good thing I was wearing dippers than.

Than over the years I have found myself again and again in the same reality and I could not happen but wondered why I always come back to this MEST Universe here?

First I thought, believed because I wanted to learn more what made this thing here ticking.. and I also told myself I have had unfinished business  and that was my reason for staying here.

Than I thought I could not get out that was the reason I have stayed,  that I was stuck here by some hidden beliefs so I had sessions on those concepts and cleared those thought away but I still stayed.

I thought, maybe my connection to the body was toooooo strong, no that too was not the reason as I found in the sessions different realities.

I explored dozens of beliefs-reasons why I am still sitting here and I always have come up with different thought as my awareness expanded like a rubber band.

But my question remained unanswered why this universe was created in the first place?

Today I got the answer, which I will give the end of this post.

The rest of what you read here was written about 3-4 years back on what HUMOR IS, this makes much more sense now when I had those cognitions.


I know LRH has talked about this subject since I have a vogue recall reading that.

Plus we all know laughter in session is on indicator of energy release. Good stuff.

Over the past two years I have had sessions on the subjects since I have noticed, some people have more and others have less and some people don’t have a sense of humor, not even a little bit.

For example: I know somebody who have a very good one but I realized   after a while listening to it and to other considerations she had, her sense of humor just did not add up made sense, was not in harmony with the rest of her considerations:  They clashed, so I come to conclusion that Humor can be put on as a ACT and not really felt because this act was just covering for the true feeling this person had, it was a Valance.

For nothing better to do I had sessions on the subject of  HUMOR. Not only on the word ‘’humor’’ because that don’t take the person out of this planet but I looked at, confronted every related concept I have known of collected while being in this Universe.

In session  I have found-located a band of energy mass longer and much bigger than the Milky Way.

That band of energy I loved instantly. This huge long space was made up from substances like ground diamond dust all flashing reflecting each other in myriad of colors and they not only flowed but swirled churned but bubbled too like the bubbles in champagne, delightful delicious effervescence!!!

I knew when I seen it and experienced this energy that I found the origin of HUMOR!! I instantly loved the experience and it felt right and  I could see that all beings have their personality founded on such beautiful reality and what  the true sense of Humor really meant.

That was the end of that session. But what happens over the eons to such a beings? We are these beings, we all have this energy flow, it just gotten buried under other experiences and we all know what has dirtied our effervescence!

So I had another solo session on “Humor” and in this one new reality comes to light in form of cog.

Beings who use the mock up “being very funny” they do it in order to push away, repel, divert, deflect, drive away, resists, reject the incoming energy flows and they belief is: if I make fun of something which comes into my space than I change that something into lesser in weight in seriousness and that way it won’t hurt me, if I change it than I am in control so let’s make fun of it, that way won’t bite!! We all have worn these shoes too.

In other words the beings confront is so low [lower than the frog’s bottom] and have to change everything, no matter what comes in. [ of course we too, who listen to the change being made to that concept we laugh too, since we too can see the difference of the two flows and the comedians representation is definitely much better much lighter in weight of the communication and we definitely feel better having that thought, that changed, altered, concept in our space. Wonderful.

That being, the comedian, the person with great sense of humor have so much fear the only way can handle the so called “living”, in  the MEST universe by constantly make “fun” out of everything and everybody. So there are many comedian out there and the comedy, the level of they produce “ to entertain”  depends on the level of tone scale they are at. According to that level they pull in the listeners who are on the same tone level too.[ we all know this too.]

Today I had another go on the same subject: HUMOR  but I also used the ‘’withhold’’ button. Who would ever thing there is a “withhold” on such a matter as humor? But there was one, so that brought the instant cognition.

COG:  Humans and other members of the Universe for the ones who have great need of solidity do not or cannot have a sense of humor, because in that band of ” HUMOR” nothing can stay in solid form.

In Effervescence..in Fizz.. in Sparkle in the form of bubbling brilliant light, in that energy nothing will gel!

