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WISHING… part 2.

WISHING…… part 2.

I am still working on this subject and of course have found assorted information since WHISHING-WANTING is our existence to us wishing is like taking a breath… that easy.

I have found on IMPLANT very powerful episode and its power is that it contains dense energy and pictures-with suggestions are imbedded into this mass of energy: its  constant vibration which hold the Entity.

This is the typical working implant there is nothing magical about it and once it is experienced it remain in effect and influences the future of the Entities reality.

This implant was made to keep the system steady and to help with the continuum of the Planet or Galaxy..

Interestingly those who desired to belong, to become part of the society, and realized for self that to live in solidity has advantages over lithe continually changing- vanishing flimsy spiritual mock-ups  these beings volunteered  them self to down-load this valance into their own universe to become part of their reality-belief and with that in place they have become ‘’Solid –stable citizens.”

To supersede such on implant one must locate and confront its content-have realization why it was accepted kept in place.

Postulating –wishing…  as I written before…. Extensive subject and since we been doing it and large part of our existence has immense side-variation why cant, why wont happen..

You wanted solid universe-stable environment? You got your wish!

Now you have changed your mind and want something different, want those good old days back?

The results of the failed postulates-wishing are galore of losses, believing that one is failed,  has become powerless, ARCB with self and that blame forever is in bloom.

One has to keep it in mind that wishing-wanting can be a great motivator but also the opposite  exists which is Waiting to happen and that is stop…


Collapsing Time in order to eliminate experiences? load of crap.

Collapsing = failing fading braking up disappearing disintegrating subsiding crumbling

Time exists only as a concept and what is a concept? On idea, a theory a notion it is a belief that it is real, but in fact it is intangible has no mass: it is not made out of matter in fact it do not contain energy and the Universe itself is made out of energy. Now I ask, how could time exist when this concept do not contain energy?

A group of auditors who have formed The  ELITE Group are working on a auditing technology which will eliminate the Bank= the beliefs of human realities by COLLAPSINT TIME!!!!!!

Therefore get to the “”enlightened state””” faster whatever that state is, and don’t have to confront their accumulated beliefs which has been experienced and collected through the span – duration of EONS!!!!.

So, another Magic Wand is in the making….hehehe… one wave of the hand which holding this Magical wand and bingo!!! We are out of the mass once and for all!

This  Elite Group of auditors   they are claiming  that by “””collapsing time””” they are making the PC’s sessions easier, don’t have to dig and dig and dig… sitting in that chair holding cans for countless hours: for the duration of one itsy-bitsy lifetime!

These auditors  who are working on this technology  which is the modification – alteration – adaptation – variation of LRH’s auditing technology.

My reality-belief is if these auditors would have understood LRH’s technology how it works in the first place, if they would have duplicated what they have read  than definitely they would not look for something effective since LRH’s tec. works to begin with!!

Not only these auditor of the Elite group have not understood what they claimed have studied and of course because they have not understood how incredibly affective the Tech. is therefore they have not used this auditing tech long enough to see what results can be achieved by simple confrontations.

One miss understanding causes the next.

Also these ‘’’Elites’’’ by altering a perfectly working tech making a claim that they “”KNOW BETTER”” and yet it was them who are altering someone else’s invention and it was not LRH who stole their ideas but it is them who have.

OHHHH these superior elites!!! One of them claim that he has come to Earth to save its inhabitants!


Oh. I am sure he could give his very own justifications to the above questions.

The TECHNOLOGY of LRH works perfectly well but it has to be used and no one can get out, no one can as-is billions of lifetimes worth of believes by collapsing time!

For each individual the road out of the MEST Universe is the same road which that person walked in.. Each individual has to confront their hoarded – accumulated – stored up experiences and these experiences need to be understood why they were created-agreed to in the first place.

If collapsing time would be possible that could cause keyed out state and Key out state is not permanent state.. as the words say keyed out.. for a duration only and even when one is keyed out in that moment has only gotten keyed out of one energy mass ‘’’’but moved onto a more bearable  – tolerable condition’’’’’’!

Now about collapsing that time… experiment investigate for yourself and see how it works or for starters try something easier: like collapsing love… or collapsing poverty or collapsing hate…. Hunger….sickness….pain.. have a glass of vine get a buzz from that and try to collapse that buzz… let me know how that works!

Those who continued using the TECH… as solo auditor: they all have arrived to the same understanding: more items they have confronted: their awareness expanded and the newly gained realities which was unknown till the new cognitions   give them the understanding,  just how inexhaustible the complexity of MEST which they are facing in each session that its boundless -limitless –never ending  realities  to comprehend is few thousand or even hundred thousands of hours in session is impossible.

Since LRH has left there were quite a few group crested by ELITE auditors and these auditors tech is cluttering the internet exhibiting their revised tech—they swear by it that it works which was develop from LRH’s tech to the extent  that it WORKS like a Magic Wand.. but by now all these groups   moved into oblivion and not one person has reported  who has used these revised tech that they have achieved that NATIVE STATE.

In other words they are the deceivers… liars …falsifiers.

But one person has achieved that Native State..using the tech of LRH’s .

PS: Since I have posted my belief on the above matter I was informed by one of the elite group members that I dont know a thing… and I have undermined 4 years of research.

Weeeell, I never ever state that I know everything, in fact I repeatedly say this is ”only my reality” I say that because I dont want others believe that I know it all: To KNOW IT ALL… well, that to would be impossible to achieve since knowledge cant be contained by boundaries: no matter how much we know… we dont know how much we dont!

