Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Postulate having-ness.

Postulate??? Having-ness?

Just how many ‘’postulates’’ we put into the Universe in one our earthly life time?

Hell, I could not count mine and I haven’t the clue just how many of those ‘’postulates’’ have been realized by now!

OH.. I have a cat.. yes, I wanted ‘’that cat’’ and I got her, or she has gotten me? J  but which one of us put that ‘’postulate’’ out, she or I had that will remain a mystery… because in the Universe, in the real Universe identities don’t exist.

“Postulate”, we have learned that we have to put out to the universe what we want and just paste that thought out there and that is that and it will happen.

Example: I want to win the Lottery.

If that postulate phrased that way it was dead already and could never be born-realized therefore won’t happen in a million years.

Why, you ask?

Because it is put: I want to…. You figure it out for yourself what is wrong with that, here are few clues: wishing desiring coveting needing craving etc.

Here is what works: I have won the lotto!

Feel the joy, of having, see the money around you, be that money, experience its smell, feel the texture of the bill, hear the sound as you crumble those bills, see yourself driving that car which that money have bought for you, smell the lovely new leather interior and feel its luxurious texture here the motor purr as you turn that key on !  Toot that horn and listen to its sound: that is having-ness, in the now!

Walk inside that house ‘’you have bought’’ with that money you have won: see how you have furnished it, seat in that favorite armchair have your favorite drink in your hand, taste that liquid, savor that moment and look out through the window and observe the land front of your house: and say to yourself, this is a good life, I love it: feeling real good!

That experience is called I and write this with capital letters: “””HAVING-NESS””.


“””” I have realised some years back that by having continual sessions I have erased great amount of my “HAVING-NESS”.””””

This Works a very simple way.. what we have in ‘’thought” forms-pictures-sensations: that is our having-ness and when we confront them-as-is them and when  that happens we no longer are being effected by those experiences THEREFORE WE NO LONGER HAVE THEM EITHER!

SO there blows the part of the person’s havingness, which is just fine because it was not real in the first place: they were implanted million times altered items and I have experienced them to many times and by now they were unwanted.

OK.. other realities slide into places when something is as-ised and that is our new Havingness till we confront that and blow that too.

So the person like me who have had immense amount of sessions and as-ised life as was known to me, as-ised this Earth all its content how I seen it, what I have thought of it, what I believed about it and agreed that it was real: all that has been as-ised.

And I have as-ised this Universe, how I seen it felt it, what I have known about it.

With all these I have as-ised gotten rid of MY HAVIGNESS… which till than I believed was created by me.

Now all that has been a huge amount of Having-ness: everything what I even known went, but here I must insert  that  the havingness is ENERGY-mass and the cognitions don’t contain any of that therefore they don’t feel like having something because when they are experienced as in a form of knowing-subject- the knowledge is NOT STIMULATING and WE ARE USED TO HAVE REALITY WHICH CONTINUALLY STIMULATES: by now these energy-masses become addictive- and the being believes that is needed in order to FEEL ALIVE!


Now what happens to on Entity when is no longer effected by its surroundings?

This Entity is just hanging there in  indeterminate state, unclassified state, in uncertainty and do not ‘’feel good’’ knowing well that something is missing![[[hehehe, this is the time when the Entity returns to MEST to get another load of stimulation and recaptured!

Well I did not go back I was not tempted and had huge cognition realised that till now “ I HAVE LIVED THE LIFE WHICH WAS GIVEN TO ME AND I HAVE LIVED THIS BY AGREEMENT, BELIEVING IT WAS REAL! But it was not real because it was easy to as-is, BUT I AM NO LONGER IN THAT IMPLANTED LIFE CYCLES they are gone and now from now on I HAVE TO CREATE MY OWN LIFE, MY OWN REALITIES!

But how the Hell I can do that since I never done it before and there is no Manual to go by:

So here was I for a first time since I been in this Universe and in need to create my own realities and be, do, have whatever I want.

Basis for the new life were established by the many cognitions since each cognition  I have had was a building block created a ‘’solid’’ foundation  and in this new ‘’Life’’ do not contain the concepts which holds the MEST Universe in place, since this “Life” is not based on time, space, matter, therefore is not in location..

This “Life” is without being-ness since the individuality too has vanished with all the identifications of being this or being that, being somebody.

This new life is ‘’feel fantastic” wondrous reality.

PS: I ask you, since we have the choice to feel good or feel bad why would anyone want to feel bad, feel poor, feel lonely, and feel powerless, small, and insignificant and worry and fear when the opposite can be had?