Those who fear of spiritual lightness-weightless-ness  can’t take humor, and will not stand for lightheartedness: for them life need to be taken very seriously, so these beings who have great fear to lose fear that solid things will disappeared on them or even self will vanish, don’t have or can’t have a sense of humor.  Just can’t.

BECAUSE they know unconsciously the energy of Humor melts away ones worries, ones problems and when the person lives experiences this level of energy than this person thinks positive and in this band nothing ever goes wrong!!

To a serious person who is overwhelmed by fear, Humor is a very dangerous commodity, only the frivolous can be like and these persons who don’t have a care in the world and by now the society frown on such behaviour!

They believe these SERIOUS INDIVIDUALS, that we must be very correct, serious, keep to the agreed rules, we must keep things as they are, tradition, formality, strong principles, keep things under control at all times, never change, we can’t let our hair down. We need to be solid citizens, or MEST universe will fall apart… Heavens forbid!

An apple a day, well OK, but the best remedy still remains the same Have a good belly laugh! That will loosen up the solidity of the MEST.!!!

And what happens when solidity is gone, good heavens we can’t let that happen because again there will be magic in the Universe!

“ Here is my new cognition why this UNIVERSE WAS CREATED IN THE FIRST PLACE: TO HAVE FUN

What a blow down this cog has brought… hehehe.. I can’t describe how I feel.

PS: think about this for a moment, having that really great time dont stay with us, the sensation might linger on and we keep that moment in our ”memory” as we had a great time but that memory is not sitting there as a lump of lead but something wonderful.



Which Universe you are looking at and live in?

I don’t have TV nor I listen to radio or read newspapers these things which I could not do without in the past have fallen away as I have advanced and I don’t miss hearing who is killing whom, who has lost or won on election, how is the market doing and I definitely have no interest what is the latest price of the coffee.

News used to keep stimulation going that is the reason I listened to, as the stimulations were as-ised the interest fallen away… this made sense to me.

As my awareness  expended  I worked-explored those interests and poverty being poor and its opposite  side which we call wealth or being rich … well these items did stimulated me a lot so I have explored them again and went back over and over again. Well finally I have beat this subject to death! gone!

Exploring in sessions realities what they are: poverty and wealth[ was much fun] what is and how I have arrived to the conclusion that these conditions situations states are existing and they are real. UGGGGGH… hogwash.. these conditions are the figments  of one’s imagination same as the rest of the beliefs one has and of course these beliefs are part of the Implanted materials of which we are so richly endowed , therefor these beliefs are  nothing more than old computer programs still in place and working from the past.  AND THEY ARE HOLDING  US poor saps in that believed conditions!

Poverty: lack, deficiency, scarcity, shortage, paucity, rareness, insufficiency, absence. ETC…

Wealth:  prosperity, abundance, plenty, fortune, opulence, richness, fertility, affluence, copious, bountiful, ETC……

These are some of the words considerations we know of and believe in that they exist and they describe conditions we are in and these conditions real to us, when  we see with the ‘’eyes’’ and that looking gives the reality that these conditions are real!

But when these beliefs considerations are as-ised in confrontation and replaced with cognitions: the truth emerges and the World sure looks different!

I know this from experience, because poverty melts away like ice in the hot day and abundance takes its place!

Here is a fact.

The fact is that 1% of the population holds and controls the wealth on this Planet, WOW, now why is that?

I wanted to know how that come about : what are the reason that these people are above and beyond the normal -typical conditions, why are these people above the law and what are the reason that no matter what they touch is turn into riches and what they have is beyond the average person’s reality. I had gotten my answer in a form of cognition: the answes to these questions are very very simple:

This people are sitting in very different implants which do not contain the ideas-beliefs of poverty, being poor, lacking, therefore are not walled in by these considerations. To them these beliefs are none existence, they don’t have reality on these items.

