Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

I dedicate this post to my dear friend Maurice because I know that he knows what it takes to as-is those realities from the Track.

Hi… delighted to hear from you as always.. I am not surprised that you still find charge on this life experiences you are having daily: come to think of it [cog.here!!!] if we would not have charge than we would not be able to have sessions…

I was again looking at the ‘’Secret’’ video last night and the man said something like this” what we believe in is governed by sensation’’ well, we know that, but do we really believe that? [I do.]

So I have studied that concept closely once more and I have come to conclusion 1000000000%  that is fact and no doubt that it is so.  The words are not the cause but the energy-mass they sitting on. causes the experience: that stimulation one feels.

I watched partially a DiCaprio’s movie about Wall St, not my cup of tea: contained greed, sex…sex..sex.. drugs, greed money, cheating and more drugs… I had to disconnect it because it is garbage yet hunted me even in my dreams.. but the acting was superb.

This morning when I waken up the images still lingered I could not shake it them off, because I did not understand something, so much susses was achieved in that movie yet the behavior was in the lowest form. So I mauled over the experience, what really has happened  and I had a realization.

These brokers used drugs every kind available and by daily use of large dozes changed their personalities behaviours since the those drugs used were created to alter realities and by their use have melted away the old barriers which were the valances they were in before and these people on the top of the drug’s effects  had  sex few time daily and by having climax that sensation to helped with the alteration and brought  knowing-ness  that they “can do” with that affirmation positioned  these people on different plateau,  they drank alcohol like fish drinks water and that too helped to remove more of the remaining  existing barriers of old beliefs.

And the agreements with and from others who were doing the same  formed a strong connection bond and with daily confirmation-agreement of the common goal caused the power to be established and kept permanently:  That “sensation of power in place” left no room for failure, and if any secretly felt, these unconscious negative attitudes too melted with the help of the group confirmation agreements.

The new “State” gained by use of drugs, heavy sexual sensations and alcohol do not contain laws and regulations and that not in place these persons have moved out of society once they were members of.

And in this newly created life style their own rule was established:  that nothing is impossible to achieve, to become real!

These believes  were based on the new sensations, HERE I GIVE EMPHASIS TO “”NEW SENSATIONS  and NEW  FEELINGS””  which were conjured up by the use of drugs, heavy  sexual activities, NEW PERSONALITY WAS INVENTED FOR SELF: BEING INVINCIBLE !

These group felt happy, able and unbeatable, and these believes reality was not questioned, there was no doubt in their mind that it was real.

And again it is a fact.. when such a STATE IS ACHIEVED PERMENANTELLY THAN NEGAIVE  =THE OPPOSITION DO NOT EXIST EITHER, but when negative is experienced believed in that state too is real to that person including all the trimming it contains: laws rules, must not and must do.

I do not promote here use of drugs, sex, or alcohol that is not my intention because those conditions which caused by the use of such a heavy energy-mass is not the answer to gain permanency to that state: But I have written about it as an example: to show what happens when the person steps out of typical beliefs and no longer influenced by their control.

And humans are sitting in the effects of past actions of similar kind so we all know what it is like falling off the log, descending from abilities into helplessness,  keyed back into unwanted sensations-realities as those guy have when their bobble was burst.

Auditing, with confrontation any one can as-is the unwanted negative- the restricting barriers our agreements holds us in.

Every time one has cognition with that cognition part of the barricade is removed.

I just would like to remind those who read my posts, to recall the moment when they had a huge cognition: how they felt in that moment: felt free, had huge space, felt that everything was possible, the universe was yours!

Total happiness, contentment was experienced while in that cognition!

That is reality and becomes permanent after the MEST’s is confronted, and nothing but nothing can key in again; with that accomplished the Entity can create their own life-reality.

Cognitions alter reality and their power is beyond understanding.


Comments on: "sex drugs more sex more sex more drugs and other ”form” what can cause altered reality. hehehe should grab attaintion!" (2)

  1. Thanks for the dedication, Elizabeth. I’m honored.

  2. This comment have come by e-mail:

    What you say about drugs and the changing of beliefs is true – but we know it’s a temporary solution, and in the long run causes more problems. I used a few drugs – mostly marijuana, also some “uppers” like dexedrine a few times – for a few years in my early 20s. Also some alcohol, and LSD one time only. I stopped all that after starting Scn. The difference was dramatic. A drug lasts an hour or two, with TRs or auditing, the changes are long lasting. My first service was a weekend comm course – TRs 0 to 4 – and the benefits lasted a week or more. It was a “no-brainer” to stop using drugs.

    And he is still continuing on his chosen Path.

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