Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

WISHING… part 2.

WISHING…… part 2.

I am still working on this subject and of course have found assorted information since WHISHING-WANTING is our existence to us wishing is like taking a breath… that easy.

I have found on IMPLANT very powerful episode and its power is that it contains dense energy and pictures-with suggestions are imbedded into this mass of energy: its  constant vibration which hold the Entity.

This is the typical working implant there is nothing magical about it and once it is experienced it remain in effect and influences the future of the Entities reality.

This implant was made to keep the system steady and to help with the continuum of the Planet or Galaxy..

Interestingly those who desired to belong, to become part of the society, and realized for self that to live in solidity has advantages over lithe continually changing- vanishing flimsy spiritual mock-ups  these beings volunteered  them self to down-load this valance into their own universe to become part of their reality-belief and with that in place they have become ‘’Solid –stable citizens.”

To supersede such on implant one must locate and confront its content-have realization why it was accepted kept in place.

Postulating –wishing…  as I written before…. Extensive subject and since we been doing it and large part of our existence has immense side-variation why cant, why wont happen..

You wanted solid universe-stable environment? You got your wish!

Now you have changed your mind and want something different, want those good old days back?

The results of the failed postulates-wishing are galore of losses, believing that one is failed,  has become powerless, ARCB with self and that blame forever is in bloom.

One has to keep it in mind that wishing-wanting can be a great motivator but also the opposite  exists which is Waiting to happen and that is stop…


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