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This is not easy to digest…. meditation: what is.

This is not easy to believe because when sitting experiencing that state seems so real..

In this life I did not believe in Meditation no matter how favorably was described, how glowingly praised, no matter what it was said did not move me to get into such a state: simply because I have ”invented” meditation on this Planet 2600 years back and I knew after dropping the body that it was a trap.

In fact the very idea given me goose bumps and I felt even more resistance.  I have known it from all-embracing experiences- exercises, recalls from my past lives that meditation its regular practice leads down on the road into dead end situations. [my fist life here was 2600 year back in Nepal.]

And what is this DEAD END? It is a blank empty space, I am wrong on this, the meditating practise contains: revelations, big explosion of light,  signs are seen,  the person can feel like walking on water, floating on clouds and feels that can do anything at all, plus feels powerful. But any of these experiences described do lead that person anywhere?

But not one of those ‘’experiences” has to do with “””SPIRITUALITY”””!

Not in million years, it contains nothing but what you were made to believe is spirituality.

Now if  you would take those concepts-believes –agreement into sessions one by one and when confronted those believes they would vanish and the true reality would appear in form of cognitions, this new truth would be nobody else’s but your truth, unaltered – undiluted and with these new realizations you be having  which no one has messed  up, no one had the time to tell you differently, and these new revelations will be the proof that what you have believed in before  WAS A LIE :BECAUSE THEY CAN BE AS-ISED!

Meditation do not contain pictures-images of the Earth which we live in.. nothing of that kind existing in that implanted material so how could the person who practise gain reality-command, ability to handle-have enjoy the earthly delights?

Meditation ‘’’’’’’’originally’’’ I SAY HERE, I emphasise: ORIGINALY was designed when practised that practise slowly will take everything away from you.. You have less and less of the things you would like to have- own and enjoy because you have moved onto  a ‘’spiritual state’’ and those earthly thing and owing having them will hinder your spiritual advancements  so you better let them go and be happy- contented  with the ‘’little’’ you have.

Meditation will lead you out of ‘’having-controlling-owning’’ but not out of the MEST Universe.

This Practise is a major implant and those who practise is made to believe that they will reach a higher level above others those poor suckers who are so imbedded – rooted into owning, well let me tell you this: look around those great gurus of the past: they were sitting in caves, under ancient banyan trees, or  in the quiet corner of this planet or high up on mountains and what they had? Loincloth, wrapped in  rags  given to them by the generosity of others and the only food they had what others brought  them because they could not even make that much, no control left. Oh but they knew the words!

And don’t tell me about those practitioners who can move push energy without hand,[ we all do]  or brake bricks with one chap… They can do that because that is what they have practised to do for many years, same as any other person like those who practise long jump, high jump, running, or swimming.. or sliding down on  snow on two boards.

Practice, the baker practices, so is a painter they all do in order to be better.

SO…… Karate is handling energy, Kickboxing is same…making a cup of coffee and  any of these actions  has nothing but nothing to do with Spirituality: what persons made to believe is ‘’spiritual’’. While  people practise they  LEARN CONTROL and CONCENTRATION, and PRICISION!  Of course they can do those things which they practiced daily! Why should not be good at it?

The modern day Gurus…. Hehehe and more hehehe, What they do? They give lectures, make videos, write books, sign photos  but they make lots of money to!

Just because someone is dressed in a mode of on ancient Guru, swatted in gauze, have long bead and or cleanly shaved head and KNOWS ALL THE WORDS, let’s not live out the performance:  GENTLE, SOFT SPOKEN,  Saintly: hehehe  this behaviour is exhibits  presence of Valances! Well my friends, those behavior patterns and saying those concepts do not make that person spiritual.. Not for one little minute! The concepts they speak of are the content of the implant which describes what is spirituality,  but these concepts are not the true meanings, they were made to lead the person to wrong direction and get trapped there in that mass, if this what I say is difficult to comprehend while reading here.. than go into session and find out for your-self as I have done.

The internet is open… any one can learn and parrot those concepts and say ‘’I am connected into Universal knowledge!””  HELL  …  and who say that: that Tolle guy,  he amassed Millions by giving lectures, and writing books!

