Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Read this…

 is all about agreements: you got whatever you have: your thought-beliefs because you agreed to or you haven’t got it as possessions of beliefs because you haven’t agreed to have it..

In the past forty one years I been in session, no complains about this since I believe this is the ONLY WAY to FLY… the greatest adventure in the Universe.

I been told by some these persons who know, have the infinite insight with that have they facts aligned in the row that the only reason I can have all these sessions and have them daily because the extreme case of aberration I am suffering from!!! HEHEHE..

Well, that is so true, I been in this Universe since the first light-object happened… [not created by having a big bang… no one head ears than so how could anyone believe there were sounds? I was there and went OHHHH  as I experienced this beautiful phenomenon a burst of light I  promptly gotten stuck to that bloody thing of energy mass and I am still using it as a base a platform to view the rest of the crap I have collected agreed that its exist and real.

But, these persons observation that I am extremely aberrated almost correct but not really true:I call aberration Experiences and that is all they were and are.. we experience, the considerations that they are ”good” or bad”  is a concept inserted into Humans reality, on implanted reality and when these considerations are as-ised these experiences become what they are: just that.

The only difference between us; these persons who  judge from the implanted narrow view they are locked in  and had minimal amount of sessions-cognitions and self here who is willing and very able to confront the experiences and more I confronted I gained awareness and that broader awareness has opened up new till than hidden realities and when these new realities were confronted with that the vistas become extended and by opening up I can see-experience more and more.. and this goes on and on.

This Universe is Infinite so are our experiences.

I lost the barriers which contained the beliefs-agreements that I can’t, don’t exist, not possible, unknown, hidden, secret, etc. and when I have lost those beliefs it become real to me that Infinite is real because I believe and experience the Infinite!.

Last few days, nothing better do I haven taken into session on idea a concept to look at ‘’’ Talents”’ what are ‘’abilities’’ but not ordinary abilities like banding spoons, or finding a parking spot or walking through walls… nooo, that is nothing.

I was looking for aptitudes-skills which were vailed, hidden, forgotten, given up, buried, not remembered, forbidden, not allowed, secret, hush-hush, illegal, totally supressed, out of sight and with that out of mind and most of all they don’t exist-experienced “”because agreements don’t allow them to exist..””

My-my what a wonderful subject… hehehe.. I will not list them because I believe each person can find their very own reality what they are able to do as Entities.

But, the agreement, having agreements holds that person to what agreed to.

These agreements- covenants – pledges are the toughest- strongest most durable bonds-connections which can hold that person within the laws-beliefs of those agreements, and they keep that person within in till those agreements are confronted and with that confrontation the Entity frees self.

Why do you think it is so little, so limited what Humans can do? Why do you think believe that we are small, weak, helpless? What make you believe that Magic only belonged to mythical figures that lived before the clocks-time were invented, why do you believe that only Gods who were above were better than Humans and had power to change whatever they wished to change?

Agreements, your very own agreements will not allow you to see more than what you have agreed to: that you are a ‘’Human Being” and being one is the limitation-restriction of your abilities-talents in other words to know and experience that you really are: that Infinite who is every way Infinite.



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  1. noboxplease said:

    Dear Elizabeth, you are so right in that it is only our own beliefs/agreements that are the reason for our barriers! It´s always inspiring to read your interesting cognitions and realizations about life! 🙂
    Love Conny

    • Your presence in the ”space” we share contains love and I cant think of anything beside Cognitions has more value.
      There are no other barriers outside what we believe in and these are the only Barriers and the MEST U. how we see it is nothing more than ARCB’s..
      But I would love to share with you something about “agreements” just how effective they are.
      ten yeas back I have explored every kind of agreement I ever went into, I have found that subject to be Huge!
      Example :Secret Societies [ long forgotten, had to dig deep] into which I belonged in the past, the reasons for joined when examined were truly enlightening! Heavy stuff.. huge… dangerous agreements were made and of course their effects were is in place 100% till they were confronted.
      Since those sessions my awareness expended and now I can see the effects of “awareness” differently.
      If I would have a ”mind” it could be boggled by this new reality how effective agreements are.
      This Planet is here because agreed that IT IS HERE, birds fly for the same reason and fish needs to be in water to survive…
      No matter what I have is here because I agreed to have it here, all conditions exists for the same reasons, the good bad, ugly is exist because we agree…even using the photo lenses to ”see with” and not seeing without that consideration stands because nothing more than agreement than that is the way it is…
      In session we as-is old agreements and we than become aware of different realities, than when those confronted new vistas open up…
      I was going to share something else but some other time! 🙂 E.

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