Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

The BEAT OF THE HEART that sound….what is?
The second recall I have about the HEART, but this realization is more about the SOUND that steady –balanced constant beat the person can feel sense or hear:picks-up when listening for with the other body part the “ears” to the Heart functions.
I have found on the Track in the recall… That beat—sound was used in different lifetimes for very different reason.
That BEAT not necessarily was inside the body but the atmosphere was permeated with that pulsating energy that energy held the person in place could not get away from when tried to escape from that prison planet.
We know how we listen to pulled to rhythmic sounds.. we cant not to listen… pay full attention: in other words we get stuck to it and cant not to hear it.. we can’t tune that pulsating sound out. Loud music what the youth is listening today is nothing more than rhythmic pulsating energy.
Those Prison Planets of the past is now replaced by much smaller one but this thing we are anchored to by the sound still holds the same power and this prison is now the BODY IT SELF… We can’t leave the body till that Heart beats..
To exteriorise, get away from this body till that sound that rhythm takes place that is highly impassible, since this sound controls the person and holds the person in constant re-stimulation of those previous incidents-imprisonments. [I have written other posts on exteriorizations.]
The so called astral-walking in my reality when experienced by some persons not happening now but these ‘’experiences” they are just recalls from the Track when the Spirit was still free from such a burden as robotic body and could roam about freely at will.
There are hundreds of reasons-items in existence why persons any person can’t leave the body and this planet – go outside into space and walk about!
Even when finally the Heart stops beating-holding the Spirit within is energy and controls the Spirit with continual stimulation that Spirit is still remains and can’t leave Earth’s atmosphere.
Yes.. beat of the heart… hehehe.. how strongly effects the person? Look around and take a survey how many heart specialist there are, what people do in order to keep that heart going strong, what medication is taken, oh..the operations and the replacement parts used.. etc..etc.. What kind of music you listening to… that beat alone speeds up the blood flow and the heart-the sound becomes stronger yet!
The Fear for the heart, that it might stops working beating, well that fear alone is the glue which is generated by having ”VALUE” and long as one believes that something is valuable and dont want to part with it-lose it: than that fear is generated by those wonderful value things!
In circles we go!
And a question can be asked: While one walks the Path of Enlightenment how many traps, dead ends the searcher has to walk into? the answer is very simple…Long as one thought left.


Comments on: "The BEAT OF THE HEART: that sound….what is?" (4)

  1. Wonderful post, Erzsebet. One of the many ‘pleasing’ things that hold us tight to bodies of various types.

    • 🙂 yes and no… has good and bad side to have such a strong machinery working… if someone wants to go.. cant … and because cant leave out of free will, needs to pull in some form of help to separate ”self” from the body, examples: illnesses, accidents, being killed, to commit suicide, take on overdose etc.. Also… with the help of this apparatus the Spirit was captured and enslaved into a unwanted condition.. this means controlled at the period while had been in the body.

  2. It let me post this time.

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