Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe



Wanting.. Coveting…asking.. desiring …needing … requiring … demanding … craving …

Once upon a time way back in different lifetimes WISHING-POSTULATING-Desiring etc.. was forbidden ..out-lawed ..not allowed, in fact was declared as a CRIMINAL ILLEGAL  BANNED ACTIVITY and therefore a heavily punishable crime.

This crime was taken more seriously than zapping somebodies body because everyone has known that bodies were dime a dozen and it was easy to get a different unit.

BUT wishing  ..asking ..desiring for something was a different matter: Examples: flying weightlessly through the space.. Floating about with great ease, moving through semi solid objects, arriving- vanishing without announcements or was not allowed  to wish-postulate for light when everyone agreed to having dark period, or cold period was not allowed to be interrupted by heat wave, so if you did not like that cold well, put on another layer of whatever or build a light-fire in a walled-covered place, but don’t interrupt the harmony of others and the Planets!!!

So laws were created: we are all feel heavy, we can’t fly, we can’t levitate-float about, we can’t do a bloody thing without having to first attain on agreement from the group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there was no solid agreement to cause that change than that wish-dream-desire never materialised!

Telepathy too was blocked and that was a very important Law because with that Law in place secret group-connections were eliminated.

You see, privately, secretive desirers if they would happen than it would upset the stable conditions: “”””” since solidity-stable conditions were the most difficult challenging problematic thing to accomplish for the Spiritual Beings”””” because we were all aware that Spirituality was simply a belief-a consideration and to create Solidity, a solid Stable Environment in which continuum can exist for that we needed total agreement that is was: therefore is.

And any kind of privately done wishing could upset such a fragile, flimsy conditions.

The citizens in that Planetary System had to give their agreement and these agreements had to remain unbroken intact safe at all cost.

Those who had intentions to change these agreed conditions were branded… segregated and eliminated in most cases. There was no mercy, forgiveness for such on transgressions on agreements since citizens continual presence=life depended on the agreed upon reality.

And no wonder even to these days these imposed ancient agreements are still in place so strongly  that they  are undoubted – have become absolute reality: it is the only truth  in existence and every person have come by this truth through  the teachings of mothers:  that this Universe is solid!

So wishing by now become very ineffective, since we are only aware of our day-dreams-desires  in our private world where they are well hidden, they remain as withholds in the silence of formless thoughts and these day dreams –our yearning for true freedom to achieve the so called impassible are hardly ever voiced openly: we don’t dare.

Not only our wishes day-dreams desires have become ineffective because once upon the time they were labeled as wrongdoing, but by now we lost all our abilities because  the counter wishes galore choked,  has clogged that all the paths.

Wanting.. Coveting…asking.. desiring …needing … requiring … demanding … craving … all these considerations existing because they are the indicators of wanting change, needing a different reality.

This is only a tip of the iceberg why our postulates dont come through and IF it  becomes  a reality IF it happens that was not because the person “””postulated””-wish it to happen it has come because the person has known that postulate-experience was coming into existence the next step to be experienced on the chain  which is called LIFE cycle.


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  1. Smontare ,tutti gli accordi ed i disaccordi riconoscere che tutti i concetti sono solo ed esclusivamente concetti concordati o imposti penso sia uno dei primi passi per scoprire ciò che siamo. Buona giornata signora Elizabeth Hamre.

    • Luciano.. I am looking for information and I thought you might know since you have read some articles by R. in the Italian blog. Can you give me anything on what is ”collapsing time”? I would greatly appreciate your input. Elizabeth.

    • Hello Luciano… I know the translator is not giving the right text… The question was: Do you know what “” collapsing time”” means?
      Have a wonderful Holiday!

  2. Luciano ..you are right… totally!
    agreements are like a glue, hold that person within that agreement.. I have worked on AGREEMENTS a great deal in the past sessions… I have found incredible amount of data why we agree. I even confronted the ”Secret Societies”” and there were many on my past I had belonged… !
    here is a post from this blog :
    The Bank has to survive at any cost… and co-agreement insures that it stays intact. More agreement there is on any given subject that agreement insures that consideration, that belief to stay remain intact period.. to remain solidly in bedded and affective and that holds the spirit imprisoned.
    No wonder those who are different in any way are attacked-labeled and segregated by the group from the group and when that is achieved by the group than that group has the belief of course which is false belief that they have won…but their Victory is the Solidity: the boxed in condition.
    Because of the fear being a cast-out from the group only few who dares to go against those group agreements and the one’s who do dare to believe in different reality have that different reality well… they are the one who are fortunate winners….
    Best to You, be well and do well.!

  3. Non conosco la lingua inglese S. E. Hamre interagisco utilizzando il traduttore . ( Le traduzioni di alcune parti sono incomprensibili.
    Non ho capito bene la vostra domanda mi spiace . Se gentilmente potete ampliare la domanda sarei contento di poter rispondere. Buona giornata.


    • 🙂 hehehe… again right you are! Self discovery is the grandest adventure one can have and I been on this Adventure for 41 years… wish you the same my friend! E.

  5. Ci saranno: giorni felici e giorni tristi ( qualsiasi tecnica o metodo si usi ) nessuno potrà dirci sei nel giusto o nell’errore ,solo la gioia ,la serenità ,l’equanimità, la pace saranno le pietre miliari che indicano il percorso che indicano la “meta “. Non so se per lei il Natale abbia valore ma per la ” mia ” famiglia è un momento di gioia ,le auguro buone feste di tutto cuore ( panettone e spumante italiano ah ah ah. ) Buona giornata Mrs. E.Hamre

    • Luciano… only one method brings 100 % results.
      This method is the simple… all one needs is to ask a question and confront that incoming answer… Works on every condition regardless how complicated that condition feels and looks…
      I have walked the whole length of the Path and by now from the experiences I have gained I know that only this Method of LRH’s works.
      Other methods dont work and there is a proof and those who practise those methods are the ones who demonstrate that that, because if these other methods would work, this Planet would be cleared by now and people would not come back and repeat-get new bodies over and over and over again!
      Just because millions and millions claim that they are spiritual, that they believe in spirituality, and they speak so fluently these spiritual concepts that do not mean they have attained the freedom from MEST, yet these same persons can recall their earlier life experiences in fact many dont believe that they had one but huge percentage believes that they will die!!!
      No Luciano… Ask those who are solo auditing 20 -30- 40 or more years they will all tell you the same as I because We have all come to the same conclusion that humans have such limited awareness and such a strong agreements that they cant see the bigger picture which is outside of their limited understanding.
      I will never ever agree that there is other working method beside LRH’s.
      Please just call me Elizabeth or Erzsebet..
      Have a lovely day!

  6. Molte grazie Elizabeth.

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