Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Looking for power, to boost personal power in order to have more power and to become more powerful? With that one boosts the “I”.

what ever i write in this blog, it is only my reality: my path on which I walk…. i never ever claim that it is the truth for all., it is simply mine for the moment than i move on…..if it is real to you in any way that is fine good, but if your beliefs are is totally contradictory and thinking that I am full of crap, well, that is also true and,  that is OK by me.

This realization, cognition had the power of the strongest thunderbolt one ever can perceive, and experience, immense accumulated charge has blown and for days after  cognitions rolled like  rambling thunder.

Over the years, I put in many hours solo auditing on that subject, “SOLID”s and other related words- concepts-thoughts in connected with that item and every possible combinations:lists and of course I looked for agreements on all levels since agreement hold power.

while in session with that item: solidity I had the major cog.

The cog, is not easy to explain, but here it is, every time one say “I” [ indicating me-self] with that single concept, the person  entity drives on anchor point into one’s own universe re-establish self  again as the creator.

THAT “I-self ” holds  keeps that person remain solidly in that consideration, agreement and that concept of “I” at the same occasion separates-segregates and creates “LIFE” for self because the “I”=me”, by having that consideration that confirms one’s existence.

With the concept “I” the being refers to self, that establish ones Universe in place, has  location, the “I”as a singular identity has memory,  considerations, agreements, track, and all those experiences  created by the ”I” is   locked into solidity with that concept .[ solidity to is only a belief, none existent.]


This cognition is the most important of all cogitations I had, yet without the other cogitations in place this understanding would not have come.

Can you see, I was looking as “solid” and I have found the meaning of “I”, with that, I have found the most solid item: THE SELF!! “This “I” believing in its existence which segregated the being, makes it into a singular person.

This “I” its importance , which we consider important  since without it we could not say we are, we live, we have a life etc.. etc..  and believing-pretending it real it exists gives us existence and from that comes all the problems, all the ARC B’s with others and things in general: the MEST UNIVERSE.

One defends that “I” the self to keep it going-living with the entire power one hold in one’s Universe: Flaming swords, Guns, use of law, in and out of law courts, have good rip roaring war, have a few divorces, greed, killing, poison, or just roll over somebody with the steam roller.

We, defend that “I” with the last breath of the body if that is needed to be done to keep it alive to remain connected into the MEST U be part of the family, the group.

In order to remain intact, to remain and represent the bank, the track, all our recalls, the so called our LIVES we have and had, which is our having-ness.

How spiritual one can be with a solid core in place as “I”???

IT IS the “I” who has the limitations, the barriers, the solidity, walls, the not know, the doubts.

As I was writing I put the letter “I” down and something else happened, like a huge slash of brilliant light bolt like thing went across the picture I was describing.

I had realized the “I” this slash on the paper, this mark represented self, the creator of that mock-up and has anchored that creation into space. The “I” is the identifier that I have created that mock-up, therefore established self in the Universe.

For the “I” , that wonderful self we have created a “monument” .
This shrine is the testimonial what we can create, who we are, our abilities.

Every time you walk into a wall invisible or otherwise, stab your toe, hear a sound, voice or recall something, remember anything from the past, touch anything solid Weeeell……You got it… You just run into your own creation=solid MEST, that monument which have been created by and for the “I” the self.

We live in a wonderful Universe, where anything is possible and we have created and agreed to its existence: nothing wrong having power or believing in something…

But Cognitions having them are the key which eliminates the unwanted stimulations and the unknown!
The cognitions are like pearls..
Each one was born out of pain and suffering.
Out of mystery, secrets and darkness,
Yet how beautiful they are!
They can vary in momentarily importance before they vanish.
Yet they remain yours for ever in the form of invisible knowledge.
The basic realizations are the rarest of all pearls, since only few exist!!!
They value buy your freedom out of the MEST Universe.

PS: Self, the “I” is only a symbol its powerless, the power is in Infinite’s awareness, what you are aware of that is your havingness.

PS:what ever i write in this blog, it is only my reality: my path on which I walk…. i never ever claim that it is the truth for all., it is simply mine for the moment than i move on…..if it is real to you in any way that is fine good, but if your beliefs are is totally contradictory and thinking that I am full of crap, well, that is also true and,  that is OK by me.


Comments on: "Monument for the Entity: power and solidity. …. this post is for Luciano!!!" (5)

  1. Ottimo.
    Capisco perfettamente tutto quello che ha scritto e lo condivido .
    L’io è un illusione.
    Con l’auditing lei ha trovato il suo percorso e la sua verità.
    Altri seguono altri percorsi e trovano anch’essi la loro verità
    Buona giornata

    • Luciano, thank you… care to share your cognition how you have come to the same conclusion that ”self the I” is on illusion? I truly would love to read here in this blog your experiences since cognitions do give on experience. In Cognitions we experience the ”TIMELESS -ness”! That alone makes cognition a true experience to which alterations of time and other considerations -agreements are not yet added -introduced by others. By the way this above is a new cog on cognition. best to you! E.

