Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

This is not easy to believe because when sitting experiencing that state seems so real..

In this life I did not believe in Meditation no matter how favorably was described, how glowingly praised, no matter what it was said did not move me to get into such a state: simply because I have ”invented” meditation on this Planet 2600 years back and I knew after dropping the body that it was a trap.

In fact the very idea given me goose bumps and I felt even more resistance.  I have known it from all-embracing experiences- exercises, recalls from my past lives that meditation its regular practice leads down on the road into dead end situations. [my fist life here was 2600 year back in Nepal.]

And what is this DEAD END? It is a blank empty space, I am wrong on this, the meditating practise contains: revelations, big explosion of light,  signs are seen,  the person can feel like walking on water, floating on clouds and feels that can do anything at all, plus feels powerful. But any of these experiences described do lead that person anywhere?

But not one of those ‘’experiences” has to do with “””SPIRITUALITY”””!

Not in million years, it contains nothing but what you were made to believe is spirituality.

Now if  you would take those concepts-believes –agreement into sessions one by one and when confronted those believes they would vanish and the true reality would appear in form of cognitions, this new truth would be nobody else’s but your truth, unaltered – undiluted and with these new realizations you be having  which no one has messed  up, no one had the time to tell you differently, and these new revelations will be the proof that what you have believed in before  WAS A LIE :BECAUSE THEY CAN BE AS-ISED!

Meditation do not contain pictures-images of the Earth which we live in.. nothing of that kind existing in that implanted material so how could the person who practise gain reality-command, ability to handle-have enjoy the earthly delights?

Meditation ‘’’’’’’’originally’’’ I SAY HERE, I emphasise: ORIGINALY was designed when practised that practise slowly will take everything away from you.. You have less and less of the things you would like to have- own and enjoy because you have moved onto  a ‘’spiritual state’’ and those earthly thing and owing having them will hinder your spiritual advancements  so you better let them go and be happy- contented  with the ‘’little’’ you have.

Meditation will lead you out of ‘’having-controlling-owning’’ but not out of the MEST Universe.

This Practise is a major implant and those who practise is made to believe that they will reach a higher level above others those poor suckers who are so imbedded – rooted into owning, well let me tell you this: look around those great gurus of the past: they were sitting in caves, under ancient banyan trees, or  in the quiet corner of this planet or high up on mountains and what they had? Loincloth, wrapped in  rags  given to them by the generosity of others and the only food they had what others brought  them because they could not even make that much, no control left. Oh but they knew the words!

And don’t tell me about those practitioners who can move push energy without hand,[ we all do]  or brake bricks with one chap… They can do that because that is what they have practised to do for many years, same as any other person like those who practise long jump, high jump, running, or swimming.. or sliding down on  snow on two boards.

Practice, the baker practices, so is a painter they all do in order to be better.

SO…… Karate is handling energy, Kickboxing is same…making a cup of coffee and  any of these actions  has nothing but nothing to do with Spirituality: what persons made to believe is ‘’spiritual’’. While  people practise they  LEARN CONTROL and CONCENTRATION, and PRICISION!  Of course they can do those things which they practiced daily! Why should not be good at it?

The modern day Gurus…. Hehehe and more hehehe, What they do? They give lectures, make videos, write books, sign photos  but they make lots of money to!

Just because someone is dressed in a mode of on ancient Guru, swatted in gauze, have long bead and or cleanly shaved head and KNOWS ALL THE WORDS, let’s not live out the performance:  GENTLE, SOFT SPOKEN,  Saintly: hehehe  this behaviour is exhibits  presence of Valances! Well my friends, those behavior patterns and saying those concepts do not make that person spiritual.. Not for one little minute! The concepts they speak of are the content of the implant which describes what is spirituality,  but these concepts are not the true meanings, they were made to lead the person to wrong direction and get trapped there in that mass, if this what I say is difficult to comprehend while reading here.. than go into session and find out for your-self as I have done.

The internet is open… any one can learn and parrot those concepts and say ‘’I am connected into Universal knowledge!””  HELL  …  and who say that: that Tolle guy,  he amassed Millions by giving lectures, and writing books!

The ordinary pigs is more spiritual than this Tolle person is, because the pig is not committing Overts by leading anyone into deception!

When that guy said ‘’I am connected into universal Knowledge” that means he is sitting smack middle of on implanted material and he parrots that material. There is no such a thing as source: universal knowledge, that’s impassible to do … We only knowledge what we know ourselves: that fact also can be found by having realizations in sessions..

Now if you think of great Healers that they are truly spiritual .. the history is littered with such persons who could  heal others… that again has nothing to do with spirituality.. it is healing ability… one person can make a magnificent table because that is their ability, others can bake the best bread in the word and others can heal…Bill Gates is not less in ability than the person who can smooth away on illness  with his hand. [Abilities are retained from our past lives; they are also implanted-computer generated material, there is nothing on this Planet which is not, including the Planets existence.]

Meditation banishes stills away all the desire to do be and have and to enjoy!

Meditation, those who practise are removed from MEST and kept inactive-powerless but meanwhile believing that they have it all: that they are superior and better: those concepts alone has the power to keep those people in that engram which also contain the concept  “Enlightened” !

