Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

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I dont remember!!!!!!!!!!

There hundreds of list used and some of them were made to regain abilities, to increase Power: that is the most famous list which is totally useless, other lists were aimed to give back the ability to become EXTERIOR… there is no such a thing as going exterior, since that is only a viewpoint. What really happens the person can view-experience different energy-mass=reality but stays still within the vibration of the Universe.. Cant just go exterior of this Universe that is impassible to do, because we do not move, awareness do not move since awareness is not made of matter.
But all this is beside the point.
Can you imagine if your ability to total recall would be, could be regained? To have photographic memory?
One of the most powerful implanted consideration is that we do not remember.
By now I have confronted many layers in order to regain that ability and not doing badly, but I know that subject is vast, hehehe, vast beyond understanding and that understanding is=I cant remember.


3 word implant was the most powerful implant ever created and still working!!!

The major implanted belief=consideration= thought was: I DONT UNDERSTAND! or I DONT KNOW!
That implant in place was the lid, the cheery on the top, the mother of all implants and that implant was enough to cause the belief that we do not know, that we dont understand a thing which we view or experience.
EXAMPLE: just implanted with that belief and were thrown into the new body, on the new Planet.
What you got? Being imprisoned in a place and being here and knowing that YOU DONT UNDERSTAND, you haven’t the clue what is happening: who are you, or why are you here with that “NOT UNDERSTANDING” why? you are captured.
Just think, how long we been questioning our existence and the existence of the Universe?
PS: I was dropped on this Planet 2600 years back in that condition… I did not even understood what a body was, never mind how it worked, and people sometimes wonder why babies cry.
By the way, this belief is enforced by every person who teaches, by those who tell you dont know, you need to learn in order to know, these teachers are of course your parents too.
but the good news is that we do know, we do understand, we just act ignorant. 🙂

I found how to erase MEST reality, and not by auditing!

What Fun!
This new post which was great fun to see on the track since I seen it in colors, in motion I have seen-experienced how it works from the very beginning till the end when I was nothing but the Universe It self , the awareness of it.
Scientologists are looking for that Magic Wand which erases whatever should be erased. 
The problem is that everything will be erased at the same moment: all the good, all the bad whatever we think, believe in including the memory that we knew.
Once upon the time way back those of us who had enough and wanted to have a new start we could do something about it.
We knew than that our Universe was not solid, whatever we seen was just on illusion therefore we knew nothing had value and the so called life we were living too was just on illusion a make belief so it was not a burdensome decision to think and to say to others: I be seeing you next time around, I am off to explore different realities!
There was a machine a great invention; it was like a globe, not very big but big enough for the person to stand inside it. Actually it did not have visible outer layer like the footballs have that skin but the casing was made of thin invisible energy sheet, this thin layer of energy given the stable atmospheric sensation for the person when standing in the middle.
The machine –globe when activated went into a slow spin and what person seen from inside the terrain, the buildings, people moving about, than the machine spinning faster and faster and the person only could view colorful energy lines and as the speed increased even those have melted away with that the illusions too that they were real were gone to.
Do keep it in mind that the Entity knew what seen and lived as life was not real so only needed a little push get be moved out of those pictures.
The past was gone, melted away and now the Entity regained the true certainty the confidence in self and become aware of the Universe as it real was: which was not what the ‘’eyes’’ have seen when anchored inside the body.
The spinning Dervishes in Turkey are dramatizing that experience[through spinning they attain ecstasy: altered state] and the older folks when having vertigo they too are keyed into this machine, you see, vertigo only happens to old folks who are no longer stable in the body because they are close to move on since their mission on the planet is ending: cycles have been finished, achieved.
Oh I know there is a medical explanation for Vertigo, but by now there is medical explanation for everything including why we have hangnails.
I tend to believe in the original incidents which never ever started on this planet, and I have the same reality as this saying:
There is nothing new under the Sun. Great fun! 🙂

Key-ed out or As-ised State, which will lead out of the MEST?

The Keyed State is caused by a realization: becoming aware, gaining insight on that topic which was being studied in that moment.

Being keyed out of the MEST do not means the person no longer effected but from the moment of that realization that person will be experiencing energy-mass which is very pleasant, agreeable sensation: usually feels that sensation-experience=energy like completeness, enormous, without restrictions powerful, commanding, exultant, feel that nothing but nothing can halt the self, become invincible.

That is a grand state to be in for sure but still is a state of some kind WHICH CONTAINS DIFFERENT REALITIES!!!!!!!!!!!

Long as the person has those sensations, these new sensations are the indication that the person shifted valance and still in the MEST U. since the keyed out position is just that, keyed out momentarily or could be for days or few life-times but sooner or later will be united with heavier unpleasant energy –mass.

By the way this grand keyed out state is a Trap which make those believe who key into it that they have finally made it!. There are dozens of this kind of implants scattered by the implanters and every one of them leads  back to Mama the MEST U.

Total key-out while the person still has connection to the body  is impassible to achieve since that connection to the body alone keeps the person experiencing energy because the body is a generator of energy plus the eyes see, and that visual colorful pictures it-self are stimulating-motivating: person in that state keyed out state could ”see” observe the surrounding differently than before, colors will be brighter, sharper images, in some case the person can see through images and of course they awareness of different knowledge is now available: how they see the same thing now as they have before, values changes with that too.

But they still see, experience the MEST Universe!

The new gurus who are spreading the word with books and tapes they are offering techniques which when used will get you that elusive enlightenment. But these techniques are only the vehicles to the keyed out state and nothing more, of course they, the gurus make lots of money!

As-ising simply is while one confronts items realises the original reasons that item was experienced finally have on understanding and that understanding is the new reality: the cognition  and while having that cog. the person is becomes SEPARATED from that item, means no longer being effect, or will be effect again.[we do not erase items]

When the person as-is the MEST U. this mean all the beliefs, agreements ever went into which contains educations, consideration=thoughts about everything ever learned, being told or searches out for self and digs up and confronts every long forgotten experiences these are forgotten old secrets and old Sects, and of course values, and importance’s why they are that to examined. ETC..ETC… the list is long as any one has thoughts since thought-beliefs are the Universe itself for that person..

When all has been confronted, when valances vanished; personalities have gone, when the singularity, the separation too is vanished and One-ness that concept too is examined and new reality established, when all motivators are confronted, as they become as-ised one by one that causes separation from the MEST: no longer being effected.

That is freedom.

I was asked more than once will I come back after dropping the body?

Come back to what? When everything is as-ised, when that happens MEST ceases; dissolves for that Entity….MEST no longer exist, will be gone…no more.

The MEST is Illusion and it dissolves by realization.

So what happens when the illusion vanishes? The true reality will appear.