The ordinary pigs is more spiritual than this Tolle person is, because the pig is not committing Overts by leading anyone into deception!

When that guy said ‘’I am connected into universal Knowledge” that means he is sitting smack middle of on implanted material and he parrots that material. There is no such a thing as source: universal knowledge, that’s impassible to do … We only knowledge what we know ourselves: that fact also can be found by having realizations in sessions..

Now if you think of great Healers that they are truly spiritual .. the history is littered with such persons who could  heal others… that again has nothing to do with spirituality.. it is healing ability… one person can make a magnificent table because that is their ability, others can bake the best bread in the word and others can heal…Bill Gates is not less in ability than the person who can smooth away on illness  with his hand. [Abilities are retained from our past lives; they are also implanted-computer generated material, there is nothing on this Planet which is not, including the Planets existence.]

Meditation banishes stills away all the desire to do be and have and to enjoy!

Meditation, those who practise are removed from MEST and kept inactive-powerless but meanwhile believing that they have it all: that they are superior and better: those concepts alone has the power to keep those people in that engram which also contain the concept  “Enlightened” !

If meditation would work than aberration would not be heavy on this planet, just think there are over 400 million Buddhist, and how many millions more meditate on this planet?

If meditations would work than the tone level of the population would have risen to clear or above by now, just think: meditation started 2600 years back!

Auditing has nothing to do with spirituality, but everything is discovered- learned what IS TRUE through having sessions-confrontations.


sex drugs more sex more sex more drugs and other ”form” what can cause altered reality. hehehe should grab attaintion!

I dedicate this post to my dear friend Maurice because I know that he knows what it takes to as-is those realities from the Track.

Hi… delighted to hear from you as always.. I am not surprised that you still find charge on this life experiences you are having daily: come to think of it [cog.here!!!] if we would not have charge than we would not be able to have sessions…

I was again looking at the ‘’Secret’’ video last night and the man said something like this” what we believe in is governed by sensation’’ well, we know that, but do we really believe that? [I do.]

So I have studied that concept closely once more and I have come to conclusion 1000000000%  that is fact and no doubt that it is so.  The words are not the cause but the energy-mass they sitting on. causes the experience: that stimulation one feels.

I watched partially a DiCaprio’s movie about Wall St, not my cup of tea: contained greed, sex…sex..sex.. drugs, greed money, cheating and more drugs… I had to disconnect it because it is garbage yet hunted me even in my dreams.. but the acting was superb.

This morning when I waken up the images still lingered I could not shake it them off, because I did not understand something, so much susses was achieved in that movie yet the behavior was in the lowest form. So I mauled over the experience, what really has happened  and I had a realization.

These brokers used drugs every kind available and by daily use of large dozes changed their personalities behaviours since the those drugs used were created to alter realities and by their use have melted away the old barriers which were the valances they were in before and these people on the top of the drug’s effects  had  sex few time daily and by having climax that sensation to helped with the alteration and brought  knowing-ness  that they “can do” with that affirmation positioned  these people on different plateau,  they drank alcohol like fish drinks water and that too helped to remove more of the remaining  existing barriers of old beliefs.

And the agreements with and from others who were doing the same  formed a strong connection bond and with daily confirmation-agreement of the common goal caused the power to be established and kept permanently:  That “sensation of power in place” left no room for failure, and if any secretly felt, these unconscious negative attitudes too melted with the help of the group confirmation agreements.

The new “State” gained by use of drugs, heavy sexual sensations and alcohol do not contain laws and regulations and that not in place these persons have moved out of society once they were members of.

And in this newly created life style their own rule was established:  that nothing is impossible to achieve, to become real!

These believes  were based on the new sensations, HERE I GIVE EMPHASIS TO “”NEW SENSATIONS  and NEW  FEELINGS””  which were conjured up by the use of drugs, heavy  sexual activities, NEW PERSONALITY WAS INVENTED FOR SELF: BEING INVINCIBLE !

These group felt happy, able and unbeatable, and these believes reality was not questioned, there was no doubt in their mind that it was real.

And again it is a fact.. when such a STATE IS ACHIEVED PERMENANTELLY THAN NEGAIVE  =THE OPPOSITION DO NOT EXIST EITHER, but when negative is experienced believed in that state too is real to that person including all the trimming it contains: laws rules, must not and must do.