If meditation would work than aberration would not be heavy on this planet, just think there are over 400 million Buddhist, and how many millions more meditate on this planet?

If meditations would work than the tone level of the population would have risen to clear or above by now, just think: meditation started 2600 years back!

Auditing has nothing to do with spirituality, but everything is discovered- learned what IS TRUE through having sessions-confrontations.


Comments on: "This is not easy to digest…. meditation: what is." (15)

  1. Chi sono io per difendere il mio operato (visto che sono uno di quei pirla che medita da una vita )? Nessuno.
    Una domanda ?
    E’ felice ?
    IO si dunque non ho meditato invano .
    Se lo è pure lei con l’auditing .
    Allora siamo in due.
    Un abbraccio

    • Luciano… that is the catch when meditating… those who do have the 100% belief that what they do is the right action..Till you look closer as in sessions than you would realise that your action was in vain. And who am I to say this, I have total recall of my past lives and one life was being born into the royal family in Nepal. The name was than Siddhartha Gautama and now you understand why to me auditing: confronting being in session for one life time as in this, was meant to be.. I still have the power and the abilities I had than, in fact because of my understanding of the Universe through millions of realizations I know that life time was a struggle in darkness and that struggle was in vain. I have committed major Overt by leading other into the same confusion as I was. I too parroted the words from the computer generated implant same as millions do now, I too believed it was the truth. Of course you will not believe this because your implanted beliefs will not allow to believe, As I said Luciano I have had FULL LIFE RECALL FROM BIRTH TILL DEATH, not just on incident here or there…I know when I talk of meditation I say the truth. You will learn from your own mistakes when the time in different life will be there for you, when awareness will allow you different realities. I am sorry because I know you will read my post as evaluation but by now yes I have enough data in the form of truth to white such.. Be well Luciano…

      On Sun, Feb 1, 2015 at 11:41 AM, Elizabeth Hamre's Blog wrote:


    • Luciano… If you would walk the Path as I have than you would see the truth your self, but you have not done that therefor you cant judge my reality but I can evaluate yours because I have walked that narrow path of reality which takes one back into the next body and the whole crap has to be faced all over again.

    • Luciano… it is all about AWARENESS.. we experience, we know much as we are aware of. For example, I know I can walk on water but I also know that you can to. I am aware of how we do that.. I am not talking about ”in our dreams” but while we doing it being full ware of every little detail of that experience and which we could describe to a tinniest detail.
      You said from the lifelong meditation you have gained a lot… but you have not solo audited every day for 41 years, so you haven’t a clue what wins, changed awareness in realities has been gained.

    • this was sent by email from some one who has been solo auditing for years.
      “Great that you’re having these cognitions about meditation. (If more people knew the real truth about your background, they would be paying a lot more attention). I had an opportunity to get into meditation in 1967 when I was looking for a solution following my LSD trip. One version was the “Hare Krishna” chanters, another popular one was Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation, and another was the famous Swami Satchidananda. None of them passed the “smell” test.

  2. noboxplease said:

    Thank you Elizabeth for a well written and as per my understanding truthful article that goes hand in hand with what my own experiences and reflections from what others had had to say about this! 🙂

  3. noboxplease said:

    Also I had this interesting cognition about the “seriousness” in trying to find out about oneself or in applying the technology in Scientology. From the attitudes I´ve seen through my years in the Church and from how Scientologists in general view the technology I´ve understood that the application of tech is viewed as a very serious matter and that you have to understand everything about this 100% in order to apply it!!! As per my own experience this is not true and I have had wins almost always in applying this fantastic tech.
    This seriousness has to come from implants that is in place to scare people away from trying to find out about themselves! This seriousness also is existing out in society where there is sayings like “you shouldn´t look into your mind cause you could get crazy if you do”.
    All this is of course just rubbish and the most important thing one could ever do is trying to find out who or what you really are! 🙂

    • Good for you! Great going! 🙂 .. I should not say great going … more like good point to arrive.
      Seriousness is equals to importance in my book… and in my new book which has been written by little old me: in which seriousness and value these concepts are not mentioned 🙂

  4. Elizabeth buon giorno sia quel che sia .Leggo sempre volentieri ciò che scrive
    Ho il mio percorso
    Chissà ;chi primo arriva aspetterà l’altro Ahh Ahh
    Un abbraccio dal paese piu bello del mondo Scherzavo Ciao.

  5. Grazie forse un giorno , chi lo sa ? Può essere .
    Per ora un abbraccio via internet .

  6. marknr1011 said:

    Once again, you cut to the chase and tell it like it is. There are so many ‘truths’ that simply are not true.

    • as you know what I write about is my truth.

    • I just got a private email from Argentina. this person who has written went up on the OT levels the same time as I have at ST Hill. He told me in the email that he never read so much gibberish as in my blog.. so much crap that he had to stop reading after few posts, but this is a guy who went up to full OT 7 + CL4 interned auditor but he said way back than that HE NEVER EVER COMMITED ON OVERT on the Track. hehehe… well… no wander he sees me and my reality as full of crap.. he is a saint, still have wings etc.. round his had … hehehe. love these old OT’s, 🙂

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