Spiritual Journey of self-discovery in the Magical universe: When I arrived, realised I never left:only my the views transformed the Universe

Waxing philosophical…

There are a few realizations that I have just gotten around to having. Takes me a while, as I truly am a naive sort, hopeless romantic as I always see the best in folks, never thinking that they would not wish to continue to stay in comm with me and create a real comm line with me. 

This business of having a bazillion comm lines (which I do), but having only a few of the have-your-back kind of friends is an interesting one. I have pretty much been friendly all my life, though I grew up in the country, just momma and me for the most part, as daddy was out welding on the Brown & Root pipeline. I was given lots of space and lots of freedom, but we were dirt poor, so not much ever happened in the way of dining out, going into town to visit girl friends, go into town for anything other than necessities (food or parts of some vehicle repair), never one vacation, never any store-bought clothes, no birthday parties until a few years ago…it was pretty bare-bones existence.

I simply thought I was deprived, but it was really a situation of no knowledge of much…My dynamics were all whonky & all I did was kick my own butt out of stupidity. 

As I found Scn, I knew the 6th dynamic as the MEST dynamic, but now 30+ years later, I see that it is far more than that. 

Some of main headers are:





The Mind

Areas of Livingness




Measurement & Description




Communication Media

Natural Forces

Geographical Areas

The Universe

Other Universes

Under each of these there are 10-17 or so detail topics. Lots & lots of meat of life here.

Of course the 7th and 8th dynamic are the big daddies, but the every day routine of life sits here on the 6th.

Ever really dig in & determine what all this could encompass for you? Well, I had not done it until recently. Previously, I had just read the simple little baby definition in the tech dictionary, which in essence just says MEST. 

So…back to the business of have-your-back friends or a bit closer, having a good 2D. IMO, the proof in the pudding sits here. If there is not enough agreement here, there isn’t a snow-ball’s chance in hell to ever get to the 1st or must less the 2nd and the idea of close, intimate comm lines will never happen.

And in today’s world, a great deal of attention is put on the 1st & 2nd, making sure that all parties, whether friend level, business level, 2D level — whatever, are in alignment. This is NOT where the attention should be placed imo.

For me, that blows sky high.

No wonder all those lovely girls that I went to high school with have dropped off my radar screen & we are no longer in comm. Spent tons of time together for all those years, but all was a facade.  No wonder most of the folks that “I know” within the ranks of Scn, either from org, social, otherwise, I am not a blip on their radar, nor me on theirs & some have abandoned the subject completely.

It is no mystery. Beings gravitate to places where there is alignment, as they seek their comm terminals, that banter of challenges to solve problems together. That is what we are — theta, the problem solver. 

So, LRH gave us much and made it easy for us to use. I have not used it as I should, but when I do get myself into a pickle, LRH always has something to bring me out of the mess.

That was the glue that kept my 2D with Jay Proctor together. We were as different as daylight to dark. His life’s experiences were far different from mine. We’d get into some cat-scratching contests in the early days, when we were young(er) and too bull-headed to see how we could apply LRH.  After a few years of that, we always would agree to cool off & see what LRH was needed to be applied to the particular situation. It was a common point of agreement, and it always worked and worked to a permanent EP.

It is still the case, now as a widow. It is not easy traveling this journey, I have had many, many challenges, but I am a survivor,  I have not gone down in flames yet, and when the going gets tough, I do have a few ‘have-my-back’ friends that bail my ass out with some simple policies & applying some LRH.

To them, you know who you are, I am eternally grateful.

Much love,

Kay Proctor



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