Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Again I was offered to look into new method to ERASE THE BANK, this one is called the Landmark.
What I think of other METHODS or any method outside of LRH’s Auditing Technology that those who could not CONFRONT THE BANK while in scientology-in session WENT AND LOOKED FOR THE EASIER WAY OUT!..
These people went and looked for that MAGIC WAND and they dont realise that they are chasing the Rainbow because there is only one way out: THAT IS BY RETRACINGS ONES OWN STAPS and walk that Path till finally find their first incident which was the entry into the UNIVERSE IT SELF.
That Path is a long Path since its creation was not done overnight and cant be confronted by having few hundred or even few thousand hours worth of sessions and having few hundred realization and than believing: WOW I AM OUT..that is Bullshit.
People who have been using different methods not one of them have attained the native state and they never will because the most difficult steps are to confront on the Track are the Traps and these traps are the promises that the Path which one walks on will lead to freedom.
There are thousands of these traps are on the track and if they are fallowed every one promises freedom but leads back into the MEST.
Magic Wand; the easy way out is on illusion which lead back to solidity.


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