I do not promote here use of drugs, sex, or alcohol that is not my intention because those conditions which caused by the use of such a heavy energy-mass is not the answer to gain permanency to that state: But I have written about it as an example: to show what happens when the person steps out of typical beliefs and no longer influenced by their control.

And humans are sitting in the effects of past actions of similar kind so we all know what it is like falling off the log, descending from abilities into helplessness,  keyed back into unwanted sensations-realities as those guy have when their bobble was burst.

Auditing, with confrontation any one can as-is the unwanted negative- the restricting barriers our agreements holds us in.

Every time one has cognition with that cognition part of the barricade is removed.

I just would like to remind those who read my posts, to recall the moment when they had a huge cognition: how they felt in that moment: felt free, had huge space, felt that everything was possible, the universe was yours!

Total happiness, contentment was experienced while in that cognition!

That is reality and becomes permanent after the MEST’s is confronted, and nothing but nothing can key in again; with that accomplished the Entity can create their own life-reality.

Cognitions alter reality and their power is beyond understanding.

Read this…

 is all about agreements: you got whatever you have: your thought-beliefs because you agreed to or you haven’t got it as possessions of beliefs because you haven’t agreed to have it..

In the past forty one years I been in session, no complains about this since I believe this is the ONLY WAY to FLY… the greatest adventure in the Universe.

I been told by some these persons who know, have the infinite insight with that have they facts aligned in the row that the only reason I can have all these sessions and have them daily because the extreme case of aberration I am suffering from!!! HEHEHE..

Well, that is so true, I been in this Universe since the first light-object happened… [not created by having a big bang… no one head ears than so how could anyone believe there were sounds? I was there and went OHHHH  as I experienced this beautiful phenomenon a burst of light I  promptly gotten stuck to that bloody thing of energy mass and I am still using it as a base a platform to view the rest of the crap I have collected agreed that its exist and real.

But, these persons observation that I am extremely aberrated almost correct but not really true:I call aberration Experiences and that is all they were and are.. we experience, the considerations that they are ”good” or bad”  is a concept inserted into Humans reality, on implanted reality and when these considerations are as-ised these experiences become what they are: just that.

The only difference between us; these persons who  judge from the implanted narrow view they are locked in  and had minimal amount of sessions-cognitions and self here who is willing and very able to confront the experiences and more I confronted I gained awareness and that broader awareness has opened up new till than hidden realities and when these new realities were confronted with that the vistas become extended and by opening up I can see-experience more and more.. and this goes on and on.

This Universe is Infinite so are our experiences.

I lost the barriers which contained the beliefs-agreements that I can’t, don’t exist, not possible, unknown, hidden, secret, etc. and when I have lost those beliefs it become real to me that Infinite is real because I believe and experience the Infinite!.

Last few days, nothing better do I haven taken into session on idea a concept to look at ‘’’ Talents”’ what are ‘’abilities’’ but not ordinary abilities like banding spoons, or finding a parking spot or walking through walls… nooo, that is nothing.

I was looking for aptitudes-skills which were vailed, hidden, forgotten, given up, buried, not remembered, forbidden, not allowed, secret, hush-hush, illegal, totally supressed, out of sight and with that out of mind and most of all they don’t exist-experienced “”because agreements don’t allow them to exist..””

My-my what a wonderful subject… hehehe.. I will not list them because I believe each person can find their very own reality what they are able to do as Entities.

But, the agreement, having agreements holds that person to what agreed to.

These agreements- covenants – pledges are the toughest- strongest most durable bonds-connections which can hold that person within the laws-beliefs of those agreements, and they keep that person within in till those agreements are confronted and with that confrontation the Entity frees self.

Why do you think it is so little, so limited what Humans can do? Why do you think believe that we are small, weak, helpless? What make you believe that Magic only belonged to mythical figures that lived before the clocks-time were invented, why do you believe that only Gods who were above were better than Humans and had power to change whatever they wished to change?

Agreements, your very own agreements will not allow you to see more than what you have agreed to: that you are a ‘’Human Being” and being one is the limitation-restriction of your abilities-talents in other words to know and experience that you really are: that Infinite who is every way Infinite.


