Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe


It is great to be evaluated and invalidated because that causes re-stimulation and that is very good since those of us who solo audit can take that re-stimulation=concept=item and gain different reality=view on that stimulative junk.

I have been fully evaluated: my auditing actions were and was told by one Galactic Captain. that ‘’endless listing’’ will get me nowhere.

Well, C. I don’t do lists and I don’t believe in Listing endlessly.

But what I do is working: confront each issue and all related issues what comes up daily and since you have not duplicated the posts I wave written in which I described what I do  made you believe what you believe in, but that is totally wrong.

LRH said we are in this universe because we were not educated about MEST, we did not know why we have stuck, become total effect of what we were made to believe is real and solid and I totally believe what LRH said about this and it is a fact.

Each cognition and I had immense number of them which could be counted in millions by now after 41 years in sessions brings understanding knowledge and give explanation why we were stuck to MEST.

This NEW REALITY FORMED BY THE UNDERSTANDING OF MEST IS THE BASE OF A NEW Universe and this Universe is not altered in any ways.

There is nothing to rehabilitate simply because we were being total effect of the MEST therefore we were not cause; NOT THE SOURCE in the first place.

My whole reason for solo auditing was and is to understand the cause… what made me believe in solidity and being-ness and doing-ness the existence of MEST.

It is proven fact that solidity do not exist and no matter what that solid item appears to be seen by the EYES : diamond or meat body, or leaf of the tree: everything has the same chemical compound and not solid.

Abilities cannot be re-habilitated since they never existed in the first place and Power what is: existing in the form of Knowledge which has not been altered therefore it  do not contain any form of substance.

Maybe you see the Universe outside of MEST is a wasteland  contains nothing but if you would confront in session that ‘’nothing-ness ‘’ void-emptiness “ than you would realise that concept of ‘’nothing-ness’’ is a curtain-a wall a barrier  which holds one back not to see further than that Wasteland.

Richard thank you for your  covert evaluation that  has given  ammunition to further enhance what ever needed enhancement.

What my main win was that  I realized ”again” the very reason for the sessions and cognitions  that we are here for one reason only; to understand and the rest takes care of it self.


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