These persons live in a totally different Universe from ours and in this Universe  HAVING is not on issue, to them is normal, usual, ordinary  existence …This Universe is the same for them now as what we have had before we become humans: were implanted with a bunch of negative stuff.

I got you with the Human bit: yes that 1 % have human body they too go to the commode same as us, eat drink, love, sleep, dream, get old, and get sick same as us, but when comes to HAVINGNESS there is the difference.  In their reality ‘’not having’’ is unknown..

So these reality from cognitions I have had and verifies validates that when the unwanted hindering believes are not given in the first place as for the 1% or  as-ised than different conditions can be achieved that condition happens automatically.

We are, we have what we believe in and we are no more or less than that.

Blaming conditions in which we are in is a totally futile ineffective activity, blaming never gotten any one out of that condition yet and never will.


the main reason DEATH as in doing-ness the act it self WAS DESIGNED, inserted into implants to stop the Entity-Being- to reach the Goal.

Life cycles were made, designed to last for  SHORT PERIODS only and  they end with DEATH: oblivion.

Beings are born and born again and  never can go further than death: but that idea; reality of death  moves the Being into oblivion: where  the memory-knowledge is erased  and the Being has to start all over in a new unit of time and reborn once more and re-learn.

While the Being struggles with the suppressive life cycles: life and the impending reality of the coming death there is no way for the Being to find the way out, to get keyed out long enough to see, realise the true reality which is outside of the beliefs what is considered Life is.

Just read this… :) and next time shad few tears… :)

ABOUT BIRTHDAYS what they are: from different view-reality who no longer has one.

Born 1939 November 4th: with the date and name on the Birth Certificate is the first official anchor and a solid platform for that Entity – that is announcement in the form of a piece paper which establishes the Spiritual Beings presence on Planet Earth.

Fallowing celebration after the birth of the body by the parents, relatives and friends is a very strong acknowledgement and agreement by all for the Being that now he exists-lives and with that ‘’having-ness’’ is established:  another heavy anchor for that being: well underway to become solid!

After each Earth calendar years passing with that the Being and the family, friends continue the celebrating the exiting of the body.

“”Havingness galore”” for the Being when gifs are received and every person expresses their happiness of your existence: being among them. Hurray I am alive I am living!

Among the wishes one which really puts  the person into the solid state “Wish you long life”!!!! That is the lid on the commode.

With that saying the value of having body and having life because having the body is truly established and top of it is agreed by all and that makes that reality real-really –really solid: boulder of the size of the Earth is now in place. k

My point here?

Celebration of birthdays is part of the implanted material and every part of this ‘’celebration’’ was designed to solidify-establish the Beings presence in the MEST Universe and ‘’each years’’ celebration directs that Being back to Mama implant because the “yearly celebration is the safety catch-hook’’ in the material which was designed like a boomerang ‘’just in case “ the person might find the way out from solidity and become free of the implant.

Living calendar years and the growing numbers   adding VALUE: having-ness-solidity and WOW to live to be 92 is huge, and to reach 100 is really something WOW.. Lucky human!

Contemplate on this a bit  and remember what you have read while having that glass of vine on your next birthday or toasting somebody else.

Finally I understand how Magic works.

and our wish can become reality every time!

Those of you who read this blog you all know by now how long I have been solo auditing. I haven’t  just had a session here, a session there, but relentlessly I have pursued  my goals and when my goals were achieved which were many when I started out in 73 and by the way those goals were made by the Elizabeth who known nothing about herself or the of the Universe.

While I walked the path of self-education=getting cognitions in sessions I no longer made goals because I realised  things will happen when I will clear away the obstacles, the negative, the lies which my universe was built from. 

I no longer made long term goals since time has become irrelevant too and my goals what I wanted to achievetoo become totally different.

Example: I wanted to know why I FEARED hehehe and I feared everything, but fear as on subject could not be erased till I confronted VALUE and I have as-ised FEAR when I as-ised the last thing which I believed was VALUABLE to me , that was about 14 years back…

Than I had different goals, wanted to know what real power was and I had other similar interests over the years and I found the source of every one of them but one!

