Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

AGAIN A NEW LEADER HAS SURFACED  who promises with her help we will be able to remove our-self from that self-created maze of illusions in which we believe and resiliently rely on as our truth: by the way that truth, our believes is our only Universe and our only truth  regardless if it is made up by lies or not and will exist till we find something different  to replace it so it up to us individually to do or not to do: Look for those different realities.

It is spot-on-correct and fact—that LRH scarcely touched the topic of “Spirituality” in the information he so liberally poured out, BUT THE MAN HAS LEFT ALL THE INFORMANTION IN THE FORM OF AUDITING TECHNOLOGY when  applied  to FIND  these DIFFERENT CERTAINTIES BELIEVES IF WE DESIRED TO DO SO.

Those of us who have continually used this technology as solo auditors we know by now that we do not need to look into different cults- practices in order to compare them and through this comparison come to conclusion that this TECH WORKS, we know the tech simply works, because we have results!

The person do not need to go great length to find out if works since: All one has to do is take into sessions those concept- beliefs- assumptions on ‘’meditation’’ or those sensations have been caused by use of drugs alcohol or just go for fun by exploring the reasons behind DERVISH Dance and will find by recalling own experiences from the past that none of these practices have led to understand the nature of Entity or caused permanent state of positive-ness.


He could have talked about what is SPIRITUALITY till blue in the face yet he could not tell you what that spirituality will mean for you, and therefore he left for you the tool to use which is the TECH and at your own  pleasure to discover your own realities.

By the way, no one can tell you what is Spirituality, no one can be blamed, not LRH, not DM, not the church or your mother or the president of the USA or your auditor for not leading you toward that source because It is up to you to find the way… hehehe… the muddle you are in is your reality.

By the way gang, you who read my blog own me a lot of money hehehe.. so I ask you nicely to write on imaginary check with on imaginary pan and mail it off  to on imaginary addressed  and  make it a large sum: Millions $$$$$ in Canadian of course 🙂 if you please, since you are dealing here with imaginary sums the amount should be without barriers too!.  And when you sing it don’t forget to put HUGS AND KISSES UNDER YOUR NAME! [ the article below will explain why I am asking for money… so out of the blue!  🙂 I can already see  my imaginary bank account swelling by millions $$$$$… Rich I am! 🙂

Love you all, I truly do for the wonderful presence you leave in my blog.

PS; Below is the article which was sent to me and prompted me to write the above.

By SK.

…As many you may know, I spent the last 4 years researching into advanced occult and mystic spiritual practices and beliefs of many different groups.

The results have been spectacular.

With the knowledge I now have, I was asked to review most of Mr. Hubbard congresses and ACCs to find any bit of data on the static and, less important to me but important to many, the spirit.  [[here she emphasises that the info was not applicable to her, because she already reached the stage of enlightenment.]]

NOTE: We call static what does not have time, space, form, energy and wavelength. It is the ‘being’ outside the illusion and any physical element.

[[ MY reality in bracket: .”: if anyone or anything is called BEING that words establishes as part of the MEST U, so that has nothing to do with the reality of the ENTITY OUTSIDE OF MEST U.]]

It is what the analytical mind cannot comprehend.

We call the soul the astral body… the one that even if is not as solid as the body still has mass and obeys in a way the laws of  the physical universe. Spirit is what leave a body but still retains perception of this universe/illusion.

Due to the humongous amount of work

I will be managing another blog of which view

will be allowed with a special password.

It is asked to who is interested to benefit to these information to help with the expenses of such work with a minimum non-refundable donation of $200 a year.

Mr. Hubbard has touched at several point the subject of the Static. However while developing a technology he realized he was up against an iron curtain: THE IRRATIONAL MIND, The parasites, the entities… He then left the higher field to try to find a way to bring the being up to cause over this installations. He has never succeeded.[ HE HAS SUCCEDED and those are who continue with solo auditing on their own.]  And the proof is the Church of Scientology today. However he did touch the static at times and this compilation intent to bring this at the light saving you from listening to 1000’s of lectures.

[Bloody Hell, here we have a claim by S.K. that she understands more than LRH had and all those who have studied that material, but herself  needed to listen to 1000’s of lectures to understand that auditing technology works and she is after all OT 7 Class VI auditor! heheheh loads of heavy duty crap!]

Comments on: "NEW LEADER SHOWN UP…hehehe… good fun… :) their promises are crap.. but fun to read!" (4)

  1. Great post, Elizabeth. As usual. (By the way, where do I sign up for this new service? Just what I was looking for – another guru).

  2. Hi Maurice…Guru you have is YOU! That is all you have and all you need! 🙂
    These leaders popping up fast as maggots an the corps…. every one of them believes that they are the one who can lead the troops out but that illusion is there in their space because it is on implanted crap, IF these people would go into session and eliminate thoughts, concepts like I am a leader, I know better, I have the answer, etc..etc.. they would find the answers for them self and not for others.
    More sessions I had more realizations I had on this ”being a leader” crap that no one can lead any one.. and the last thing I want to do is to lead!
    The post was copied out of Silvia Kusada’s blog. I like Silvia.. but that is beside the point.
    Love you Kid! Have a good one!

  3. Pur condividendo che l’unico Guru da seguire siamo noi stessi, mi preme dire una cosa : “Certo che voi Scientology vi volete veramente bene ” Mi sembrate tanti Galli in un pollaio che vi contendete una gallina Ahh Ahh. Spero di non averla offesa ma che veda la mia battuta in senso ironico . Leggo volentieri ciò che scrive buona giornata Elizabeth.

  4. Hello Luciano… I dont believe that the Lady will see our viewpoints favorably I wont even try to assume what her reaction would be… But One think I know about Silvia she believes she is above it all, that she has reached on Untouchable State. That State in my reality is a keyed in state of and exist to protect self from the hurt, the pain…and feeling lost and desperate glued together by fear of the yet to come.
    But Luciano my dear friend, we all know we are where we need to be to learn that lesson.
    Best to you!. Have a lovely evening! E.

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