If the research was undermined by my cognition what “elite’ means and what ”collapsing time ” meant to me..well… than that research  was not built on solid foundation which would be the TRUTH.



Wanting.. Coveting…asking.. desiring …needing … requiring … demanding … craving …

Once upon a time way back in different lifetimes WISHING-POSTULATING-Desiring etc.. was forbidden ..out-lawed ..not allowed, in fact was declared as a CRIMINAL ILLEGAL  BANNED ACTIVITY and therefore a heavily punishable crime.

This crime was taken more seriously than zapping somebodies body because everyone has known that bodies were dime a dozen and it was easy to get a different unit.

BUT wishing  ..asking ..desiring for something was a different matter: Examples: flying weightlessly through the space.. Floating about with great ease, moving through semi solid objects, arriving- vanishing without announcements or was not allowed  to wish-postulate for light when everyone agreed to having dark period, or cold period was not allowed to be interrupted by heat wave, so if you did not like that cold well, put on another layer of whatever or build a light-fire in a walled-covered place, but don’t interrupt the harmony of others and the Planets!!!

So laws were created: we are all feel heavy, we can’t fly, we can’t levitate-float about, we can’t do a bloody thing without having to first attain on agreement from the group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there was no solid agreement to cause that change than that wish-dream-desire never materialised!

Telepathy too was blocked and that was a very important Law because with that Law in place secret group-connections were eliminated.

You see, privately, secretive desirers if they would happen than it would upset the stable conditions: “”””” since solidity-stable conditions were the most difficult challenging problematic thing to accomplish for the Spiritual Beings”””” because we were all aware that Spirituality was simply a belief-a consideration and to create Solidity, a solid Stable Environment in which continuum can exist for that we needed total agreement that is was: therefore is.

And any kind of privately done wishing could upset such a fragile, flimsy conditions.

The citizens in that Planetary System had to give their agreement and these agreements had to remain unbroken intact safe at all cost.

Those who had intentions to change these agreed conditions were branded… segregated and eliminated in most cases. There was no mercy, forgiveness for such on transgressions on agreements since citizens continual presence=life depended on the agreed upon reality.

And no wonder even to these days these imposed ancient agreements are still in place so strongly  that they  are undoubted – have become absolute reality: it is the only truth  in existence and every person have come by this truth through  the teachings of mothers:  that this Universe is solid!

So wishing by now become very ineffective, since we are only aware of our day-dreams-desires  in our private world where they are well hidden, they remain as withholds in the silence of formless thoughts and these day dreams –our yearning for true freedom to achieve the so called impassible are hardly ever voiced openly: we don’t dare.

Not only our wishes day-dreams desires have become ineffective because once upon the time they were labeled as wrongdoing, but by now we lost all our abilities because  the counter wishes galore choked,  has clogged that all the paths.

Wanting.. Coveting…asking.. desiring …needing … requiring … demanding … craving … all these considerations existing because they are the indicators of wanting change, needing a different reality.

This is only a tip of the iceberg why our postulates dont come through and IF it  becomes  a reality IF it happens that was not because the person “””postulated””-wish it to happen it has come because the person has known that postulate-experience was coming into existence the next step to be experienced on the chain  which is called LIFE cycle.

Letter to Paolo F. senior C/S of Italy.. hehehe elevated being, Me? crap.

In Paolo F.’s email he has stated that I am a HIGHLY EVOLVED BEING.

I know that he has meant that as a compliment since within in his reality where he is at that meant to be praise.

But here is my take on that reality: that I am on evolved being.

Evolving=developing…changing… progressing… growing.

Now if I would believe of myself to be a vegetable, a tree or a meat-body a human-person than I would have the same reality as Paulo has, and I too would believe that auditing has developed me as a body into different body.

In my reality that is not a fact.

We do not develop into higher beings, that in itself is impassible to achieve because we are as Spiritual therefore “INTANGIBLE”= insubstantial … we are not made, not fashioned out or materials, we are simply Intangible therefore we are Infinite because only perceptible….touchable…. solid … compacted material can be perceived because these material do evolve since materials are composed of energy-mass.

WE can identify and believe that we are something therefore we are some-one but these believes don’t make us into that belief.

Believing that we are somebody with that believe we indicate we are something…hehehe therefore we are now in a valance :EXAMPLE : I am on auditor, or I am a C/S… or doctor teacher… NO.. that is a valance assuming a personality of doing.

Being a highly evolved being : with that the person believes that I am now better because I think differently than the rest of the people,  and that is on indicator that person in fact low on the tone scale…

Being ELITE, belonging to ELITE GROUPS… that alone is the indicator of a low-tone person.

Those who belong into ELITE GROUPS believe that they have the right to control; because they believe that they are superior, have superior knowledge, and that is a large pile of crap which stinks through the Galaxies!

These persons disguise ….camouflage their intention by saying:  I am here to help you HEHEHE… that also is on indicator that they believe in their own superior nature and you need HELP BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW A THING AND WITHOUT their HELP YOU NEVER MAKE IT! SO you better fallow me, agree with me otherwise you will stay in hell for ever!

Superior being always had the belief that they are meant to rule, to lead but first of all they always believed that they are superior to others !

No Paulo, I am not elevated into anything or anyone, auditing-solo auditing accomplishes the opposite: confrontation of the MEST Universe removes all those grandiose beliefs=personalities… valances and leaves one with the only reality that I am Intangible therefore Infinite and I am simply aware.