Monument for the Entity: power and solidity. …. this post is for Luciano!!!

Looking for power, to boost personal power in order to have more power and to become more powerful? With that one boosts the “I”.

what ever i write in this blog, it is only my reality: my path on which I walk…. i never ever claim that it is the truth for all., it is simply mine for the moment than i move on…..if it is real to you in any way that is fine good, but if your beliefs are is totally contradictory and thinking that I am full of crap, well, that is also true and,  that is OK by me.

This realization, cognition had the power of the strongest thunderbolt one ever can perceive, and experience, immense accumulated charge has blown and for days after  cognitions rolled like  rambling thunder.

Over the years, I put in many hours solo auditing on that subject, “SOLID”s and other related words- concepts-thoughts in connected with that item and every possible combinations:lists and of course I looked for agreements on all levels since agreement hold power.

while in session with that item: solidity I had the major cog.

The cog, is not easy to explain, but here it is, every time one say “I” [ indicating me-self] with that single concept, the person  entity drives on anchor point into one’s own universe re-establish self  again as the creator.

THAT “I-self ” holds  keeps that person remain solidly in that consideration, agreement and that concept of “I” at the same occasion separates-segregates and creates “LIFE” for self because the “I”=me”, by having that consideration that confirms one’s existence.

With the concept “I” the being refers to self, that establish ones Universe in place, has  location, the “I”as a singular identity has memory,  considerations, agreements, track, and all those experiences  created by the ”I” is   locked into solidity with that concept .[ solidity to is only a belief, none existent.]


This cognition is the most important of all cogitations I had, yet without the other cogitations in place this understanding would not have come.

Can you see, I was looking as “solid” and I have found the meaning of “I”, with that, I have found the most solid item: THE SELF!! “This “I” believing in its existence which segregated the being, makes it into a singular person.

This “I” its importance , which we consider important  since without it we could not say we are, we live, we have a life etc.. etc..  and believing-pretending it real it exists gives us existence and from that comes all the problems, all the ARC B’s with others and things in general: the MEST UNIVERSE.

One defends that “I” the self to keep it going-living with the entire power one hold in one’s Universe: Flaming swords, Guns, use of law, in and out of law courts, have good rip roaring war, have a few divorces, greed, killing, poison, or just roll over somebody with the steam roller.

We, defend that “I” with the last breath of the body if that is needed to be done to keep it alive to remain connected into the MEST U be part of the family, the group.

In order to remain intact, to remain and represent the bank, the track, all our recalls, the so called our LIVES we have and had, which is our having-ness.

How spiritual one can be with a solid core in place as “I”???

IT IS the “I” who has the limitations, the barriers, the solidity, walls, the not know, the doubts.

As I was writing I put the letter “I” down and something else happened, like a huge slash of brilliant light bolt like thing went across the picture I was describing.

I had realized the “I” this slash on the paper, this mark represented self, the creator of that mock-up and has anchored that creation into space. The “I” is the identifier that I have created that mock-up, therefore established self in the Universe.

For the “I” , that wonderful self we have created a “monument” .
This shrine is the testimonial what we can create, who we are, our abilities.

Every time you walk into a wall invisible or otherwise, stab your toe, hear a sound, voice or recall something, remember anything from the past, touch anything solid Weeeell……You got it… You just run into your own creation=solid MEST, that monument which have been created by and for the “I” the self.

We live in a wonderful Universe, where anything is possible and we have created and agreed to its existence: nothing wrong having power or believing in something…

But Cognitions having them are the key which eliminates the unwanted stimulations and the unknown!
The cognitions are like pearls..
Each one was born out of pain and suffering.
Out of mystery, secrets and darkness,
Yet how beautiful they are!
They can vary in momentarily importance before they vanish.
Yet they remain yours for ever in the form of invisible knowledge.
The basic realizations are the rarest of all pearls, since only few exist!!!
They value buy your freedom out of the MEST Universe.

PS: Self, the “I” is only a symbol its powerless, the power is in Infinite’s awareness, what you are aware of that is your havingness.

PS:what ever i write in this blog, it is only my reality: my path on which I walk…. i never ever claim that it is the truth for all., it is simply mine for the moment than i move on…..if it is real to you in any way that is fine good, but if your beliefs are is totally contradictory and thinking that I am full of crap, well, that is also true and,  that is OK by me.