MAGIC… MAGIC… MAGIC.. how that happens, how it was created, how  that come about,  to find out, to understand that elusive something  has hunted me ever since I can remember in this life, and that was before scientology.

I have had dozens and dozens of session on this topic and these sessions brought understanding of many things but still I did not understood how MAGIC happens till tonight.

Some 20 years back I have recalled a long period in my existence where I did not anchor self to this kind of body but then I only had wispy thing, less than a puff of bluish smoke from a cigarette but I was a Greatest, the only Magician that part of the Universe  and everyone has known that and that was just a normal thing to be and do.

I was just part of the Universe same as others and I had no importance and definitely no social statues of any kind, matter fact I just was and that was that.

I could make things happen whatever needed to be done and my speciality was to make the negative ugly force change into positive- creative and beauty. [

My reality than: my magical ability only created beauty.

Yesterday something happened of which I will not write here but that brought on a reality knowing that what I wanted, put out there in the Universe has happened and today I realised I don’t have any counter intention, I totally trust the Universe for providing  and in that moment I understood that is the MAGIC: when we totally trust the Universe the Universe provides

You see now I understood what made me Greatest Magician way back in the Crab Nebula on the planet know Gregoria: I trusted self, trusted the universe whatever I wanted, reached into the space with my invisible hand and there it was.

Doubt  — hesitation—uncertainty— counter intentions haven’t existed in my universe yet.

And here I am again trusting, totally trusting once more.


I have found one of the last pieces of on immensely powerful implant which is the belief=consideration of every members of the human race.

The implants contains everything as we know that, but the catch is that in that EVERYTHING  “love” too is included: love it, adore it, worship adulate revere all these considerations are founded-stablished=built on a very powerful energy mass and of cource having this source causes constant stimulation because we want most of all is to love!

We love, we adore therefore we won’t let go and with that we are captured, no matter how we suffer, how bad we feel about having connection as in love affairs, marriages or in religion we can’t let it go, that ‘’love’’ we feel holds us solidly in that implant.

Even if we severe from the source of our adoration as in divorce, that effect will remain in our space because it was ours in the first place, we have put it there and not that other person whom we have adored: and still do.

Religions are a good example because a monk or priest willing to endure suffering in order to remain within the demands of implants  and wants to love it and wants to adore the god, and if he don’t feel that love he suffers even more and same goes with marriage.

Of course friendships are not too far back or connections to family members.

Because of a sister I have found this.

I have been auditing our relationship since 76 and have had hundreds of sessions because I was PTS as HELL.[ had many great cogs too! ]

The implant I had is to adore the sister and meanwhile her implant was to destroy at all cause. So I could not sever the relationship because I would not have that adoration which pose to be good…and kept me close to her for who knows how many life times because I have stayed close she had the opportunity to do her job what her implant commanded.

The reason we both had this implants because her implant was to supress my power by continual evaluation, invalidation.. to point out at all times how wrong pitiful I was, you have no idea what she has done so far this life alone to discredit solo auditing and the power of the TECH itself.

To her solo auditing was the most pitiful, stupid activity which she pointed out dozens of time that left me in worst shape than before: in other words: really aberrated!

On the track I was slave to her on many occasion and in defence to her suppressions I have Killed her off dozens of occasions.. her body that is.. to get rid of her dominance [oh poor me being a victim… hehehe, so much suffering, blame..hehehe.]

So the O/W’s galore was accumulated on both side.

But the point is in this cognitions that Love-Affinity- Adoration has the power which holds that Entity in the MEST because this kind of ‘’love’’ is a must have!

PS: I must not leave out the fact that  we fight and defend and even kill for what we LOVE…. we preserve the MEST….at all cost… and the same time we want to be free of the same…. hehehe… you figure that one out how to eat and have your cake too! Because that is possible.!