All the person has to do is change their beliefs..because when we believe we cant have it, impassible to achieve, beyond our power, than we have assigned all that power to MEST that it is bigger, better and has the power.





By reaffirm daily each of these believes the person can create a new life, a new way of living and having of course


Comments on: "Postulate having-ness." (11)

  1. Perle di saggezza datate circa 2.600 anni fa
    Dall’ Dhammapada.

    Siamo ciò che pensiamo.
    Tutto ciò che siamo
    è prodotto dalla nostra mente.
    Ogni parola o azione
    che nasce da un pensiero torbido
    è seguita dalla sofferenza,
    come la ruota del carro
    segue lo zoccolo del bue.

    Siamo ciò che pensiamo.
    Tutto ciò che siamo
    è prodotto dalla nostra mente.
    Ogni parola o azione
    che nasce da un pensiero limpido
    è seguita dalla gioia,
    come la tua ombra ti segue,

    • Hello my friend.. thank you.. Now Luciano. the difference is between reading ancient scripts and by having sessions I did not have to read any ones thoughts and go into agreement and say how true, how true Oh, pearls of wisdom! I have come to conclusion in session by having realizations. This is not ”wisdom” but my very own reality.. Big difference: between believing agreeing or just simply knowing!.
      Best to you my dear friend and here is hug! much love.Elizabeth.

    • here is from my earlier post
      The cognitions are like pearls..
      Each one is being born out of pain and sufferings,
      They arise out of mystery, secrets and the deep darkness of the long forgotten
      Yet how beautiful they are!
      They vary in their importance before they evaporate
      Yet they remain yours for eternity in form of invisible knowledge.
      The basic cognitions are the rarest of al pearls, since only few exist
      But their value is the exchange which buys your freedom out from the MEST Universe.
      I wish for you string of pearls containing: happiness, wisdom and knowledge.

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    • I been thinking, auditing concepts leads to earlier concepts and by fallowing our own beliefs realities in session we do discover the source our-self. What I have known 2600 years back was on assumption because the Universe and the wisdom what we known was not born 2600 years back but long before that! That life 2600 back was just one out of many!

  2. Si
    Le cognitions sono come fulmini arrivano inaspettate ,rendono possibile rompere accordi e disaccordi. Come l’onda non sa di essere mare ed il mare onda,senza un centro chi mai può lodarci o biasimarci . Nessun Centro ,nessun Tu nessun Noi ,nessun Loro,solo un infinito gioco delle parti ( Positivo Negativo ) perchè questa è la natura della ” MENTE.
    Che crea Paradisi, Inferni ,Livelli OT, Santi e Peccatori ,Angeli e Diavoli, Illuminati e Fulminati. Tutti accordi da Watter (tirare l’acqua e vai ) Come va il giardino?

    • It is spring here, the early flowers are blossoming and so are some of the flowering bushes and trees. By the way Luciano there is no monopoly on knowledge… we all know the same. !

  3. 2.600,100.0000,100000000000 Inizio , fine,nessun inizio ,nessuna fine solo ACCORDI
    Prima ,Dopo solo Accordi.

    • Agreements there was no agreement before the SINGULARITY! You have to be a person the “I’ the ME the Self to agree to something. To Identify with something again is on indication of separation: individuality and being a individual is far from knowing what is the reality of on Entity.=Infinite.

      • Now Luciano how come you dont have on answer for what I have written? you dont because you only speak learned concept. Buddhism dont have a technology and when the tech is used as in session the person finds out for self why that concept was as it was and what was its origin.
        Buddhism that path do not lead to understand how SELFS UNIVERSE WAS CREATED BY THAT SELF AND WHY IT WAS CREATED!
        My Cat or any cat for matter is 100000000000% more enlightened than any one who fallows that dead-end whatever that is, I been there I have done that path and it only lead back to MEST because knowing the words is not the path to freedom from MEST.

  4. Luciano…. here on this planet the game is NEGATIVE___POSITIVE and that is the glue it self which holds the entity here.. When the Negative is as-ised than the Entity is no longer part of the Human game and this Entity than can see and experience a very different reality!
    But till a person only understand that there are game conditions and there is no more than that person haven’t a clue what is outside of their reality.
    And cognitions do not happen randomly.. out of the blue… but they are there when something is confronted.

  5. Non ho risposto perchè non avevo visto il vostro ultimo post. Non ho la possibilità di fare dell’auditing in solo ,dunque medito . Buongiorno Elizabeth

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