Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

In Paolo F.’s email he has stated that I am a HIGHLY EVOLVED BEING.

I know that he has meant that as a compliment since within in his reality where he is at that meant to be praise.

But here is my take on that reality: that I am on evolved being.

Evolving=developing…changing… progressing… growing.

Now if I would believe of myself to be a vegetable, a tree or a meat-body a human-person than I would have the same reality as Paulo has, and I too would believe that auditing has developed me as a body into different body.

In my reality that is not a fact.

We do not develop into higher beings, that in itself is impassible to achieve because we are as Spiritual therefore “INTANGIBLE”= insubstantial … we are not made, not fashioned out or materials, we are simply Intangible therefore we are Infinite because only perceptible….touchable…. solid … compacted material can be perceived because these material do evolve since materials are composed of energy-mass.

WE can identify and believe that we are something therefore we are some-one but these believes don’t make us into that belief.

Believing that we are somebody with that believe we indicate we are something…hehehe therefore we are now in a valance :EXAMPLE : I am on auditor, or I am a C/S… or doctor teacher… NO.. that is a valance assuming a personality of doing.

Being a highly evolved being : with that the person believes that I am now better because I think differently than the rest of the people,  and that is on indicator that person in fact low on the tone scale…

Being ELITE, belonging to ELITE GROUPS… that alone is the indicator of a low-tone person.

Those who belong into ELITE GROUPS believe that they have the right to control; because they believe that they are superior, have superior knowledge, and that is a large pile of crap which stinks through the Galaxies!

These persons disguise ….camouflage their intention by saying:  I am here to help you HEHEHE… that also is on indicator that they believe in their own superior nature and you need HELP BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW A THING AND WITHOUT their HELP YOU NEVER MAKE IT! SO you better fallow me, agree with me otherwise you will stay in hell for ever!

Superior being always had the belief that they are meant to rule, to lead but first of all they always believed that they are superior to others !

No Paulo, I am not elevated into anything or anyone, auditing-solo auditing accomplishes the opposite: confrontation of the MEST Universe removes all those grandiose beliefs=personalities… valances and leaves one with the only reality that I am Intangible therefore Infinite and I am simply aware.


Comments on: "Letter to Paolo F. senior C/S of Italy.. hehehe elevated being, Me? crap." (13)

  1. Erszebet.
    This is one of the if not the most important article I have seen. Superiority, Authority, Classes, One’s proper place, is one of the deepest and most insidious purposes. When you tied it in with Help, that solved a piece of a puzzle I have been looking for. Help is not in itself a harmful or evil purpose, but when it is descended from control, superiority, it is corrupted. This is more often the case than previously realized. Your work is valuable, keep it up.
    Thank you.
    ARCL, Mark

    PS: the above comment was sent to me by via e-mail and transferred to the blog.

    • Mark… those who help should not charge for their ”HELP: as auditors and C/S’s as do.. When on auditor or any other professional charge for their services, than I call that providing service and getting paid for that service Example: when I buy a pair of shoes.
      Auditors are making the living and that is all… but they want to collect glory too… saving a soul.. hehehe… no one can save any ones soul.. Soul is not the same as a kitten who have fallen into the toilet bowl and without our help it would drown!
      Auditors are not heroes, the PC’ are because they are willing to go though and confront that self-created Hell called past.

  2. I agree, Mark. Elitism by any other name……

  3. Hi Elizabeth. I just love your blog posts and this one in particular. Being able to take attention off of who/what is up or down or best/worst, beautiful/ugly etc etc is very nice and feels like inhaling fresh air.

    Of course it is you who says such things in this time and age. Thanks!

  4. hehehe… I have wondered what was your real name, now I know! thanks for expressing your thoughts! Love E.

  5. ottimo lo scritto S.Elizabeth Hamre.

    • Luciano Thank You….. The only problem this post brought on ARCB’s for Paolo F who felt insulated and attacked by this post because He has not taken it in the spirit as it was written: A Cognition and as a cognition it is reality, the truth for the person who had it.
      A cognitions never designed or thought out, they do not imply anything bad, or point toward any one. Cognitions are impersonal.

  6. A Happy New Year to you Elizabeth, and to all who visit here! May 2015 be the best year ever for all!

  7. Thank you dear E…. Experiencing your energy flows do something for this Entity.. I return to the open steppes and feel- drink in the space and sense the planets motion as it spins among the other rock hips 🙂 [could not resist that] and laughter echoing among the billions of distant Suns.. I hear it all! Very best to you and yours … Elizabeth .

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