Time..How the concept of time was born.

I dedicate this post to Marildi who believes I should get basic auditing and might get some wins: She and others like her who had very little auditing have been my greatest ”critics” in my adventures as solo auditor and their  constant evaluating and invalidating and because of their views : I am and how I am …I have gained immense knowledge and  for that I want thank all of them. These wonderful beings also supplied the yard stick: how far I have come from those realities they are expressing and still sitting in solidly  Yes, I have attained totally different realities and again thank you for being the evaluator-critic. This is not a put down, No… since by now I have realised we are all where we need to be and we need each others view points to learn from.

TIME: how the concept of Time was born.

It never ever entered my mind to question, look for how Time the “concept the idea the theory” the belief itself: how and what instigated that belief and how that Idea was brought into use, why this belief by now has completely solidified in Human Realities and because of it has come to be a way of life and what is the reason for this invisible intangible measurement an absolute consideration to be used as a controlling device.. this trick which everyone lives by and have a belief that they don’t exist without!

I was  again looking at incidents about GRAVITY because this subject to me is on intriguing topic and  has immense layers and these layers are simply our awareness how we have experienced gravity on different planets-places we have lived and what we considered than believed in, agreed to what it was.

Gravities sister subject is Weight they go hand in hand since Gravity causes the sensation that objects have weight.

We, most of us have heard someone say “gravity has slowed me down’’ there you are, the whole secret is in one short sentence!

Gravity is a heavy layer energy mass which is a continually moving condensed particles and this energy is present at all times  on this Planet and here  it implodes … falls inward … collapses .. Continually reuses itself and renewals itself.

This constantly moving layer of energy is not in uniform layer but on different parts of the planet has different density and this can be easily experienced when the person lives on low valley-flat lands or on high mountain altitudes, other example: rainy or sunny days.

When  objects of different density is entered into this Gravity mass than of course this object is effected and how they are effected depends on the size and the speeds how this objects moves- falls- pulled toward the center of gravity.

Falling of different objects can be measured by the time machine: clocks and compared to each other example: pebble or feather, therefore the speed is established. New concept was born with that act.

Gravity has many uses and its main usage was, developed for to control environments make that stable but the down side too was discovered [negative outcome]  if that field of energy has been increased to much : over stepped the comfort level ….. that well-being level where the person were least re-stimulated than the movements of the occupants  who lived within the gravities field were slowed down considerably these beings felt weighty, felt introverted –become totally connected … become part of the environment in other words: solidified into this fields of energy.

SO.. Increased energy field-gravity from then on was used on different Planetary System as a PUNISHING ELEMENT: increased Gravity sure slowed those beings down who has already identifying with matter believing that they were something.

But I must insert here, that on Entity could not help FEELING being solid because the experience was solid –unmoving.

OF COURSE GRAVITY when intensified causes heavy sensations aches and pains these experiences are like being crushed, confined –limited. Example: In Rainy cold Seasons people FEEL their muscles body pains-aches swelling of tissues, pressures from altered joints and they introvert into these sensations caused by the increased energy-mass and look for relief in the use of drugs or go to sunny dry climates searching for relief where the gravity-pressure is less effecting.

Of course the Implants work the same way: they are force fields and the beings simply are held by that force: in my belief gravity itself in on implant. And a heavy duty one!

Back to TIME….. Time is on invention only exist as in concept on idea a theory as on indicator how fast  different objects when compared to each other are moving through thinner energy fields.

TIME as on CONSIDERATION DO NOT EXIST OUTSIDE OF GRAVITY FIELDS like in the so called SPACE outside of Earth’s atmosphere: here objects are not hindered and can move with great speed and not battered eroded fast as they would inside the gravity field.

Just imagine how heavy –condensed Planets gravity fields are: debris from space or asteroids simply disintegrates explodes when hit this field and you are held inside this created manster!

How do you feel, how do you cope, navigating moving your body these days through this heavy field? We can’t help but feel-experience the weight.

So Condensing ‘’Collapsing Time” with that eliminating experiences,[less time spent in auditing sessions on the Path to become OT ] well, I live this to your own reality how you see the universe you have created for you-self.