Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

MOTIVATORs: life on Earth.

LRH gives on assortment of definition in the TECH. D. what motivators are but he has left out the most important definition and this definition is in fact the only definition which describes what is MOTIVATION and these Motivators are not necessarily bad, evil: OVERT ACTS.

But they are simply stimulations—feelings…sensations which are the underlying foundations of every though-agreements: beliefs we have and these thought-beliefs prompts us to pushes us toward the next experience to be experienced.

We are not  controlling these experiences since these experiences is like on immense ocean [track] and we are nothing more than a small piece driftwood tossed by the waves. And that is life here on EARTH.

To have control, to regain abilities, to find out who that ‘’self’’ is to understand what was the TRACK-BANK about…how we become  believing that we are helpless, powerless, without abilities for that we need to retrace our steps and closely look at every beliefs we assumed that they were real.

So in fact we  dont have a motivators…. we just believe that we have, since all beliefs are only considerations and every of our thoughts-beliefs are just that: Illusions and we assume that they are real: and that is the fact.

AND WE DONT HAVE OVERTS EITHER, since all these belief-assumptions are illusions how could we have sins, be guilty?

But of course what I write here are the  viewpoints  of Native State.. to get here the persons has to shovel-wade through a great amount of crap.. and realise that everything believed in so far was just on assumption.

The problem is that believing what one reads will not give the experience which is gained by walking the Path of Self-Discovery,  therefor that belief is just that: puff of nothing


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