  2. Non c’è molto da dire.
    La mia ” via ” è molto semplice mi siedo in un luogo tranquillo ,chiudo gli occhi e mi osservo.
    In quella pace e serenità ” nasce la certezza di non essere un io . E un ” percorso “che è iniziato negli anni 70 con delusioni e gioie ma perseverando e rialzandomi dopo ogni caduta
    ora ho la certezza .Nessuna parola o simbolo può definire ciò che nasce quando l’io muore.
    Solo il silenzio assordante lo potrebbe definire ma tale strumento non è ancora stato creato e non verrà mai creato. Le auguro una buonissima giornata.

    • the ghostly state: spiritual state ones original state in the Universe.

      Now that is very simple, the machinery=body which is the implant itself, holds one in the implanted state and just have been cremated. !

      Panic sets in: The suddenly freed Spiritual Being belief comes to the conclusion: I am no longer a person: since No one can hear me, understamd me, I am here but no one can see me and everyone thinks I am dead because of that I no longer exist because of that I am not a live, I am no longer !!! [[[ but one still have thoughts, so one Exist, but what is happening suddenly losing the body because of that don’t have reality being without the body that one real not a being but Infinite .]]

      The separation from the body as in death, with that ACT one has given up that implant: Which are: doing-ness, thinking the thoughts, which include all the agreements with everybody on everithing: the considerations about the universe- Cosmos, than the self- beingness, one’s identity and everything around ones daily life which includes family and friends.

      Bodies are machines and were designed to record sounds can through the ears, take pictures with eyes, make sounds: talk-communicate, use hands: push around other matters: objects and all that activity and all thaose believes: ARE IMPLANTED INTO THE BEING that one is that body therefore one has a ”life-and lives” so in that moment when one is separates from that machine=body than that person believes one no longer those implanted ”memories” those creativities, that power, that knowledge, the communication skills all the learned materials=knowledge accumulated in that life time vanishes in the moment of ”death” because one no longer see, hear, taste, touch, have voice etc… experience that MEST through the VIA OF THE BODY. Yet still has everything, one’s knowledge was not erased with the death of the body, but is goes into storage since it is not in need, but that existence of that knowledge now is totally forgotten: we were made to believe and that is the LIE!

      Sad state to be in, that is the reason one must get rid of all those human beliefs about the Ghostly State has to be as-is-ad in session, by as-is-ing them one will have that cognition than; LIFE TRULY STARTS AFTER THE CONNECTION THE Influence of the MACHINES STOPS THE CONTROL.

      When the Entity is free of the Machine than will realize having the body in fact is an imprisonment for the Spiritual Being.

      So in the Spiritual State [ when not having body] the being loses the reality of the implants =life and all the lies- believes there is nothing existing outside the bodies life: therefore feel that he become nothing, powerless, useless, invisible, can’t communicate any more, or play a game with others, create things in general and with that have effects on the Universe.

      So this Ghostly state too need to be confronted and can be audited WHILE ONE STILL IS CONNECTED TO THE BODY, HAVING ONE, same way as any other item, since no matter what: everything is existing because they are considerations belief and considerations can be as-ised.

      The way I see it, my reality, when one drops a body with that act, one steps out of that implanted crap…

      True life begins for a Spiritual being when is no longer being tied to, being in the prison of the body.

      PS: For not remembering what life was while having a body after when one returns into Spiritual state has many-many reasons” since memory itself is implanted recording, it is the machine since it is a recording machine has developed some problems, it short circuited itself, also time related problem developed because the machine is longer new and there are also countless counter postulates are in existence.

      But this is my reality… I have come to this conclusion by having those sessions.

  3. OH.. Luciano.. I love the way you describer: you seat and close your eyes, I seen and felt your experience.. Thank You for sharing.
    lets get to a different belief you have to which I dont agree to
    L……” now have the certainty .no word or symbol can define what is born when I die.
    Only the deafening silence it could be defined but this instrument has not yet been created and will never be created.””
    “”WHAT IS BORN WHEN I DIE”” Luciano.. it is than you start to real live, real live It is than after the body is dropped we become free to experience the wonders of the universe! When we are free, than we are free from the enforced reality which is the human life!
    Deafening silence… yes that it there, that exist since sounds to be picked up a machine was invented. Luciano, but to be free and finally experience without limitation because the EYES DO NOT GIVE THE TRUE PICTURE_IMAGE… not even close. Just imagine experiencing a mock-up let say a mountain range and see every little thing about it in sparkling moving form of energy it is wondrous to observe.
    Deafening silence is a consideration exist because you believe it exist and you have agreed that its exist … that definition belongs to human reality… Universe has its own sounds and it can be head when not listening with ears… this sounds is called Heavenly Music by those who have heard it, I have on 3 occasion at late evening when I stepped into the garden and I was not listening, but soon as I put the attention on ”hearing” the sound vanished. With ears we cant hear the sound of the Universe which is particles move in total harmony.

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